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  • Name: Valerie Kirando ( Shkirando Valeriya )
  • Date of birth: 21 November 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Valeria kirando : biography

    Valeria kirando was born in St. Petersburg in November 1988. Her family was not family related to the world of cinema or theatre. The girl has a pretty unusual name. The emphasis placed on the first syllable. In addition to the Lera in the family grew up the daughter Lisa. As she says the actress is her absolute antithesis. If Lisa was a quiet child, almost an «angel», with Valeria quiet parents only dreamed of. She grew up a very lively girl, able to stand up for themselves and never climbed his words.

    She studied Valeria kirando not very successful, especially disliked the exact Sciences. But school teachers treated her well, knowing that she would become an actress. So do not skimp on 4 points where it was necessary to put 2. All the makings of the acting profession, the girl was on the face. In addition to the artistry by Valerie happen to have good hearing. She actively attended the theatre and music school. She sang it beautifully. In Kirando even had its own rock band with which she played at school discos.

    After school, Valerie Kirando entered the Moscow GITIS. But soon she returned to St. Petersburg, because he decided to transfer to the local theatre Academy, which was a specialty «the actor of musical theatre».


    After graduating high school theater Valery Kirando has worked in several theaters of St. Petersburg. At first it was a Theatre «On the Neva». It was replaced by a «Rock Opera» and «Buff». But in 2013 the actress left the theatre and concentrated on her movie career.

    Debut role as an aspiring actress on the big screen becomes the role of Diana in one episode of the 8th season of criminal tape «Streets of the broken lanterns». Then there were several series of roles in popular films «witness Protection», «highway patrol» and «Live again».

    In 2015, a cinematic biography of Valerie Kirando enriched with bright role of Alina in the melodrama «pregnancy Test». The series premiere took place at the beginning of 2015 on the «First channel» and brought the actress in the commercial.

    But the real fame came to Kirando after the release of the military-a dramatic picture of Dmitry Meshieva «Battalion». It is a historical film about the heroic women’s team created in Petrograd in 1917 on the orders of the Provisional government. In this picture the actress donated the hair she was forced to shave his head. However, the frame of the film, where thick head of hair of the heroine cut, is not true: there are cut wig.

    As recognized by Valery, at first she felt a little uncomfortable, but fear to look ugly or strange in her arose. Kirando is also recognized that with pleasure would role in the film, to experiment with weight as it once did Renee Zellweger, and Christian bale. In «the Battalion» actress starred together with movie stars Maria Aronova, Maria Kozhevnikova and Marat Basharov.

    2015 becomes the Petersburg actress’s breakthrough year. In fact, besides the above-mentioned high-profile projects, she appeared in the great melodrama «All that Jam», which tells a romantic love story of Russian girl and famous American actor. In addition, the audience saw Valerie Kirando in the series «the shaman,» the family Saga «a Family album» and the 3rd season of the fantasy «the Secret city» where she played the character Jan.

    Personal life

    St. Petersburg charming blond is not married yet, but admits that is already thinking about the change of status. The actress claims that will be the best wife, flexible and economic. Valerie dreams of a few children, believing that a real family needs to be big.

    Personal life of Valerie Kirando shrouded in mystery. The name of the chosen artist, journalists don’t know. She only voiced demands to which he must answer: is a sense of humor, generosity and kindness.


    • «Streets of the broken lanterns»
    • «Witness protection»
    • «Highway patrol»
    • «The inquirer»
    • «Live first»
    • «Pregnancy test»
    • «Battalion»
    • «Shaman»
    • «All this Jam»
    • «Family album»
    • «The secret city»


    Valeria Kirando

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