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  • Name: Valentina Talyzina ( Valentina Talyzina )
  • Date of birth: 22 January 1935
  • Age: 82 years
  • Place of birth: Omsk
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Valentina Talyzina: biography

    Valentina Illarionovna Talyzina was born in Omsk on January 22, 1935. But soon after her birth the family moved to a small Belarusian town of Borovichi that in the West the border with Poland. Here Valentina Talyzina and met the war. She still remembers the first bombing destroyed a kindergarten and railway station. It has proved particularly difficult Trifonovna Anastasia Talyzina, Valentina’s mother, because of the year before the great Patriotic War, her husband left her and left her for another woman.

    Post-war school years, Valentina Talyzina was also difficult. Poverty and deprivation – all of this has been through family. But the main thing – head over now was peaceful sky, and then life continued. And Valentine happy to be studied. Especially captured girl story. With her she was planning to link his life, enrolling after school in the history Department at one of the universities in the country. Young scholar even wrote a considerable work on the development of Russian culture.

    But life decreed otherwise, and after school Talyzina becomes a student at the agricultural University in Omsk, choosing the economy. But very soon she realized that it was not her way. To strengthen this idea of Valentina Talyzina helped drama club at the Institute. It was here that Valentina Illarionovna realized that the world and theater is her world. Therefore, the agricultural Institute was without the slightest pity abandoned after the second year.

    In 1954 Talyzina entered the Moscow GITIS.

    Valentina Talyzina: theatre

    He graduated from the theatrical Institute the aspiring actress in 1958. Immediately Valentina Talyzina took the troupe Mossovet. It was an amazing time. We can say, gold for the theater. After all, if it served such masters of the stage, as Faina Ranevskaya, Vera Maretskaya, but Barbara, Serafima Birman, and others. Valentina Talyzina received from them invaluable experience of the game.

    Sometimes relationships have not been easy. For example, Faina Georgievna with her usual directness said that aspiring actress pretty enough to be in a movie. But Talyzina, and she thought so, so I said take no offense. Later between the Actresses have developed a great relationship, and Valentina Illarionovna says Ranevskaya was for her the perfect mentor that exposed many secrets. But the main person who made an invaluable contribution to its formation as an actress Talyzina thinks of Yuri Zavadsky, chief Director of the theater.

    Valentina Talyzina movies

    Valentina Illarionovna loves the theatre, but acknowledges that popularly beloved actress made her film. His first role in a movie Talyzina played in the late ‘ 60s. Debut and meaningful for her was the adventure movie «Journey to Saturn», where the actress played Mary Sukontseva. But success has brought Comedy Eldar Ryazanov «Zigzag luck». Critics believe this work is artist a true masterpiece of kinomasterstva.

    After the «Zigzag of luck» Valentina Illarionovna was regularly getting offers from renowned Directors. In the early 70s, she starred in the Comedy film «You is Taimyr» Popov, appears in the role of teacher of chemistry in the film «Big change», plays the Secretary in «Old men-robbers», engineer at «mount Athos». But the work in the paintings of the legendary Ryazanova makes an actress famous all over the country. In the film «Irony of fate or with light steam!» Valentina Talyzina played the girlfriend of the main character and at the same time voiced by the heroine herself, played by Barbara Brylska.

    Herself as Valentina Illarionovna believes his best role is the image of Eugene in the film of Sergey Bodrov «Laymen». Now Valentina Talyzina continues to appear in a Patriotic movie. It often appears in popular series.

    Actress adore her colleagues, although they recognize that the nature of her straight what he thinks, and says. But the talent and ability to play the beauty of the soul in the outward ugliness is an indisputable fact.

    Valentina Talyzina not only plays (in her filmography more than a hundred paintings), she voiced a lot of paintings and cartoons. She is very beautiful and gentle voice that the singer is fluent in, conveying the slightest shades of complex emotions. Voice Talyzina says not only is Nadya from «Irony of fate», but also the heroine of films «Long road to dunes» , «TASS is authorized to declare» «the field of heaven», mother of Uncle Feodor from the cartoon «Three from Buttermilk».

    Valentina Talyzina: personal life

    Personal life Valentina Talyzina was not so good and successful, as a creative career. Her first husband was the artist Leonid Nepomnyashchii. The couple in 1969 came the only daughter, Xenia. But Talyzina and forgetful divorced after 12 years of marriage. The reasons are called different, but it seems that this marriage is not valued one of the spouses.

    First of Valentina Talyzina was a romance with actor Yuri Orlov. Romance began on the set. Cinematic love turned into a real. But these relationships, the actress stopped and, after weighing all the pros and cons, give preference to family. But later heard rumors that her husband was having an affair on the side. The marriage eventually broke up.

    Now Valentina Illarionovna believed that all was for the best. After all, loneliness had helped her focus on the job to achieve success in it.

    Daughter Kseniya Talyzina is also an actress. She gave mom a wonderful granddaughter Nastya that grandma loves.

    Valentina Talyzina: filmography

    • The man who doubts
    • The path to Saturn
    • You cause the Taimyr
    • Zigzag udachi
    • A big change
    • Old men-robbers
    • Athos
    • The irony of fate or With light steam!
    • Amateurs
    • Healing love

    Valentina Talyzina: photo

    Valentina Talyzina

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