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  • Name: Valery Leontiev ( Valeriy Leontev )
  • Date of birth: 19 March 1949
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: the village of Ust-USA
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian singer, songwriter, actor. People’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Valery Leontiev : a biography

    Valery Leontiev was born in March 1949 in the small village of Ust-USA Komi. His family had nothing to do with art. Leontiev lived very modestly. The father was engaged in reindeer herding and worked as a veterinarian. Yakov Stepanovich Leont’ev was a white sea of Arkhangelsk region. Mother Ekaterina Ivanovna Klyuts was born in Ukraine. The boy was a late child he was born when his mother turned 43 years. In addition to his family has grown older sister Maya (died in 2005).

    Soon Ust-USA the family moved to his father’s homeland, in the Arkhangelsk region. Early childhood Valeria passed in the village of Upper Matigory. When the boy was 12 years old, Leontiev moved again. This time in Ivanovo oblast. Stopped in the town of Yurievets on the picturesque Bank of the Volga.

    In childhood and adolescence, native Valeria noticed that the boy was drawn to creativity. He’s not bad drew, was very plastic and could sing very well, even worked in the school choir. And he took an active part in the school performances and gladly went to drama. But to become a actor or a singer, a simple boy from a very poor family could never dream of.

    At the end of the 8th grade Leontiev gave the documents to the radio College in Muromski, but failed his exams and returned to complete their education in their home school. Apparently, the genes of the father-the Pomor affected, and Valery began to dream about work related to the sea. In high school he practically decided after graduation to go to Vladivostok and to act as an oceanographer. But for modest income families, such costs were not. It was then that Valery Leontiev realized that there is another profession, which would like to associate life. And he gave it a shot: in 1966, has filed documents in the Moscow GITIS, selecting acting Department. But indecision and the provincial complex has done its job: at the last moment, Leont’ev took the documents from the admissions office.

    When you return to your Yuryevets, Valery immediately went to work. I must say, he tried a lot of things: worked as an electrician, a postman, a labourer in a brick factory, and even a tailor. But education had to, and Valery entered the mining Institute in Vorkuta. He studied at night, and by day earned his money working as a laboratory assistant in a research Institute and a draftsman of one of the design institutes Vorkuta. He has studied Leontiev just before the third year and quit school: did not lay the soul to the future profession. But the farther, the more I wanted to sing and perform on stage. The lights of soffits and a full house cheering of the audience was attracted to the guy more and more.

    Valery Leontiev: music

    The beginning of the creative biography of Valery Leontiev was initiated in 1972. His first solo concert took place on 9 April in one of the Houses of culture of Vorkuta. First success inspired the young artist, and soon he became the winner of regional competition «We search for talents» in Syktyvkar. I wonder what the reward for winning was training in Moscow at the all-Union creative workshop of variety art of Georgi Vinogradov. Why Valery, starting to learn, almost immediately dropped out, history is silent. We only know that he returned to Syktyvkar, in the local Philharmonic. Soon, Leontiev and becomes the soloist of the group «Echo». The musicians prepared two programs, and with new lead singer Valery Leontiev traveled almost all the cities of the Soviet Union. But the concerts were not held in large halls, but only on the stages of local Houses of culture.

    Only in 1978 Valery was first performed at the Bolshoi concert hall in Gorky. The concert was a great success, the singer received the invitation to work in the city Philharmonic. He agreed, but only on the condition that he was sent to Yalta the all-Union musical competition. It just happened. For the performance of music of the ballad «in memory of guitarist» in Yalta Leontiev was awarded the first prize. The contest has been broadcast all over the country. Next summer Valery Leontiev new and even more resounding victory: the main prize at the 16th International pop song festival «Golden Orpheus» in Sopot. There he first appeared in the original stage costume of their own creation, for which the Bulgarian fashion magazine awarded him a special prize.

    In the early 1980’s, Valery Leontiev already knew everything: he sang almost all concerts at the most famous venues.

    Black stripe in the life of a performer, ironically, started with his success at the festival in Yerevan. He received the prize of popularity, but fell out of favor because of the compliment of the American journalists who wrote that Leontiev in the manner of execution is very similar to Mick Jagger. Soviet officials Estrada did not like, and three years Leontief was not shown on TV, and was invited to the Metropolitan concerts. In addition to all the creative troubles during this period, Leontiev underwent a major surgery to remove the tumor of the throat. Fortunately, the voice is soon recovered and back on stage the singer helped Raimonds Pauls, had at that time great influence.

    Besides the singer remembered that he still has no education. This time he entered and graduated from the Institute of culture in Leningrad, where he received a degree in Director-animator. At this time Valery Leontiev gave in the city on the Neva almost twenty concerts which were sold out.

    In 1983, Valery Leontiev again awash in fame and popularity. And again with the composer Raimonds Pauls. It was he who gave the contractor the whole Department of his author’s evening. The concert was held in the Metropolitan concert hall «Russia».

    In 1996 Valery Yakovlevich Leontiev is people’s artist of Russia. In 1998 in the Metropolitan Area of Stars was laid inscribed the sign of the singer.

    During his long and rich creative activity of the popular performer has released 25 of their Studio albums. The debut named «Muse», was released in 1983. Last for today – «Years of pilgrimage» — in 2009. All of their concerts and dance shows Leontiev puts himself. It also suits the original author.

    Valery Leontiev is known as an actor. On account of his painting «On another occasion», «Want-love,» «the Colonel’s Daughter» and others. Not once Leontiev appeared on the screens as the hero of documentaries about life and work.

    Valery Leontiev: personal life

    Personal life Valery Leontiev jealously guarded from prying eyes, the singer rarely gives comments. So around his person always swarmed a lot of rumors. Talked about his gay, on available child, about the affair with Donna, and much more.

    In fact, Leont’ev has long been married to the bass guitarist

  • Lyudmila Isakovich. They are together since 1972, but officially registered the relations only in 1998. Wife of Valery Yakovlevich lives in Miami. Recently, the tabloids have reported that Leontiev lives in his Moscow apartment and no longer flies to America. In Miami, he allegedly left his ex-wife. Some chroniclers say that the singer broke up seven years ago, but did not advertise this event. In one of recent interviews Leontiev admitted that she dreams about the changes in his personal life.

    Valery Leontiev: discography

    • Everyone wants to love
    • My favorite
    • Margarita
    • Vernissage
    • Dear friend, do not be sad
    • Casanova
    • Green light
    • Night call
    • A cocktail of love
    • It is fair colors

    Valery Leontiev: photo

    Valery Leontiev

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