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  • Name: Valentina Mazunina ( Valentina Mazunina )
  • Date of birth: 19 April 1988.
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Vereshchagino, Russia
  • Growth: 158
  • Activities: presenter, actress, Director
  • Marital status: not married

    Valentina Mazunina : biography

    Valentina Mazunina was born in April 1988 in the Perm region. Childhood and teenage years, the future actress took place in the town of Vereshchagino, which is 100 kilometers from Perm.

    The family Valentina artists was not. His father is a railroad man, mother – the official city administration. In the family Masoning two daughters. Big sister Valentina chose the profession of a physician. But the younger parents noticed creative inclinations. The girl was an excellent painter and loved to attend classes in the dance Studio, where he studied folk dances.

    Love the theatre youngest daughter instilled in my mom, an avid theater. She took the time to go to Perm for the premiere of a new play. It is clear these visits were a real treat. The girl fell in love with the stage. In middle school French actress joined the drama club. May she, by nature modest and quiet, did not dare to do it, if not a friend. And asked Valya to go with her company. French actress and what is called «mired».

    When Valentina Mazunina finished school, she already knew that the alternative theatre of the University there. It is the first time I entered the Institute of culture in Perm, by selecting the acting Department. While training the girl in order not to burden the parents have time to work at the factory, the confectionery shop, where got a job as a packer.

    In 2009, the young artist took in the Perm youth theatre.


    In Theatre and began his artistic career Valentina Mazunina. The debut was the role of the Bunny in a children’s play. But soon, the artist began to trust more serious images. She played one of the main characters in the play «Evening of vaudeville».

    A turning point in the career of Perm actress was 2010. French actress auditioned for the role of Valentina in the youth series «Real boys.» After the release of the series has received great reviews and became one of the most popular projects. Valentina Mazunina was able to perfectly convey the character of his on-screen heroine is headstrong and battle girls. Young actress got a taste of real fame. In his native Perm get to know her and asked for an autograph.

    The sitcom «Real boys», shown on the channel «TNT», revealed the actress Directors. Valentina Mazunina invited to the capital. She immediately agreed, though the decision was difficult. To move to a new place, far from home, and «break away» from native theater proved difficult.

    In the capital Mazunino took to the Theater «Scene-Hammer» where he was soon involved in the play «Marriage». And she was immediately invited to appear in the new project. Because of the heavy workload on the set of Valentine had to leave the theater.

    In 2013, the audience saw a talented Permian in the well-known Comedy «Bitterly!». She played Ksenia, colorful girl brother of the groom, Lehi, who returned from places not so remote. The role of her boyfriend, Alesha was given to Alexander Palud. Their tandem proved to be extremely comical, and those two it’s hard to imagine a Comedy. The heroine of Mazunino constantly nagged seeds. As later admitted the actress, during filming she had to eat as many seeds as she had not eaten in my entire life.

    The huge success of the film spurred its creators to make a sequel. The continuation is also not without Valentina Mazunina.

    The Sequel «Kiss!-2» was released in 2014, and immediately the actress received the offer to star in the melodrama «the best day ever!». Convincing proof of the success of the young actress to consider her employment in the new projects. In 2015, French actress starred in several movies. Three of them came on screens in 2016. It’s a romance «Well, Hello, Oksana Sokolova!», youth TV series «Classmates» and the Comedy «man of the future» where the main character was given to Alexander as a number.

    The fourth project is the film «Valentine’s Day» – is in production and will be shown in the fall of 2016. Here again French actress met with some of the actors who played with her in the Comedy «Bitterly!». First of all, this is Danila Yakushev and Jan Tsapnik. But even in this tape, the role went to Anna Chipovskaya and Dmitry Nagiyev. The project promises to be a ranking, and, no doubt, will add to the popularity of the Permian.

    Personal life

    The move to Moscow was given to the actress hard. But her hand outstretched, friends, colleagues that appeared after the filming of the series «Real boys.» Is Alexei Bazanov Vladimir Selivanov. And with her best friend, actress Mary Semenovoi Valentine met in Perm, where they played together on stage.

    Personal life Valentina Mazunina until a blank page. Her career is growing rapidly, and employment in shooting a huge. But Val admits that he wants to meet the young man, the main features of which should be kindness and strong character. But if he will be a good sense of humor, it will be the ideal man in the understanding of the actress.


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    • «Real boys»
    • «A timeless tale»
    • «Ninkina love»
    • «Best day ever!»
    • «Well, Hello, Oksana Sokolova! «
    • «Classmate»
    • «Man from the future»


    Valentina Mazunina

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