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  • Name: Valentina Telichkina ( Valentina Telechkina )
  • Date of birth: 10 January 1945
  • Age: 72 years
  • Place of birth: page Red, Nizhny Novgorod oblast
  • Activities: actress of theater and cinema artist, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Valentina Telichkina: biography

    Valentina Telichkina – prominent Soviet and Russian actress, best known for his roles in the comedies «can’t be!» and «Zigzag of luck» and TV series «Brigada» and «Big girls».

    Valentine was born in Red village, situated not far from Arzamas. She was the last, the seventh child of his parents Ivan and Tatiana Dmitrievna. None of the family Telichkina had no relation to the scene. My mother worked as a saleswoman, and her father was first famous in the whole district master of felting boots, had even registered the mark. He later worked as a mechanic and Builder. But generally the father of Valentina, a very difficult fate: twice dispossessed, the innocent spent many years in prison, he is not broke, not angry and began to curse the government, take away all.

    The girl from childhood showed others your creativity. Even in kindergarten she sang folk songs, danced, recited poems and stories, and later played guitar in a string band. Her so called relatives and friends of the artist. And if so, then Telichkina, having matriculation, rushes to Moscow and the first try turns out to be a student of the coveted Institute of Cinematography, where he studied on the same course with Ekaterina Vasilieva. After the release of Valentine becomes an actress of the Theatre-Studio of film actor, and soon becomes a star of the screen.


    In principle, in the movie, Valentina Telichkina debuted still a sophomore. Then she appeared in a small role in the film story «the taiga landing». Attention to bright and unusual actress, the audience discovered after her role serious to laughter of curlersi Wali It in production film «the Journalist», in which he played Yuri Vasiliev. The actress herself believes that this painting opened the way to the movies.

    Perhaps it is, after all, after the success of «Journalist» Telichkina offered starring roles in the melodrama «Autumn wedding», a Comedy «the Zigzag of success» and adventure film «First a girl». Then followed such films as the musical Comedy «the train stops for two minutes», children’s comic strip «secret world», a comic film «Meet me at the fountain».

    Very strange in a satirical Comedy film by Leonid Gaidai «it can Not be!» Valentine beat the large character Catherine, hiding their offspring from the groom, played by Leonid Kuravlyov.

    You can not go past and its images of teachers in the melodrama «the Portrait of artist’s wife» and musical film «was not was». And in the Comedy «Where is nofelet?» with Mr. Alexandr Pankratov-Cherny and Vladimir Menshov Telichkina plays a girl from the bus, which is secretly in love with the main character, but did not dare to approach.

    The actress says very good picture of the drama about the fate of women in the war and postwar generations, the forget-me-nots. Interestingly, the heroine Valentina always looked like he was dressed in the Western fashion designers. Because of this it during the Soviet era was considered a «style icon».

    For a very long time, the actress flatly refused to participate in the series. Changed her attitude a woman after he read the script crime Saga «Brigade». Then she agreed to play mother Sasha White and work with a new generation of stars Sergey Bezrukov, Dmitry duuuum, Ekaterina Guseva and many others.

    Then the actress participated in the sitcom «Big girls» played the mother of the great poet in the TV series «Yesenin», helped to create the romantic Comedy «Love is not a potato» and «Aunt». Today is the last work of 71-year-old Valentina is the Thriller «Alien».

    Personal life

    Actress Valentina Telichkina was married quite late in 1978 year. Her lover was the architect Vladimir Gudkov, whom she is still living in peace and harmony. And a year after their wedding, when the woman was already 35 years old, Valentina and Vladimir had a son, Ivan. The guy didn’t follow the footsteps of their parents, and ended one of the most prestigious universities in the country, the University, and now works as a lawyer in «Gazprom».

    In the 90-ies, when the level of Russian cinema has fallen dramatically, Telichkina refused many offers, because they do not want to participate in the base project. Due to the departure of his beloved profession, she became depressed. The doctors tried to help a famous actress, but found out her teenage son. He bought brushes and paints and said paint.

    Valentine did not expect that this hobby not only takes her from her unstable psychological state, but will be her second. First Telichkina painted Khokhloma all the furniture in the house, and then started to paint. Now the actress is the artist exhibits his works in various museums, galleries and exhibitions of fine art. The main part of the paintings on religious themes.


    • 1968 the Zigzag of success
    • 1972 — the train stops for two minutes
    • 1975 — can’t be!
    • 1976 — I’ll Meet you at the fountain
    • 1979 — the First single
    • 1981 — Portrait of the artist’s wife
    • 1986 — was not was
    • 1998 — classic
    • 2002 — the Brigade
    • 2006 — Big girls
    • 2013 — Aunt


    Valentina Telichkina

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