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photograph of Valeriya Gai Germanika

  • Name: Valeria Gai Germanika ( Valeriya Gai Alexandrovna Germanika )
  • Date of birth: 1 March 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: film Director, actress, screenwriter
  • Marital status: Married Vadim Lyubushkin

    Valeria Gai Germanicus: biography

    She was born Valeria Gai Germanika in the family of journalist Igor Dudinka. For mother it was a second marriage and adopted her husband’s name being Natalia Casanovas, before it was Lazarus. The husband abandoned the family when the child was a year old. Father did not consider it necessary to support his ex-wife and daughter financially, and then rejected all attempts to Natalia to be reminded of his responsibilities.

    The predicament of women saved the mother. She studied at the Lyceum, where mathematics was compensated for playing the violin and studying the Bible. In her free time Valeria «hanging out» with the courtyard kids and took part in a girls band.

    At the end of 11 classes of Valeria Gai Germanicus decided to study in the school of cinema and TV «Internews». A teacher-mentor was the Director, Marina Razbezhkina. Upon receipt of the passport nee

  • Valeria Igorevna Dudinskaya officially changed his name to
  • Valeriya Gai Alexandrovna Germanika. Middle name borrowed from his stepfather, because I did not want to hear the biological father.

    The name of a beloved granddaughter has chosen her grandmother, who was a fan of the novel «Spartacus» by Raffaello, Giovagnoli. The entry in a passport made in new name, the origin of which wore historical. Germanicus was named after the wife of Roman Emperor Lucius Cornelius sulla. Since then, the biography of Valeria Gai Germanicus has undergone significant changes, both in work and in personal life.

    Valeria Gai germanica: career

    Girl neformalka became a Director in 18 years. First otput in kinoindustrii as kinorejissera presented documentary films –

  • The «sisters». Germanicus wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that the practical skills of an operator received in a porn Studio. The second short film was the scenario
  • «Girls,» which later was included in the list of the program of «Kinotavr», and also showed at Cannes in the 59th festival of the «Day of Russia». Not less extensive success crowned following the work of Germanicus
  • «The birthday of the Infanta».

    Another award won feature film

  • «All will die, and I will remain.» The film was presented in Cannes in 2008 in the framework of the contest «Golden camera», for which he was awarded the «Mention Speciale». In 2008 took place among the jury at the competition «Cinema without a film». A year later recorded the song together for
  • «Quality & Li$terman», which complements the album «Expensive!».

    Valeria Gai Germanika «School»

    2010 in the career of Valeria Gai Germanicus productively reflected in the 69-minute serial film

  • «School». Resonance the story has caused outrage representatives of educational sectors and political forces. The series tried to ban, but the higher management has agreed to continue filming. About the painting, arguing and fighting. The plot of the film stunned by its impartiality and members of the clergy. Opinion of the clergy was this: «the Film promotes moral decay young generation.» Teachers also massively Germanicus blamed for the distortion of reality and discredit their profession. What caused this emotional outburst?

    Drama the film’s plot tells the story of several months of the life of troubled Teens and their relationship with teachers. The shooting took place in the capital school № 945, as its infrastructure the location was most appropriate. The role students played mostly graduates of acting schools.

    Live picture was based on the lack of scenery, musical accompaniment behind the scenes. Action unfolded according to the scenario of a moving camera without using a tripod. The film is based on human relationships, and dialogue occurs in the same convenient and familiar for students – style living spoken teenage language.

    The loudest in the work of the project Valeria Gai Germanika «School» is based on the same values that other newsreels in the filmography of Germanicus. The soil in the extraordinary creativity of the filmmaker became a troubled childhood, sometimes ugly aspects of modern youth life: difficult family relationships, lack of social protection, alcohol in the doorways and early sex. Such remedies from the cruelty of the adult environment affect the further maturing of distorted consciousness.

    After filming the famous TV series Valeria Gai Germanicus invited for the post of creative Director of MTV. Despite the development and launch of numerous projects, none of them aired. Germanicus likes to earn money to trade, but does not spend the time and get paid for it. Valeria stopped appearing at work, because they do not see its necessity in the walls of the Studio. She was asked to come and write a letter of resignation, which she did.

    In early 2012, was filmed next project Germanicus –

  • «Short course of happy life». The name Valeria was suggested another «69», citing his more captured images of the series of the project «School,» however, the producers decided otherwise and the film was called, which is now.

    After the shooting, Valeria took part in several projects of television programs. In the film

  • «Entropy» debuted as an actress under the Director Maria Saakyan. In 2014, Germanicus collaborated with the team «
  • Semantic Hallucinations» for which he wrote the song «Thought the wolf» and shot a video for it.

    Valeria Gai germanica: personal life

    In personal life, Valeria Gai Germanika enough dramatic moments. Her lover was

  • Gleb Samoilov, leader of the band «Agatha Christie», and after «The Matrixx». According to Valeria, then Hleb for her was a Prince and she believed that true love is able to solve any problems. However, there was all differently. The couple broke up. Tragedy in his personal life stimulated a strong-willed girl to action. She returned to her previous employment, proved that desperately wants to work. Unrequited love was food for the creative inspiration of cinema. Its dark and sad mood of Germanicus reflected in a feature film «Short course happy life».

    His daughter Octavia Germanicus brings up without suppression character. The words «do so» for the little Princess does not exist, the grandmother and the mother would prefer to explain and show the girl in various situations.

    July 12, 2015 in press the information appeared that the famous Director Germanicus became the wife of the star of the show «dancing with the stars»

  • Vadim Lyubushkina. The pair met in the framework of the dance project, a long time hiding their relationship. Six months after the start of Germanicus Roman Lyubushkin and got married.

    Valeria Gai germanica: filmography

    • «Sisters»
    • «Girls»
    • «The boys»
    • «The birthday of the Infanta»
    • «All will die, and I’ll stay»
    • «May 9. Personal attitude»
    • «School»
    • «Short course of happy life»
    • «May tape»
    • «Bonus»

    Valeria Gai Germanicus: photo

    Valeria Gai Germanika

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