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  • Name: Valery Barinov ( Valeriy Barinov )
  • Date of birth: 15 January 1946.
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Zilina, Oryol oblast
  • Height: 177
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Valery Barinov: biography

    Valery Barinov – people’s artist of the Russian Federation, Soviet and Russian actor of theatre and cinema. During his career he starred in over 150 films. And the actor does not have a single clearly defined role, constantly changing beyond recognition. Because of this Valery in one of his Frank interview admitted that he doesn’t remember who he really is.

    Born Valery Barinov in the first postwar year in the village of Zhilino, which was located in the Orel region. His parents were simple workers of the village, and the family lived in relative poverty. Boy accustomed from an early age to help his family on the farm. I wonder what working life in the village helped Barinov love of performing on stage.

    In those days regularly conducted agricultural exhibition, which not only demonstrated the achievements of human labour, but also competitions of Amateur performances. One of the required numbers from each farm was the performance of young talents. He was only six years old when he was asked to read a poem on stage. The boy, without hesitating, appeared before the public, impressed everyone with his talent and received applause.

    In older age Barinov worked in a provincial theatre on Orlovsky as the working scenes, and after finishing school decided to pursue his dream: went to the capital and entered the Higher theatre school named after Mikhail Schepkin. First place for the novice actor was the legendary Alexandrinsky theatre in Leningrad, where he played for six years.

    Then Valery went to the stage of the Moscow Central theatre of the Soviet Army Theatre named after A. S. Pushkin, the famous Maly theater. The last 10 years it is part of the troupe of the Moscow theatre of the young spectator.


    Film debut of Valery Barinov occurred in 1968 in the small role of participant in archaeological expedition in the adventure drama «the Steps on the ground.» But the first major role went to actor for almost 10 years in the historical Saga «Strogovy». The great popularity came to him only in the second half of the 90-ies, after on television was a colorful display of costume series «Petersburg secrets».

    But in the new century Valery was incredibly popular, being among those artists, who at a Mature age is much more popular than in youth. He has appeared in a youth and movies such as «Next 3» «kadetstvo» and crime fighters, designed for the older generation, such as «your man» and «movers and Shakers. To be together,» and in the women’s melodramas like «Loneliness of love» and «Here is love!».

    It’s funny how sometimes even the actors with big names fall prey to the errors. So, Valery Aleksandrovich in the credits detective «I Leave you to look» there was some reason under the name of Nikolai Barinov. In the second season of this unfortunate misunderstanding was corrected.

    Several times Barinov played historical figures. In the biographical drama «Furtseva» about the Minister of culture of the USSR he created the image of Marshal Georgy Zhukov, in his latest work about the fate of the famous football player Edward Streltsov «In the constellation of Sagittarius» has become a General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev.

    Personal life

    During his life, Valery Barinov was married twice. His first wife was a film Director, they had a son, Egor Barinov, today it is quite a famous actor. But the marriage lasted very little. And the son left to live with his father, because the mother often had nervous breakdowns, she was under the care of doctors.

    Much later, Valery once again decided to create a family. His fiancee Elena’s younger than him by about fifteen years and has no relationship to the theatre and the cinema.

    Elena and Valeria the daughter was born, named after his grandfather, Alexandra. When she grew up, then chose for himself the profession of the journalist. Now a young woman working in a monthly women’s magazine «Marie Claire».

    The actor is a big fan of football, in particular the Moscow football club «Lokomotiv». By the way, long-term head coach «railwaymen» Yury Semin is a childhood friend of Valery Barinov: they had grown up together in the Orel region.


    • 1976 — Strogovy
    • 1985 — Cherry maelstrom
    • 1987 — In the Crimea is not always summer
    • 1994 — Roman Emperor
    • 2000 — home to the rich
    • 2005 — the Nine unknowns
    • 2006-2007 — kadetstvo
    • 2010 — you Go out to look for
    • 2014 — where the homeland begins
    • 2015-2016 — Light and shadow of the lighthouse


    Valery Barinov in his youth

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