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  • Name: Valeria Lukyanova ( Valeriya Lukiyanova )
  • Date of birth: August 23, 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Tiraspol, Moldova
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: model
  • Marital status: married

    Valeria Lukyanova: a biography

    Valeria Lukyanova, it would seem that the most ordinary girl, born in the town of Tiraspol on 23 August 1985. Distinguishes it from others that it is a true copy of the Barbie doll.

    From childhood, Leroy looked like an angel: a beautiful dress, a wide ribbons decorated the white girl’s hair. Along with the usual school, Valeria attended music lessons. She loved to sing and write his own songs.

    Valeria Lukyanova
    Valeria Lukyanova — Barbie Odessa | VK

    The son of Irina and Valery Lukianovych grew another daughter — Olga. After his parents divorced mother remarried and took the surname Bashkeeva. From the second marriage Irina is the son of Ivan, half-brother of Valeria and Olga.

    As a young girl tried to learn in one of the Odessa universities OSAKA, which came in 2002. But due to the fact that Valeria liked huge parties, which were engaged in drinking alcohol, the girl was never able to complete his education. Lifestyle the hippies did not promise anything good.

    Valeria Lukyanova before the popularity
    Valeria Lukyanova 16 | VK

    Her style of life of this period can be described as finding yourself. According to beauty, she always wondered why he lives, what is the purpose of life? It never attracted the life of an ordinary person. And currently, Valeria is a strong supporter of the style of living childfree (not wanting to have children).


    Everything changed when Valery in 2002 have posted their photos on the Internet, which created a furore in public. Using skillfully imposed makeup girl was like a favorite of all children — a Barbie doll. Loved it Valerie, and since then, she tirelessly began to develop its image. Now the beauty of a whole army of fans, for which it puts your photos on the pages in Instagram and Vkontakte.

    Valeria Lukyanova
    Valeria Lukyanova | VK

    Valeria Lukyanova in the decade went to his goal. In 2007, she won the beauty contest «Miss Ukraine», where he received a diamond crown. But the real sensation she became in 2012, when the Western media appeared information about Barbie from Odessa.

    At that time, video Valeria Lukyanova YouTube has been viewed more than 50 million viewers. The girl up to this point has earned the title not so much girls-Barbie, most of the alien under the name Amatue (Amatue).

    Plastic surgery

    The audience immediately began to wonder how many operations change in appearance made the girl. According to Valeria Lukyanova, she made only one operation for breast augmentation after was deliberately to lose weight to 42-40 kg. At this weight she was satisfied with everything except the breast, which is greatly reduced.

    Valeria Lukyanova increased breast
    Valeria Lukyanova increased breast

    To look good and feel confident, Lera increased breast size 2. Their desire to lose weight to degenerative Valeria explains the narrow size of the bone, where even 45 kg for her becomes a burden.

    Now the figure of a girl after plastic surgery and after days of hard training in the gym seems perfect. Parameters size — 86:47:87. Specialists in plastic surgery claim that such a thin waist naturally it is difficult to obtain for this you need to remove a couple of the lower ribs.

    Valeria Lukyanova before and after surgery
    Valeria Lukyanova before and after surgery

    If you compare the pictures with Valeria earlier period, you see more normal volume than now. On that she Valeria in his blog says that the secrets of her beauty is labor, the right makeup and spiritual development, and not plastic.

    As the skeptics say Valeria Lukyanova has made at least about six operations, ranging from serious surgeries to change the shape of the nose, removal of edges, the installation of breast implants, and finishing with changing of eye shape and lip shape. In addition, specific puppet facial expressions can be the effect of Botox injections, which are known to severely limit the movement of the facial muscles.

    Valeria Lukyanova
    Valeria Lukyanova | VK

    This assumption is confirmed by a large number of photographs taken before and after the alleged plastic. Many of the critics Valeria assume a major role in the formation of an unusual image played an obvious photoshop. On some shots it is visible to the naked eye. Confirmation of this hypothesis is the fact that Valeria has banned friends and family to remove it. And from importunate reporters, she often hides behind the curtained Windows of his house.

    Spiritual practice

    A major role in achieving the perfect look Valeria takes spiritual practice. Its internal development Lera was a long time ago. After realizing her life she went on a proper diet, she now runs a raw food diet and vegetarianism.

    According to Valerie, she mastered the techniques of travel in the astral plane: she may dream of travel both in time and in space. Thus Lera was in Mexico, and even on other planets.

    Valeria Lukyanova
    Valeria Lukyanova spiritual lessons

    Now Valeria Lukyanova is a teacher world school of astral Michael Rainbow. Leroy gathers for seminars such as seeking people, like herself, teaches the techniques of travel in the dream. Valeria travels to seminars around the world.

    For each session, she independently wrote the program. Together with the students she does special exercises, and resolving difficult life situations, is a nutrition program for each of them.

    Personal life

    A real revolution in the biography of Valerie was her acquaintance at the age of 16 with her future husband Dmitry Scrabby who is older than her 8 years. A rich Ukrainian businessman soon made an offer for such a fragile and unusual girl. Their wedding they played in a circle of close friends, and then flew to travel. For so many years, the pair inseparable.

    Valeria Lukyanova husband Dmitry Scrabby
    Valeria Lukyanova husband Dmitry Scrabby | VK

    With her husband Dmitry Valery traveled all over the world. They are happy owners of expensive mansion. All joint pictures young always hug. It is obvious that personal life Valerie has developed happily. The husband supports all the initiatives of his wife and finances all her antics.

    Meeting Barbie and Ken and heroine of the anime

    In 2012, Barbie appeared first opponent, a girl with anime makeup Anastasiya Shpagina. The blog of this unusual girl dolls have collected no less supporters than page Valeria Lukyanova. Babes decided to meet for a joint photo shoot.

    Valeria Lukyanova Anastasiya Shpagina
    Valeria Lukyanova Anastasiya Shpagina | Odessa life

    Anastasia is as fragile in the parameters girl like Lera. Since childhood, she started to use makeup, gradually learning to apply makeup in a special way. Now, to get myself right, the crust has to get up at 5 am. For three hours she recreates the way in which others see her.

    In 2013 there was a significant event for lovers of Barbie dolls and Ken. Finally, a live copy of dolls was found to create a photo shoot. It happened in new York, where from Odessa Valeria Lukyanova has arrived specially for a meeting with Justin Jedlica, which is recognized as the living incarnation of Ken.

    Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Delica
    Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Delica | Odessa life

    Unlike the girls, the young man is not shy about the fact that he has already made more than 140 operations change in appearance. But their idols, which he was trying to be like Justin says Michael Jackson and Joan rivers, not Ken.

    Recent events

    Valeria Lukyanova but admiration for some people and causes resentment. To such an extent that one day in the fall of 2014, the hooligans attacked him near the entrance and beaten. Young men punched a girl in the head, jaw and busted lip.

    According to Valerie, one of them already began to strangle her, but this time was an accident, a neighbor spooked the criminals. The girl called an ambulance and put on some time in the hospital. In the Internet there are many pictures of a battered and bandaged Valeria Lukyanova.

    Valeria Lukyanova
    Valeria Lukyanova was attacked | tvnz

    In 2016, Valeria Lukyanova again surprised his fans with a photo shoot. But in the pictures is no longer just a feminine face, but really pumped female bodybuilder. The relief of muscle Valerie is striking in its beauty. It is seen that the girl has already reached the professional level of their physical training. But many of her fans don’t like the new image of the heroine. They used to see in Leer fragile creature that needs protection.

    Valeria Lukyanova
    Valeria Lukyanova | Instagram

    Currently, Valeria, in addition to spiritual and physical perfection is singing and has released several compilations of his songs. The girl working in the style of new age music.


    Valeria Lukyanova

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