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  • Name: Valery Obodzinsky ( Valeriy Obodzinskiy )
  • Date of birth: 24 January 1942.
  • Age: 55 years
  • Date of death: 26 April 1997.
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Activity: singer, honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Valery obodzinsky: biography

    Valery obodzinsky — a legendary Soviet singer, honored artist of the RSFSR, which became incredibly popular in the 70-ies of the 20th century through the implementation of well-known hits, «These eyes opposite», «Oriental song», «Eternal spring», etc. Today you can hear these songs and the repertoire of other musicians, but it obodzinsky was the first singer sang them from the stage.

    Valery was born in Odessa in the midst of the Second world war. Both parents of the boy volunteers went to the front, and the grandson was raised by his grandmother Domna Kuzminichna. Together with Valera was brought up by his uncle, who was older than his nephew only 2 years. During the occupation of Odessa obodzinsky almost died from being shot by a German soldier, who suspected the boy of stealing.

    The difficult postwar childhood allowed little Valeria to study music, although his flair for creativity was evident all around. He taught himself to play the guitar and sang with the guys on the promenade, earning a street troupe. Obodzinsky had started to work, first as a fireman then made mattresses and furniture, and also made one flight as massovika entertainer on the ship «Admiral Nakhimov».

    With the creative profession, the young man has faced in 17 years, when he was invited to take part in the episode film «Chernomorochka» where he played the role of one of the musicians of the orchestra. Actor obodzinsky did not, but in that moment, finally realized what stretches his soul. At the first opportunity he went to Tomsk where learns to play the double bass at the music school. The first music scene of Valery obodzinsky began the stage of the Tomsk Philharmonic. Later he acted in Kostroma and Donetsk Philharmonic as a vocalist. Also was a soloist of the very popular in the time of Oleg Lundstrem’s orchestra, which toured the entire Soviet Union.


    Great success came to Valery Obodzinsky in 1967, after a tour of Siberia and the Primorsky region. Cemented the popularity of the trip to Bulgaria, where the singer performed has become quite fashionable the song «Moon on the shore». When in the late 60’s came the first LP «Valery obodzinsky Sings», the first edition was instantly sold out. The state has been enriched by the talent of the young artist for $ 30 million, and the singers got a fee of 150 rubles. Financial injustice will bother obodzinsky the rest of his career.

    All subsequent disks with records of the singer parted instantly. The phenomenal interest it is possible to explain the unusual manner of performance and richness of his voice and the wonderful lyrical tone. And vocals obodzinsky never studied, and if singing were used rather innate ear for music and flair. In addition, it should be noted the high professionalism and performance artist. He could rehearse one verse for hours, remaining constant in a time when the musicians of the orchestra already was so tired.

    All this together led to the fact that the popularity of Valery Obodzinskogo in the 70’s he was incredible. Until today, came thundering then of the song «These eyes opposite», «Oriental song», «November», written by David Tuhmanova, «How many girls in the world» and «March of the paratroopers», the author of which was Alexander Zatsepin. Besides, Valery introduced Soviet listeners with songs from the Beatles, Karel Gott, Joe Dassin, Tom Jones and many other Western stars whose music was in the Soviet Union virtually inaccessible. Obodzinsky and not just rehash the songs in Russian, and provided those songs your own sensual, passionate and somewhat grotesque style.

    Sunset career

    Love for foreign music and constantly raises issues about the miserable fees did not go unnoticed by the authorities. The artist was accused that he sings about love and the homeland, but not about love of country and party. It was also attributed to the singer’s desire to emigrate, even though he never gave reason for this suspicion. However, for a long time the artist was removed from the concert activities for the Soviet Union, rejected already prepared tour in the US. This led to the fact that in the second half of the 80-ies once one of the leading pop tenor worked as a watchman at the warehouse of a textile factory and had serious problems with alcohol.

    Only in 1994 Valery obodzinsky returned to the recording Studio and released the CD «Days of run» with songs from the repertoire of Alexander Vertinsky, as well as «Carnival of love» and «Enchantment night», which included the best hits of past years. In September of the same year he gave a concert in Moscow, which was a resounding success. After this year reprinted his songs, and the singer toured the country and performed in several major concert halls, which has consistently been sold out.

    Personal life

    Officially Valery obodzinsky was married only once. In 1961 he met Nelly’s Cuckolding, which became his lawful wife. In the family were born two daughters, Angelica and Valeria. Natalia and Valery were together until the mid 80’s, when the crisis in a creative career not only led to the loss of a singer, but destroyed a family.

    For some time he lived in an old girlfriend Svetlana Silayeva, which alone saved Valery from alcohol and drug addiction. And then on the horizon appeared Anna Yesenin, his longtime admirer, who became the common-law wife Valeria. She is obodzinsky owes its return to the stage as Anna, who worked as administrators of the singer Alla Lanovoy, tirelessly supported her husband and again «unraveled» old-singer, organizing meetings with journalists and the rotation of his songs on the radio.


    Valery obodzinsky, which until the second half of 90-ies have recovered from drug and alcohol abuse had no significant health problems. The unexpected for friends and fans was the sudden death of 55-year-old singer 26 April 1997. The day before he gave a solo concert in St. Petersburg, and on returning home died in his sleep from heart failure. The legendary performer was buried at Kuntsevo cemetery in Moscow.

    In memory of Valerie Obodzinska was laid by naming a star in Moscow on the «Star Square», and in Odessa at the house where he grew up, was hung a plaque.

    Also in 2015 year was made a biographical mini-series «These eyes opposite» about the life and career of the famous artist. Obodzinsky role played by actor Aleksey Barabash.

    Famous songs

    • Oriental song
    • These eyes opposite
    • I’m coming home
    • The spell of the night
    • Witchcraft
    • Plays on
    • Eternal spring
    • The first of April
    • Mirage
    • The moon in Sunny beach


    Valery Obodzinsky

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