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  • Name: Valeria ( Alla Perfilova )
  • Date of birth: 17 April 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Atkarsk, Saratov oblast
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: married Joseph Prigogine

    Valeria: biography

    Alla perfilova, known as the singer Valeria, born April 17, 1968 in Atkarsk. The family of the future singer was closely associated with music: his father Yuri Ivanovich was run by a local music school, and her mother Galina taught at the same school. The future star was affectionate and responsible child, she was surrounded by parental love and the many lessons that girls have a hard enough time. The education of young Alla was engaged mainly grandmother Valentina, as the wife of perfilovyh a lot of work.

    Valeriy started to sing in early childhood. In kindergarten she performed a solo song of the snow Maiden, and took part in performances of the children’s choir. At the age of five years, the young singer went to music school. Although the girl possessed all the necessary skills of the singer, she dreamed of becoming a ballerina.

    In seven years, Valeria went to school, where he graduated with a gold medal. The study subjects, particularly accurate, was it easy, what can be said about physical education, which the young star didn’t love. To obtain the gold medal she even joined the volleyball team and ski section.

    In 1985, after graduating from school, gold medalist Valeria went to conquer Moscow. The girl wanted to enroll in the Academy of music Gnesin, where the contest was about a hundred people in the place. Future star not only successfully received FRAMES in them. Music but got on a course to Iosif Kobzon. Valery graduated from the University in 1990. From 1996 to 1998, he lectured at his music Academy. Gnesin.


    In Atkarsk, Valery got a job in the Saratov Philharmonic. Together with the Director of the ensemble «Impulse» Leonid Yaroshevsky, where she was a soloist, she has toured with his first program for the towns and villages of the Saratov region.

    The first serious competition to Valeria was the festival «Jurmala-87». There, the singer went with high hopes, but was expecting a complete failure. Jazz composition performer’s absolutely not interested in jury, and she was not even in the second round of the competition. If the young Valeria has not supported Iosif Kobzon, who knows how it would have turned her further musical career, so severe was the disappointment.

    In 1988, Valery first appeared on television in the musical show talents «Wider circle» a girl sang the song «Be with me». Then perfilova opted for the stage name Valeria.

    In the fourth year of the Institute Valeria met the talented and promising producer Alexander Shulgin, who at that time was looking for a soloist for your project. Shulgin had planned to record an English album which would bring the singer from the foreign market. In 1992 he released the album «The Taiga Simphony», which, however, remained undetected and the special popularity did not use.

    In 1995, the singer released the first single «My Moscow» from her second album «Anna». With the popularity of the song grew and the popularity of the singer. Her second single «Plane» instantly became a hit and majority leader of the charts, winning a prize at the festival «song of the year». In the same year released the album «Anna», was finally approved for Valeria status of Russian pop stars.

    Until 2001, Valeriya has released four albums. In 2001, the singer said that leaves the stage and says goodbye to music career. Valeria was forced to retire from show business for two long years because of disagreements and scandals with her second husband and producer Alexander Shulgin.

    In 2003, after the termination of the contract with Shulgin, Valeria started a joint project with producer Iosif Prigozhin and his company «Noks music». The cooperation has led to the emergence of eighth Studio album «Country love.» Disc has enjoyed immense popularity among listeners, has received several awards, and the songs from the album for a long time kept in the top positions of all the Russian charts. In 2005, Valeria became the Honored artist of Russia.

    In 2007, the actress said that coming to the Western market. In may of the following year, the singer released the second of her career album, «Out of control». In creating the album was attended by many famous figures of the foreign show business, and its creation has been spent over three million dollars. The singer appeared on the cover of the prestigious foreign publications «Billboard». During the following years, Valeria has actively participated in international festivals and gave concerts abroad.

    However, this Valeria plans for the conquest of foreign music market is over. The singer returned to recording an album in Russian, releasing four records in three years, one of which was a collection of the best hits of the singer and the second is a collection of covers of famous Russian romances.

    In 2015, out 16th album titled «This time love». In 2016 the album «Oceans», which Valeria is extremely honest with his audience, because he is about the most important thing in life is about the relationship between men and women, mother and child.

    In addition to the scene, Valeria is also engaged in social activities. She was appointed goodwill Ambassador of IOM in 2008. Valeria regularly included in the jury of «New wave» in Jurmala.

    Not spared the singer and the events in Ukraine. Valeria in support of the annexation of Crimea to Russia and criticism of the policy of the government of Ukraine in 2014 fell in the black list of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Latvia. Along with her list, » were Iosif Kobzon, Oleg Gazmanov, Mikhail Porechenkov and Ivan Okhlobystin. In 2015 Valeria included in the list of cultural figures that endanger the national security of Ukraine.

    Personal life

    With her first husband Leonid Yaroshevsky, pianist and Director of the ensemble «Impulse», Valeria studied in his youth in Saratov. It Yaroshevsky talked to the young Valeria to enroll in a music University, the future pop star initially planned to become a teacher. When the girl turned 18, they got married. Their marriage has cracked, when Valeria met with Alexander Shulgin.

    In 1993, Alexander made Valerie an offer. By the time the couple had a daughter Anna. A year later the couple had a son Artem, and in 1998 was born the third child Arseny. Shulgin has put a lot of effort to make Valerie star: she was signed up for the best music studios, participated in various talent shows, starred in music videos, her songs airplay on radio and TV.

    However, life with Alexander was a dark side. Husband of Valeria had a short temper are not alien to him was assault. He completely controlled the income of the wife. However, singer continued to believe that her husband will change and all the forces trying to keep the family together. Valery Shulgin even offered to get married in a Church wedding turned into another scandal, which became for the artist the last straw. Having raised some money, she took three children and went back to the apartment her parents, simultaneously starting the divorce process. In mid-February 2002 Valery was again free. My life with Alexander Shulgin, the singer described in his autobiography «life, tears and love», 2006 edition.

    With her third husband Joseph Prigogine Valeria met in 1991, speaking at the contest «Morning star». Then, the famous producer could not even think what will bind your fate with this girl. However, after meeting with Valeria, 12 years later, he fell in love with her at first sight. The first time the singer is pretty cool to his new producer, so I vowed not to start again from the office. But the sincerity of Joseph melted the heart of pop stars, and already in 2004, the lovers were married. Now Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin live in perfect harmony, the third wife of the star have established an excellent relationship with her children.


    • The Taiga Symphony
    • Stay with Me («Stay with me»)
    • Anna
    • Name. Part1
    • The first Internet album
    • Eyes the color of the sky
    • The country of love
    • My tenderness
    • Uncontrolled / Out of Control
    • In me my love
    • Serpentine
    • This is a time of love
    • The ocean



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