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  • Name: Valentina Rubtsova ( Valentina Rubtsova )
  • Date of birth: 3 October 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Makeyevka, Ukraine
  • Growth: 158
  • Activity: Ukrainian and Russian theater and film actress, singer
  • Marital status: married to Arthur Martirosyan

    Valentina Rubtsova: biography

    The future star of TV series «Univer» and «Sashatanya» Valentina Pavlovna Rubtsova was born in October 1977 in Makeevka, Donetsk region, in a simple large family raising five children. Wali dad worked in the mine, at first mother was a teacher at the school for the deaf, and then went to work in the police Department. Art had the mother and grandfather of the girl. Grandfather worked as a chief Director in local theater performances. On the stage of the same theatre once tried force and mom Wali.

    Become a famous actress – this was the cherished dream of Valentina Rubtsova. Their first concerts,» the girl gave in her yard at the age of three. Moreover, these concerts were quite diverse: songs, skits, pantomime, acrobatics. To listen and watch this amazing girl came around the neighbors yard. Artistic child, even in kindergarten they called «Valentina Pavlovna».

    First grade Valentine visited Makeevka drama Studio. With great warmth, the actress recalls his teacher Alexander Cossack. He showed his disciples how to overcome their fears, to control himself on stage and to achieve this goal.

    Another passion of the young actress was gymnastics. Rubtsov was even able to carry out Ph. D. the norm of master of sports. In the 9th grade holidays Valentines together with my grandmother went on the «intelligence» to the capital. Moscow girl liked it. Since then, she couldn’t wait to finish school and to go to any metropolis. But fate decreed otherwise.

    The day after high school graduation Rubtsova was in a car accident. The trip to Moscow was postponed indefinitely. But talented girl, as soon as she recovered, immediately took on the work of the Donetsk regional youth theatre.

    For nearly a year, Valentine has played on this stage a lot of different roles.

    In 1996, the Scar dream came true – she entered GITIS, selecting an acting course. But the joy of revenues was overshadowed by the message of one of the teachers that the training will be paid. In a large family the necessary amount of money was not. He started looking for sponsors. The girl collected their diplomas, newspaper clippings, certificates for many years and went on to the city organizations, trying to find patrons. But wanting to help was not. Mom told me about these Malinich wandering head of the Makiyivka police Department Petro Dyachenko. He is the father of many children. Perhaps that is why he is so imbued with the problems of the girl that gave her the money out of personal savings.

    Valentina Rubtsova: «Girls»

    As a student of GITIS Scar came across the announcement that the famous producer center of Igor Matvienko’s looking for and dials the girls in the new women’s team. Valentina Rubtsova didn’t really want to go to the casting, but a friend persuaded her to keep her company.

    Not hoping for success, Valentina Rubtsova and acting on the casting, respectively: freely, rejecting fear, she sang, danced, answered questions about himself. A month later the Shaft was reported that she got into a group of «Girls,» which also began his now famous career of Irina Dubtsova.

    Igor Matvienko soon helped his ward. When Scar once again needed a lot of money to pay for the course, the producer was performed on the transfer of students to the budget Department of GITIS. This Vale had to try and pass all the exams.

    Five years of work in the group «Girls» for Valentina Scar was very happy. The small and charming «Girls» on tour with «lube» and «Simons» carefully looked after. When the band broke up Scar Vale was lucky again, again she came across an ad about the casting of actors for the new musical «12 chairs». The girl passed the difficult tests and then spent a whole year in a popular musical. Then there was the legendary musical play «Cats» in which Val spent two years.

    Valentina Rubtsova: movies

    A cinematic biography of Valentina Rubtsova, like most of her colleagues, started with episodic roles. On one of the samples, the artist became acquainted with the well-known Director Tigran Keosayan. Today, Rubtsov says Tigran Edmundovich his «godfather» in the film. He suggested that Valentina first role in the popular film «Lily of the valley silver 2».

    The real success and popularity came to Valentina Scar with her appearance in the series

  • «Univer», where she played Tanya Arkhipov. And again a happy occasion. Valentine on the birthday of his girlfriend, singer Sati Kazanova on, met with Garik Martirosyan. He offered her to try their hand in the new series. Rubtsov passed the audition, and she took on the role of Tanya Arkhipova. For many fans of the sitcom it is difficult to imagine that this role could play another actress. In the «Univer» Rubtsov portrays a reasonable and serious girl Sasha, played by actor Andrew Hagolan. Since 2006, the already popular and recognizable actress Valentina Rubtsova began to appear in television shows. First, she was invited to the program
  • «Thank God, you came!» on STS channel. Then the artist began to appear in the popular entertainment program «First channel»
  • «The big difference». In this program Rubtsou appeared in the role of Paradiski.

    Valentina Rubtsova: personal life

    Personal life Valentina Scar – the least favorite topic of conversation of the actress. Therefore, little is known about it. With her future husband Valentin brought the case. Somehow Rubtsov, the soloist of the band «Girls», was invited to the premiere of the film «From hell». In contrast to all invited representatives of the fair sex, dressed like a catwalk, Rubtsova came in a tracksuit. It’s a lot intrigued businessman

  • Artur Martirosyan. His friend, «red Ivanushka», introduced Arthur with an unusual girl. The couple began a long affair in the eighth year ended the marriage. Only in 2009, the couple formalized their relationship. In 2011, Arthur and Valentina’s daughter, Sofia. Choice actress older than his wife of 10 years. Now with a family of Valentina and Arthur’s parents live Vali, which helped the young family to raise little Sophia. On their moving from Makeyevka in Moscow, Rubtsov and Martirosyan insisted in connection with the events in Donbass.

    It is known that Valentina Rubtsova – vegetarian, she leads a healthy life, does yoga and attends the gym. Many viewers simply don’t believe that the actress is much older than her character Tanya Arkhipova.

    Valentina Rubtsova: filmography

    • Lily of the valley silver 2
    • Bachelors
    • Airport
    • Who’s the boss
    • Viola. In the world of criminal passions
    • Univer
    • Univer. New Dorm
    • Happy new year, mom!
    • I

    Valentina Rubtsova: photo

    Valentina Rubtsova

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