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  • Name: Valery Gergiev ( Gergiev Valeriy )
  • Date of birth: 2 may 1953
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: conductor, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Valery Gergiev biography

    Valery Gergiev conductor London Symphony and Munich Philharmonic orchestras. For decades, he remains its artistic Director of the Mariinsky theatre. His talent is amazing, he managed to open Russian music to Western audiences.

    Valery Gergiev was born on 2 may 1953 in Moscow. His parents are originally from North Ossetia, his father commanded a battalion during the war. Unfortunately, when Valerie was 13, his father died. Children raised by his mother — Gergiev has two sisters.

    In 7 years a woman brought her son to the school of music, where he studied the eldest daughter. The Valeria was more into playing soccer, so he nervously glanced out the window, listening to the teacher. The teacher played a tune and asked the boy to repeat the rhythm. Valery Gergiev repeated. The teacher did not give up and asked to do the same thing again – the boy decided to improvise. Teacher verdict: Valery has no ears, he should focus on football. Later, remembering the incident from his childhood, the famous conductor will tell that tried to improve the music, and the teacher did not understand.

    Mother saw to son was enrolled in music school, where he quickly became the best student. Music lessons and outdoor games do not interfere with Valery’s good to learn in a regular school, he participated in mathematical Olympiads. Before the death of his father had time to teach my son to always go for their goals and promises, and loving family.

    In 1972, Valery Gergiev has entered the Leningrad Conservatory and studied there for 5 years. According to him, the life in the hostel became his first school of life. There he fell in love with Russian classics and G. Wagner, it was love from the first note, which he carried through life.


    For the first time Valery Gergiev has loudly declared his talent in his student years. He participated in the prestigious international festival held in Berlin, and received the Grand Prix. Then there was the next victory – at the all-Union conductors ‘ competition, which was held in Moscow.

    After graduating from the Conservatory Valery Gergiev worked as an assistant conductor at the Kirov theater. A year later, in 1978, he first became in charge of the remote. His conducting debut was an Opera of Sergey Prokofiev «War and peace». Then four years Gergiev led the orchestra in Armenia and in 1988 he became chief conductor of the Kirov theatre. In the first year at a new position Valery Gergiev has organized the festival on the works of N. Mussorgsky. In the future, such events have become a tradition.

    90 Valery Gergiev often toured abroad. In 1992, he debuted at the Metropolitan Opera, as conductor of the Opera «Otello.» In 1995 he was invited to conduct the Philharmonic orchestra in Rotterdam. As a guest conductor he worked with him until 2008.

    2007 began for Valery Gergiev changes. January 1, he led the London Symphony orchestra. Critics and colleagues have described his work as bright and emotional, always extraordinary reading. At the closing of the winter Olympics 2010 held in Vancouver, Gergiev conducted the orchestra on the red square in the teleconference.

    But his main achievement – the Mariinsky theatre, which he headed for 20 years. Valery Gergiev became artistic Director and Director of the «Mariinsky theatre» in 1996 and did everything possible to make his company the best in the world. With the corpses of his theatre artistic Director spends 250 days a year. Over the years spent in it, he has trained many singers of international magnitude, has updated the repertoire by including works of Russian classics.

    5 may 2016 in the amphitheater of Palmyra in the open air orchestra of «the Mariinsky theatre» gave a concert «prayer of Palmyra». Conducted By Valery Gergiev.

    People’s artist of Russia, laureate of state awards, multiple winner of awards «the gold mask» and «Golden soffit» and other prestigious awards Valery Gergiev remains true to the music and the theater.

    Personal life

    Valery Gergiev was passion in his youth, mostly Opera singers. But the mother always asked him to think what will be the mother and wife.

    With his future wife he met in 1998 at a music contest in Saint Petersburg. Ossetian Natalia Dzebisov were among the winners and, itself without knowing it, won the heart of the Maestro. The affair broke out immediately, but the first time they met secretly. Natalia was twice younger than Valeria.

    In 1999, they married, and the wedding was celebrated in Vladikavkaz in a big way. The event was attended by over a thousand guests from different parts of Russia and the CIS. A year in the family was born. In 2001 was born the second son, and in 2003, a daughter.

    Journalists wrote that Valery Gergiev is the illegitimate daughter Natalia, who was born in 1985, even before his acquaintance with his wife Natalia Jevisovkou.


    Valery Gergiev

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