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  • Name: Valeriya Lanskaya ( Valeriya Lanskaya )
  • Date of birth: 2 January 1987
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Valeria Lanskaya biography

    Valeria Lanskaya – popular young actress, is known for his numerous roles not only in series but also in musicals.

    She was born Valeria Alexandrovna Lanskaya in the family of a dancer and figure skater. The creative tandem of parents started with joint productions, later turned into marriage. Father, Alexander Zaitsev – a teacher of ballroom dancing, and my mother is a figure skating coach. In 1993, Zaitsev A. A. survived by his wife and daughter and moved to America, where he created a new family and a career.

    Valeria Lanskaya in childhood
    Baby photo

    Mother, E. S. Maslennikov, long been engaged in choreography for Margarita Drobiazko, Povilas Vanagas. In all the seasons of «Ice age», she worked with Ilya Averbuch. Valeria Lanskaya has two stepsisters: Lisa 2009 birth father’s side and Anastasia 1996 from the mother.

    Real name Actresses – Zaitsev. However, working in a theatre with the namesake and namesake, Valeria decided to take the maiden name of the grandmother on the father to fellow Actresses are not confused. Five year old girl, Lansky was actively engaged in choreography, gymnastics, music, studied in the theater Studio. Already at this age the girl vividly showed their creativity. The first step towards the stage was the Moscow children’s theatre, where the teacher Valeria was Valentine Ovsyannikov. Then the young Lanskaya was sent to musical theatre «the Impromptu», where the teacher-coach was Lyudmila Ivanova.

    Valeria Lanskaya in his youth
    Early photo

    From three to seven years, the future star of figure skating at the request of the mother. Were no big events and great victories, all happening at the local level – Lera was not skating, what did not regret. Being a student of the middle school Valeria Lanskaya more than six years worked in the children’s musical theater Young Actor with Professor A. Fedorov. Participated in productions of «Gerda», «child» etc.


    In 2002 Lanskaya took the course V. Shlykov in Shchukino. As a student, a young actress was invited to participate in the production of «Ali Baba and the forty thieves», then «Country of love». First acting experience was presented on the stage of the theater. Vakhtangov and «Satyricon». Career Valeria Lansky turned in the fourth year. It then invited into the «Theater of the moon», where she worked until 2012. The first role on the stage of this theater was the character of Cordelia from the play «Piromania». Then came a series of stage performances, for example, «Ball sleepless», «Lips», etc.

    Valeria Lanskaya in the theater
    On the stage | KP

    After gaining some experience, the actress actively participated in antiplesen on the basis of other theatrical institutions: «Nameless star», «don’t believe your eyes», «Hotel of two worlds». Singing girl with dance training is very popular in musicals. Debut in the musical «Lip» on the stage native theatre. Then followed production of «Mary Poppins NEXT».

    Film debut was in 2005, when Lanskaya sang the role of Princess Anastasia in the film «Yesenin». Then Lera did not know that the real growth of the success lay ahead of her, and bring her its completely different in plot and theme of the movies. The recognition and acclaim he received after the execution of Anne, daughter of the Gypsy Baron in the video clips «hare over the abyss», and fixed the loud popularity in the role Natalia Rotmistrova, the newly minted stepmother cadet Alexei Syrnikova, in the youth series «Cadets».

    Valeria Lanskaya in the series
    In the TV series «the circus Princess» | Live Story

    Fame and popularity among the fans of different age categories covered Lanskaya after «the Princess of circus», where she played Ah. Is a real star he continued his career in the musical «Scarlet sails», where it appeared in the form of Assol. Since 2008, it has expanded the number of actors of the theater of Alexey Rybnikov, where came on stage in productions of «Juno and Avos», musical «Zorro», «the Star and death of Joaquin Murieta.»

    In 2008, the actress received an invitation from the theatre «Moscow operetta», where she played the role of Mercedes in large-scale musical «Monte Cristo». Continued the activities and took part in such performances: «Fanfan-Tulip», «Caesar and Cleopatra». By this time, Valeria Lanskaya was as an actress of musicals and continued his career in the «musical Theatre».

    Valeria Lanskaya in the musical
    In the musical «Monte Cristo» | RIA Novosti

    Obtained in childhood, skating skills Valerie has agreed to participate in the second season of «Ice age». The interesting thing is that the mother Lansky, who has long worked on the show, about the daughter’s participation in the project learned one of the last. A proposal to invite Valerie to the show after her star role in «the circus Princess» Ilya Averbukh went directly to Konstantin Ernst, without consulting with Elena Maslennikova. But later she supported the daughter and has participated in her training. During the project Helen was injured a hip fracture. Valeria admits that it was the most difficult period for her. The actress was worried about mother, who for a long time could not even walk on his own, torn between visits to the hospital, workouts and performances. Valery understood that in such a difficult family time can’t quit my job, and cannot bring the gear and your partner.

    And Valeria Lanskaya Alexei Yagudin in show
    In the show «Ice age» with Alexei Yagudin | safe Harbor

    Valery stayed on the ice much more confident in many contestants, though he never was a professional figure skater. Perhaps because of this, they partner on the ice chose a very difficult dance. Lansky partner was Alexei Yagudin. The pair became bronze prize-winners of the show.

    A year later, partners in figure skating took the second position in the show «Ice age. The best of the best».

    The next step in his career was opening his own creative center «Freelancing» that occurred in 2012. Then Lansky acted as a producer with the show «Saved by love», where he also played a major role. Should be released musical «Peter pan». In 2013 took part in the teleproject «Two stars» together with Denis Klyaver. The project was broadcasted by First channel.

    Then participated in the parody show «Repeat!». In this project, Valerie has become one of the most prominent member. Valeriya Lanskaya has shown his acting talent, turning it into Irina Khakamada, in Polunin, the Cheburashka. But in addition, the actress demonstrated their vocal abilities. During a parody of rooms Valery performed Pesniary Gverdtsiteli «Vivat, king!» in the eighth edition, and cher’s «Strong enough» at the end of the show.

    In 2009 was nominated for the award «Golden eagle» for the role of Alexandra Zemsky. Filmography of Valerie has 21 picture.

    Valeriya Lanskaya
    The successful artist | Graf Orlov

    On the website of the actress published an appeal, where Lansky says that for several years not working in the theater Rybnikova. However, the posters use her name and photo for advertising current performances. Valeria very gently and delicately comments on the current situation, hoping that it was just a misunderstanding, and colleagues not involved in the hype of the audience.

    Personal life

    Charming actress never knew shortage of suitors. The first known fan she had in 2006-m year, Valeria was met with a colleague in the musical «Monte Cristo» Andrew Alexandrina. The lovers were mean and were planning the wedding, but a good relationship quickly and unexpectedly ended.

    Valeriya Lanskaya and Ilya Averbukh
    Actress and Ilya Averbukh | Things-Dryukov

    In 2009-m year, in time to participate in the show «Ice age» Valeria again appeared in the company of her husband – again, «official» novel. Elect of the actress became the producer of this transfer skater Ilya Averbukh. Valeriya and Ilya tried to spend together as much time as possible, they are so suited to each other that even ex-wife. wished them happiness. But the novel ended with «Ice age».

    The following choice actress, producer Anton Kalyuzhny, even made Valerie an offer. Lansky agreed and almost got married, but because of the schedule of the actress the ceremony had to be postponed. This enforced pause has revealed misunderstandings between the lovers. A potential husband, the actress would spend less time working, what Lanskaya could not agree.

    Valeriya Lanskaya and Anton Kaluzhny
    Anton Kalyuzhny | Ivona

    After a relationship with Anton Kalyuzhny Valeria Lanskaya was credited with several novels, however, according to the actress, fleeting meeting are not interested. Every one of your relationships she has developed, suggesting that this man she lived the rest of her life, gets married, will be together to raise children, but the long novels ended in nothing. Valeria met with TV presenter Chiaureli Ramaz less than six months, then there was a beautiful novel, by correspondence with Denis Nazarov. Dennis found it in social networks, able to attract the attention of Lansky, but in real life the young man liked the actress. But the relationship ended quickly enough.

    Valeriya Lanskaya and Stas Ivanov
    My husband and Stas Ivanov |

    In 2014, the year Valeria met with Director Stas Ivanov. They worked on various projects, but the crew lived in the same hotel. Despite this for a whole month Valeriya and Stas have not seen, and when Ivanov noted at the next table the actress that immediately came to meet you. As recognized in the interview with Valery, they were no longer separated from the first date. In the spring of 2015 in Moscow was held the wedding ceremony, and in autumn born the firstborn pair of Artemia.


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    • «The diviner. Omar Khayyam. Chronicle of a legend»
    • «Piranha»
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    Valeriya Lanskaya

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