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  • Name: Valery Ryzhakov ( Valeriy Ryzhakov )
  • Date of birth: 23 December 1945.
  • Age: 70 years
  • Date of death: December 31, 2015.
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, publisher, Ministers of the Church
  • Marital status: married

    Valeri Ryzhakov: biography

    Valeri Ryzhakov – Soviet film actor, is very popular with the viewer in 70-90 years. He began his career as a teenager, but the huge success came to Ryzhakova after he played a major role in the social drama «Yurkino dawn». Long considered Valery actor that defines the image of a positive hero in the Soviet cinema.

    He was born and raised in Moscow. Got the boy a hard postwar childhood, which was not so much fun. But when Valery was 14 years old he first got on the set. And then the movie was Ryzhakova a hobby, an outlet, and profession.

    After school the young man enters the all-Union state Institute of cinematography. Gained the course of the great Maestro Mikhail Romm, but soon after Ryzhakov began to study acting workshop, its leader was Vladimir Belokurov. By the way, in one workshop with Valery Ryzhakov studied such future stars as Ekaterina Vasilieva and Valentina Telichkina.

    After graduation, the young actor continued his successful film career and has released a couple of years on the stage of the Central theater of the Soviet Army. Later he became a actor at the Gorky film Studio, where he was in demand not only as an actor but also as a specialist in dubbing and scoring of the Baltic and Caucasian actors.


    Valeri Ryzhakov starred in the children’s film «the Tale of fiery years» and «my Friend, Kolka!», but in the film, «Mishka, Serega and I,» the guy got the main role.

    After the Institute Ryzhakov has appeared in many new Soviet cinema. His most important work was the sports drama «Coach», military-adventure film «young Northern fleet,» the detective story «the Casket of Maria Medici» and social drama «the Taste of bread.» But the glory of the all-Union Valery Ryzhakov acquired after the release story about everyday life and problems of rural youth «Yurkino dawn».

    Until the collapse of the Soviet Union, the actor was very popular. Of the following projects is called production pattern «Ahead of the ocean», criminal drama «Dune» and the film about the great Patriotic war «Before the dawn». The last work of the artist was a small episode in the melodrama «Moscow love», released in 1991.

    But this does not mean, that he instantly forgot about Valeriy Rysakove. On the contrary, it is constantly called back to the Studio. And Boris Tokarev in 2000 specifically for him has developed a movie script «don’t leave me, love», but Valery refused due to personal circumstances which have completely changed his perception of life.

    Personal life

    It is known that Valery Ryzhakov was married three times. But if family life with the first two spouses is not particularly formed, then a third, whose name was Valentina, actor, lived 38 years, until his death. They met at the Studio «Mosfilm», where a young woman came to work as a makeup artist. Ryzhakov began to care for the girl, and their romance turned into a long and lasting relationship.

    In the early 90-ies, when Valery decided to stop his acting career, he along with a group of friends organized their own publishing. In addition, the artist was the initiator of creation of the Russian screen actors Guild, whose main task was to help colleagues who were left without a livelihood. The first thing that made Ryzhakov in this organization – founded is now a very famous film festival «Constellation».

    And the publishing house, and the screen actors Guild has been very successful enterprises. But Valeria Ryzhakova became more and more drawn to God. He had previously thought about becoming a monk, but life circumstances did not allow him to implement his desire. The reason the three official marriage, which is unacceptable by the monastic concepts. And then the husband began to work as a carpenter at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Troitse-Golenishchevo. Later it became a sacristan and chorister. Gradually Ryzhakov completely away from worldly Affairs and rarely went out from the Church wall. His interest in religion was shared by his wife Valentina.


    The last time the former star of the screen chased heart disease. At the end of 2015, he was even made necessary a surgical operation, after which the old man felt a little better. He managed to celebrate the 70th anniversary, but shortly before new year midnight December 31, 2015 Valery Ryzhakov suddenly died.

    Death was instantaneous, and, as it turned out, the cause was detached thrombus. The funeral took place four days later on Vostryakovskiy cemetery in Moscow.


    • 1961 — Mishka, Serega and I
    • 1967 — Autumn etude
    • 1969 — Coach
    • 1974 — Yurkino sunrise
    • 1979 — the Taste of bread
    • 1980 — The Casket Of Maria Medici
    • 1983 — Ahead of the ocean
    • 1986 — Dossier person «Mercedes»
    • 1989 — Dune
    • 1989 — Before the dawn


    Valeri Ryzhakov

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