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  • Name: Valeria Hodos ( Hodos Valeriya )
  • Date of birth: 19 November 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Growth: 166
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Valeria Khodos: biography

    It is called the «dove of the Ukrainian stage» because she brilliantly played the role Colomby in the play «Dove». Young, fragile, charming, Valeria Khodos full of creative plans.

    The future actress was born 19 November 1986 in Kiev. Childhood and teenage memories of Valerie-related performances on stage. How many remembers, she sang in the choir, was involved in the drama club, graduated from music school, piano class. And now, when he has free time, she sits behind the instrument.

    Actress Valeria decided to be in the 10th grade, when he watched a performance «Master and Margarita» in the Theater. I. Franko. The girl was so impressed by the atmosphere on stage and in the audience, professionalism and sensuality of the actors that desire to be behind the scenes was insurmountable. Valeria recalls that at that moment realized her place near them, on stage and in the dressing room.

    After school, she filed papers in the Kiev University of theater, film and entered the first time. Prepare for creative tours Valeria helped the actress Lidiya Yaremchuk. In 2009, Valeria Khodos graduated from University and came to work at the Young theatre in Kyiv.


    To third year University students were forbidden to act, and indeed Valeria Khodos thought about the movie – her thoughts were occupied theatre. But once the group looked to the assistant Director, to photograph students for the base film. Valeria didn’t want to be photographed, but the Frame… it all made the background were the gray wall near the buffet. She Hodos in the photo was without makeup, without hair, in jeans – in a casual manner. This the went talent agencies – soon she was invited to appear in the episode of the painting «Mystery «St. Patrick»». She needed to get into the beautiful dress in front of the camera, which she did very technically. In this episode Valerie paid a decent fee – $ 100.

    Then there were other small roles: Marina Sunshine in «gravity», Oksana in the picture «Completely different life». In 2013, Valeria Khodos starred in the crime series «the Trap» was her first big movie role. Two years later, her portfolio have increased thoroughly. She starred in the television series «Yefrosinya», «Frivolous woman» melodrama «Enemy number one» and «Bad neighbor». In the film «Bad neighbor» she worked with Anastasia Zadorozhnaya. The audience the game is Valeria Khodos liked and remembered.

    In the spring of 2015, the actress started acting in the Ukrainian series «Clan of jewelers». But her biggest project of the Ukrainian – 100-serial film «the promise», which Hodos plays a major role. «Do not promise» Valery plays a girl with a complex destiny, who spent 15 years in prison. The actress says that such a tragic role she use to play it was not necessary, therefore, before the shooting, and during which she reviewed films and the Chronicles of women in prison, constantly consulted with the Director to accurately convey the feelings of the heroine on the screen.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Valeria Khodos says. The actress lives in Kiev, working in the theater, teaches at the Institute of culture.

    When it does not understand or want to hear her screaming. But this happens rarely. Problems and difficulties Valeria used to overcome itself, because he does not like to complain. And for support it goes to loved ones. Valeria Khodos said that she was happy because her family healthy and live without problems. She’s working hard.


    • «Gossamer Indian summer»
    • «Cuckoo»
    • «To Paris!»
    • «Enemy number one»
    • «Euphrosyne»
    • «A lover for Lucy»
    • «Bad neighbor»
    • «Frivolous woman»
    • «Female doctor-2»
    • «My new life»
    • «Completely different life»


    Valeria Khodos in the film

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