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  • Name: Valery Karpin ( Karpin Valeriy )
  • Date of birth: 2 February 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Narva, Estonia
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: football coach, Director of football club
  • Marital status: divorced

    Valery Karpin: biography

    Biography of the famous football player Valery Karpin began under the arches of the Narva, a small Estonian border town, under the guidance of first coach Yuri Shalamov. The boy was born 2 February 1969 in the family of George and Svetlana Kucinich. Father worked in a factory as a mechanic, mother a textile worker. George, in his youth he was engaged in Amateur sports, from childhood taught the boy to football.

    Valery Karpin
    Valery Karpin | A-news

    After the divorce of his parents, Valeri stayed with the mother who had devoted all their energies to raising her son. In the mid-80s, the young man made a few appearances for the Tallinn football club, where he went immediately after graduation. In parallel, he studied in the College building. During his service in the Soviet troops, he played for the club CSKA. And after the army worked for a year in Voronezh the Torch.

    Moving to Moscow

    But in 1990, destiny brought him under the vaults of the Moscow «Spartak» with which he tied all of his best years, first as a player and many years as coach and Director. As a football player Valery Karpin has spent more than 100 matches for the Moscow club, and scored 30 goals.

    Valery Karpin
    Valery Karpin |

    He was awarded several times the title of champion of Russia. Twice Valery was awarded the Cup of Russia. In addition, a promising young athlete played for the national team of the CIS, almost 80 matches, on account of his nearly 20 goals. Valery Karpin’s a two — time participant of the European championship, and one world championship.

    Jobs in Spain

    In 1994, the athlete accepts the offer of the Spanish football club real Sociedad and is a Legionnaire. Karpin quickly caught on in Spain, thanks to his charm and abilities: many of his local fans, he took to performing on local television a love song the young people to each other in the Basque language. Within a few years he moved from club to club, changing «Valencia» and «Salto» again at his first place of work.

    Valery Karpin
    Valery Karpin | MetroNews

    Valery Karpin has long remained a Spanish player commands on the rights of the foreigner. This situation did not suit him, as he, as a citizen of another state, did not receive half a million dollars a year. With the help of lawyers he has achieved recognition by the Spanish justice of foreigners as equal citizens who can compete for a wage. And in 2003 he received the citizenship of Estonia, which is already included in the EU than finally secured its legal status in Europe.

    Valery Karpin
    Valery Karpin | Eurosport

    In 2005 the footballer was declared end of sports career and went into business. From that moment Valery Karpin not only became Director of the construction company, but also engaging in training malosolenoj and women’s volleyball sports teams. Famous athlete becomes a frequent guest in the Spanish TV, taking part in many talk shows. It also conducts its own program of football «El Rondo», which was broadcasted on Central channel TVE2.

    Coaching career

    In 2008, after such a long break Valery Karpin is back in Russian football. This time he becomes the head coach of his beloved Moscow club «Spartak». This fact was pleased with his domestic fans. Moreover, immediately after receiving international coaching license And class he brings to the team in second place in the Championship of Russia 2009. At this time, in parallel with coaching, Valery takes over the leadership of Spartak as a General Director.

    Valery Karpin
    Valery Karpin Football TV

    After several setbacks the team in the championship and Cup of Russia Valery Karpin was threatened with dismissal from the coaching position, but due to the lack of replacement, Leonid Fedun, the owner of the team, leaving the athlete in this position for a few seasons. In 2014 he continued his coaching career in Spain in the club «Mallorca», and then in 2015 as a coach Armavir «a torpedo».

    Valery Karpin
    Valery Karpin | Phratry

    In the years at the head of the main football club of Russia Karpin, enough impulsive player, lit up in several scandals. The most notable of these was the quarrel Valery CSKA player Igor Denisov during their joint match in 2010. Then «Spartak» has beaten its rivals with a score of 1:0, then, passing by the coaching stands, the famous brawler Denisov obscenely spoke to the Karpin. The coach couldn’t tolerate, and nearly hit the opponent.

    Family life

    The personal life of the famous footballer made a sharp turn. Valery Karpin was already 2 times married officially. With his first wife, Svetlana, he met at the dawn of his youth in his native city Narva. The family soon had two daughters, the eldest Mary and Junior Valeria. The wife supported the husband of the famous all over after he signed a contract with the Spanish club, went to live in Spain with him. Valery acted like a real gentleman: after the birth of her second daughter, he gave his wife the car «Mercedes».

    Valery Karpin with his wife
    Valery Karpin his first wife, Svetlana | Boshsoz

    All was well until, while Karpin met a fatal beauty, Spanish model Alba Fernandez. Searing brunette turned his head no longer a young player, he left the family, the second time to marry. But second marriage did not succeed. Due to the high employment Valery could not pay much attention to his wife, she was often alone. Besides, regular joint flights to and from Spain to Russia quickly cooled the ardor of a young girl. And soon he and his wife divorced.

    Valery Karpin with his wife
    Valery Karpin with his second wife Alba fernández | Boshsoz

    After that, a few years paparazzi watched athlete in the company of his new girl Alexandra. They regularly visited the Metropolitan party. But recently in my life, Valeria has been a joyful event. Often when visiting my mom in Narva, as well as taking part in the sporting life of his native city, the player met with his young compatriot — Daria Gordeeva.

    The girl in 28 years has a lot of things accomplished in life: in her youth, she took part in the competition «Two stars» in «star Factory». He graduated with honors from high school in her native Estonia. Today, Daria is working in the gymnasium of Narva, where he teaches the Estonian language. She often performs in local clubs with his music group «Be free».

    Valery Karpin and Gordeeva Daria
    Valery Karpin and Daria Gordeeva | Narvacity

    Such striking beauty could not fail to win the heart of Valeria, and now happy in love, with the appointed date of the wedding. The gala event will take place in mid-2017. Information about the event and photos of the happy couple appeared in October 2016, on the official pages Valeria and Daria in Instagram and Twitter.

    In the heat of new feelings, Valery Karpin for the first time changed his look: he cut his hair and now everywhere appears with a new hairstyle that really rejuvenated. This haircut was necessary for the football player, because he is older than his bride of almost 20 years. By the way, Valery Karpin in addition to the official daughters there are also unofficial Veronica REGO, almost the same age as the future wife of the athlete Daria Gordeeva.

    Valery Karpin
    New hairstyle Valery Karpin | Futbolniy

    Veronica was born from a brief and passionate relationship that broke out between her mother and a football player early in his career, Valery Karpin. The mother and stepfather of the girls are also born in Narva. At some point they filed a lawsuit against the player, in order to sue him 350,000 rubles for education Veronica. Valery refused, but soon, personally acquainted with a young blond girl, changed his mind. Daughter fascinated my father, and journalists very often began to see Valeria with her in Moscow at football matches.


    Valery Karpin

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