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  • Name: Valery Meladze ( Valerian.)
  • Date of birth: 23 June 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Batumi, Georgia
  • Growth: 183
  • Activity: Singer, Board member of the International Union figures pop art, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: divorced

    Valery Meladze biography

    Valery Meladze was born on 23 June 1965 in a small village not far from Batumi. The warm sun, the Black sea, the salty breeze — Oh this child could only dream of. Valery grew up naughty and restless child, who is much nicer to walk the streets than sitting in school. They constantly strove to get to where the boys entrance was prohibited: on construction sites, basements, barges and vessels. In an ordinary school, in which he went without great joy, Valerie attended a musical at the piano.

    Besides music, he loved sports: played football, was into swimming. After high school, tried to get to the plant, but soon realized that his calling is not that. Not entered the Institute in his homeland, Valery decided to follow in the footsteps of his older brother and moved to Ukraine, where after the Bones arrived in the Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute.

    Nikolaev — a city that has played in his life a special role. Here he met the woman who later became his wife, was fond of occupation,which became his profession, brought fame and financial independence.


    Valery and Konstantin Meladze began his musical career in Amateur art activities of the Institute. So they were in the ensemble of «April». After a few months the group without Meladze brothers to present was impossible,and the popularity of the ensemble soon went beyond not only the Institute, but also the city.It so happened that unlike in character, the brothers went through life, shoulder to shoulder.

    First hit Valery Meladze was the song «do Not disturb my soul, violin». After the premiere of this song in the cult program «Morning mail» singer woke up famous. In 1995, first album Meladze «Sir», which immediately became one of the most sold in the country, and several songs — hits. Such in the popular music of Russia yet was not.

    By the end of 90-ies Valery became one of the most popular performers in the entire former Soviet Union. Meladze was one of the few who could collect a full house SC «Olympic» in a few days.

    Beginning of 2000-ies in the creative career of Valery Meladze was associated with the creation of the band «VIA Gra», which appeared in the air, immediately won the hearts of millions of listeners and gained loyal fans. Then singer with singers of the band recorded two songs «the Ocean and three rivers» and «there is no more Gravity», which instantly broke on the first position of the charts.

    Since 2005 Valery Meladze is a permanent member of the jury of musical competition «New wave», and in 2007 together with his brother he became a musical producer of the project «Factory of stars». In 2008, the singer released his new album «Contrary to» and in 2012 the leads of the show «Battle of choirs».

    The singer discography consists of eight full albums, whose fate is hardly different from the fate of the first album, «Sir». All of them have sold in huge numbers. Valeriy appears regularly on television, and not just at concerts, but in the movies, often timed for the New year that speaks to the enduring popularity base among music fans.

    In 2015, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Valery Meladze producer center Velvet Music gave the artist an album of his songs covered by other Russian pop stars. Then Valery and Konstantin Meladze was first recorded a duet for the song «My brother».

    Meladze — a multiple winner of the music prize «Golden gramophone» and «Muz-TV». In 2006, he was awarded the title «Honored artist of the Russian Federation» and in 2008 «the national actor of the Chechen Republic».

    Personal life

    Personal life of Valery Meladze for a long time was associated with his wife Irina, who bore him three daughters. Introduction of the Institute with the ordinary Nikolaev girl turned in twenty years of marriage. But in the early 2000s before their happy marriage suffered, and in 2009, Irina and Valery Meladze decided to leave.

    The reason for the divorce is simple — to Meladze had a affair with the ex-soloist of group «via Gra» Albina Dzhanabaeva. In 2004 dzhanabaeva gave the singer the son of Constantine. Many of the surrounding couples say that their relationship is far from ideal. In 2014, Albina gave birth Meladze is the fifth child — son Luca.


    • 1995 — «Sir»
    • 1996 — «the Last romantic»
    • 1998 — «Samba white moth»
    • 1999 — «All was well»
    • 2002 — «Present»
    • 2003 — «Bliss»
    • 2008 — «against all odds»
    • 2015 — «My brother»


    Valery Meladze

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