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  • Name: Valeriya Korableva ( Valeriya Korableva )
  • Date of birth: 16 August 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: TV presenter, journalist
  • Marital status: married

    Valeriya Korableva: biography

    Valeriya Korableva is a Russian TV news program «Novosti» on the First channel. She was born in Moscow on 16 August 1978. After school the girl who gravitated to the Humanities, he entered the Moscow state linguistic University, where he trained as an interpreter. Before the graduation Valeria had mastered English and French.

    Valeriya Korableva
    Valeriya Korableva | photo Shoot for the magazine «Harper’s Bazaar»

    In January 2000, when the ship was in my last course, she and her classmates had an internship in the office of the First channel. The girl liked the atmosphere in the Studio of the Ostankino television tower, and she liked the direction of the channel. In the end, after graduation, Valerie was invited to the position of editor of the international Department of management of information programs on the First channel.

    TV presenter

    In the above-mentioned posts Valeriya Korableva worked for six years, after which she received a new offer to try yourself as a speaker and presenter of the daily editions of the «news». The young woman agreed and since then regularly appears on TV screens.

    In 2016, Valeriya Korableva also led 14 direct line with President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Their duties the journalist has done very well and played this live at a high level.

    Valeriya Korableva in the program
    Valeriya Korableva in the program «news» | First channel

    In General, many viewers called Valery decoration news «First channel», although not all members of the public share such an enthusiastic opinion. Judging by the comments on social networks, some viewers of «News» has the impression that diction of the leading a few does not meet the standards of modern television.

    Personal life

    When Valeriya Korableva came for training on the First channel, where she met the editor of the international Department, whose name was Peter. The man immediately drew attention to striking the girl, especially the yard was winter, and Valeria came tanned as the Christmas holidays spent with her parents in South Africa.

    After some time Peter was invited Korablev on a date, after which they began to meet regularly. Many colleagues soon began to consider that Valeria and Peter is already married, but in fact the chief was in no hurry to propose to his beloved slave. In the end, the wedding took place only 10 years after meeting!

    Valeriya Korableva and her husband, Peter
    Valeriya Korableva and her husband, Peter | Husband and wife

    Interestingly, the parents of Peter he met my mother Valerie only on the day of the official celebration. Since then, the couple is not breaking up in fact, neither day nor night, as they continue to work in the company: Peter has advanced his career to the post of Deputy head of the Department of issue of management of information programs.

    A year after his marriage the family got bigger: Valeriya Korableva bore Peter a son named Artem. Interestingly, the presenter, until recently, continued working and went on maternity leave just a month before the birth, and when the Subject was eight weeks, has returned to the broadcast «News» channel.


    Valeriya Korableva

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