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  • Name: Valery Afanassiev ( Valery Afanasiev )
  • Date of birth: 20 August 1949
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: widower

    Valery Afanasiev biography

    Wonderful Russian actor Valery Afanasiev, a native Muscovite. He was born in the capital in August 1949. His parents, natives of the village. The family of the future artist went through a difficult war years.

    Art had mom Valer. She had a beautiful voice and she sang in the choir named after N. Pyatnitsky. Perhaps because of mother’s sons, Valery and Oleg – are actors.

    Valery Afanassiev argues that as a child he never dreamed of becoming an actor, although I loved theatre. He was drawn to music, and he wanted to enroll in the music school, where he was chosen favorite instrument – the clarinet. But after the yard guys made fun of him, he scored the music. But I fond of gymnastics.

    Worked with great diligence, dreaming of the sport Olympus. But the stocky figure did not allow to fulfill the dream. But this guy has a lot of useful qualities. Coordination, flexibility and artistry are rooted in artistic gymnastics.

    A desire to be on the stage in high school. Afanasyev first appeared on stage in the Studio theatre of the House of culture ZIL. After school went to enter the Shchukin drama school. The competition in 1966 was incredible – about 3 thousand people in the place. But Valery Afanasiev managed to do that. He found excellent teachers – the elderly-Vakhtangov, who remembered Konstantin Stanislavsky.

    Afanasiev studied on the course Marianne Ter-Zakharova. In 1970 he came out a certified artist.


    In Theatre in the southwest Valeria Zakharova adopted in 1990. At this stage, he went up to 2011. And then the audience saw their favorite artist on the stage of the drama theatre named after K. S. Stanislavsky.

    Biography of Valery Afanasyev was not easy. People accepted it with difficulty. The young actor came in here too late, when the company was fully formed. Find your own niche and prove that he is not a random person in the profession was not easy. But he managed. Subsequently, the matter became the leading actor of the troupe.

    Theater-goers were happy to go «Afanasyev», when he played his star role in the Comedy and tragedy of «a Midsummer night’s Dream», «Marriage», «the Master and Margarita» and «At the bottom».

    Valery Afanassiev and now prefers the theater stage before film set. He believes that the stage was raised and hardened in this actor, allowing to reveal their potentialities to the full.


    Film debut of Valery Afanasyev took place in 1974. He was given the episode in the mini-series «Conscience» Yuri Kavtaradze. For this tiny role was followed by others, each was the previous one. The actor would like to star in a drama and detective tapes.

    Best films «of the early Afanasyev» it’s interesting to watch today. Among them are real masterpieces of the national cinema, such as «Mikhail Lomonosov», «Day train», «the Blackmailer», «the Case of Gastronome № 1», «Gardemariny, vpered!», «Shirley-myrli» and others.

    What the cinema has brought to Valery Afanasyev loud popularity. It is noteworthy that he rarely appeared in lead roles, but the secondary power of his talent transformed into a bright and remembered by the audience forever. A wider audience this great actor known for roles in TV series «Dossier detective Dubrovsky» and «Cherkizon. Disposable people», the melodrama «angel», the Comedy «Kitchen in Paris» and drama series «Heart star».

    In the spring of 2010 the President of Russia, said Valery Afanasiev, honorary medal «For merits before Fatherland». Today filmography actor is more than a hundred pictures and TV series.

    Afanasiev and is now operational. He goes on the stage and in films. Writes poetry and sings beautifully, accompanying himself on the guitar. In 2015 he was awarded the title «people’s artist of Russia». In the same year he first got his course in the Metropolitan MITI (Moscow Institute of theatrical art).

    Among the projects in recent years, in which there are Valery Afanassiev, it can be noted the sensational tape «Orlova and Aleksandrov» and the 6th season of «the Eighties». In 2016 will come from four new films that will make millions of your favorite actor.

    Personal life

    Family happiness, the artist has found not at once. Personal life of Valery Afanasiev is a 3 marriage ceremony. The first was student. With Lily, who was studying to be a translator, he lived only a year and a half. Longer – 6 years – was marriage to assistant Director Eugenia. To this Union was born the first-born Vladimir. But once He went to friends in theatre of a name of N. Gogol and met a girl, Anya. He suddenly realized that this a feeling, like love, was not known.

    Anna who was his Junior by 6 years and worked as a prop master in the theater, Valery Afanassiev has lived in happy marriage for 40 years. They had two sons. Anna was the wife who was required explosive and temperamental actor. She was able to balance and «extinguish» an explosion of emotions wife.

    She died at the end of 2015 and, as friends say Afanasiev, it is extremely hard going through this loss. Fortunately, Valery Alekseevich has sons and four wonderful grandchildren. And the job that makes you live and work.


    • «Mikhail Lomonosov»
    • «Midshipmen, forward!»
    • «Blackmailer»
    • «Shirley-myrli»
    • «The guardian angel»
    • «Gagarin»
    • «Kitchen in Paris»
    • «Eighty-6»
    • «Orlova and Aleksandrov»


    Valery Afanassiev,

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