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  • Name: Valentina Matviyenko ( Valentina Matviyenko )
  • Date of birth: 7 April 1949
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: page Shepetivka, Khmelnytska oblast, Ukrainian SSR
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: the Russian statesman, politician, diplomat, Chairman of the Federation Council, eks-the Governor of St. Petersburg
  • Marital status: married to Vladimir Matvienko

    Valentina Matvienko: biography

    Valentina Matvienko – known figure in the world of politics, taking an active part in the political and diplomatic activities of Russia. Since 2011 holds the position of Chairman of the Federation Council and is a member of the Supreme Council of the party «United Russia». To the Federation Council held the post of Governor and Chairman of the government of St. Petersburg and is currently the representative of the Executive bodies of the city Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The speaker of the upper house of Parliament is the most influential woman in Russia whose opinion is respected important person in the political arena of the country.

    Born Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko (nee Tutunina) 7 April 1949 in the Ukrainian village of Shepetivka, Khmelnitsky region in the family of a military veteran Ivan and costume designer Irene. The family soon moved to Cherkasy, where he spent his childhood, the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. The father of the future Governor of St. Petersburg, died when the shaft was about seven years old, causing her mother was left alone without support on the hands with three daughters, among whom Valentine was the youngest. In connection with the tragedy that occurred in the family Matvienko began to have serious financial difficulties, which became a key factor in choosing a future profession. After graduating from high school with a silver medal, Valentine, without hesitation, he enrolled in medical school to quickly learn a profession and start to earn money and help mother. After receiving a diploma in Cherkasy medical school specializing in medical assistant, future diplomat decides not to interrupt his studies and moved to Leningrad for admission to the Leningrad chemical-pharmaceutical Institute, after which receives the distribution in graduate school.

    However, at the University biography of Valentina Matvienko radically changes direction, as she begins volunteer work, and understands that medicine was not her calling. She decides to get education on the new profile and entered the Academy of social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee, after which complements their knowledge on refresher courses senior diplomatic staff at the diplomatic Academy of the MFA of the USSR.

    During this time, a statesman of Russia has passed a thorny road from an ordinary member of the Communist party to the Secretary of the Leningrad regional Committee of Komsomol. At this stage, and began a rapid and successful political career Matvienko, who through their tenacity and desire has reached great heights in the political arena of Russia.

    Valentina Matvienko: politics

    In 1986, Valentina Matviyenko, we can say entered the world of high politics and was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the city Soviet of people’s deputies of Leningrad. She was in charge of culture and education of Leningrad, and a few years later became the people’s Deputy of the USSR Supreme Soviet and Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee for the protection of family, women and children. In this field a woman and politician in one person has achieved great success that enabled her to become the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the USSR, and after disintegration of the Union and the Russian Federation in the Republic of Malta. Three years later, Valentina returned to Russia where he became head of relations with the regions at the foreign Ministry.

    In 1998, with the coming to power of former Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov of Russia, Valentina Matviyenko was appointed Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, which was maintained for 5 years. She always was engaged in social policy of the country, despite a fourfold change of leadership. Matvienko managed to stay in office under Primakov, Stepashin, Putin, and Kasyanov.

    In 2003, Matvienko received an offer to return to the North-West Federal district and just a few months was able to become Governor of the beloved city of St. Petersburg. In the same year, Valentina was introduced in the security Council of the Russian Federation.

    Valentina Matviyenko: the Governor

    By winning the gubernatorial election in 2003, Matviyenko actively undertook the restoration of the city after the crisis of the late 90-ies. In her own words, she literally force pulled out of St. Petersburg since the end of the twentieth century. However, her opponents all the achievements Matvienko during the governorship and innovations the new mayor called «outrageous.»

    View of Saint-Petersburg Matvienko has changed significantly – was demolished many old houses, where grew new buildings and shopping centers, held a major reconstruction of interchanges. For this active construction of the Governor Matvienko were subjected to a barrage of criticism over the demolition of historical buildings in favour of modern construction.

    Also, the share of the Governor fell communal collapse of 2010-2011, when in St. Petersburg there was a very severe weather situation. Then snow Valentina Ivanovna was called to bring the students and the homeless. A good cleaning of the city also was attributed to the «sins» of the mayor Matvienko criticized by many famous personalities.

    In 2006, Valentina Matvienko, submitted a letter of resignation, but Russian leader Vladimir Putin has rejected it and has re-appointed St. Petersburg Governor for a second term. In June 2011

  • the head of Bashkortostan, Of. Khamitov suggested the candidacy of Matvienko on a post of the Chairman of the Federation Council. The incumbent at the time, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev supported the candidacy of Valentina, when she filed for early resignation of the Governor at his own request, which was approved.

    Valentina Matviyenko: Federation Council Chairman

    Released early Governor of St. Petersburg after the resignation of Matvienko took

  • Georgy Poltavchenko, who, after taking office, had appointed her as the representative of St. Petersburg in the Federation Council of Russia, and just two weeks later Valentina was unanimously elected Chairperson of the Federation Council, gaining 140 votes of senators, of which only one abstained. Thus Valentina Matvienko became the first woman in the history of Russia, which became the speaker of the upper house of Parliament. The next day after the election, Valentina became a permanent member of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, and a year in the form of the amended law of Russia automatically became a member of the state Council of the Russian Federation.

    According to surveys of Russian media Valentina Matviyenko is the most influential woman in Russia, having established relationships with the main people of the country Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. Do not deny and in the Kremlin, Valentina considered influential person, who listens to the views.

    On the background of the current situation in Ukraine, Valentina Matviyenko, like many other political entity that came under the sanctions against Russia. In view of the fact that she was one of the first in the ranks of the active participants at the beginning of the Russian campaign in the Crimea, gathered an emergency meeting of the Council of the Federation and giving the law of the Russian Chapter on the deployment of troops on Ukrainian territory. Anti-Russian sanctions prohibit Matvienko entry to the territory of the EU, include the arrest of its assets and property in the United States. In America, the speaker of the Federation Council of the Russian is considered the main figure responsible for the violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

    Valentina Matvienko: personal life

    Personal life Valentina Matvienko also stable as her political career. As a student of the fifth course, LHFI, Valentina married her classmate Vladimir Matvienko, with whom until that time, living in a happy marriage. Husband Matvienko until 2000 he taught at the Military medical Academy, and after retirement was engaged in an independent construction of villas near St. Petersburg. Currently Vladimir Matvienko confined to a wheelchair and never leaves the territory of the Leningrad region, while staying at the mansion built near the railway station Gromov.

    In 1973 the family Matvienko was born my son Sergei. Parents gave his only son a good education, he has two degrees in Economics. The son of Valentina Matvienko after graduating from prestigious universities for 7 years was Vice-President of Bank «St.-Petersburg» and the largest state Bank «Vneshtorgbank». Sergey Matvienko is the owner has 28 subsidiaries, «Empire», which is engaged in development, transportation, cleaning and media market. Since 2003, the son of Matvienko repeatedly accused of illegal activities of a different nature, but official confirmation of this data was never. In 2010, her son Sergei and his wife

  • Yulia Zaytseva did Valentina Matvienko happy grandmother, giving a long-awaited granddaughter Arina. In a free government from time Valentina Matvienko likes to do housework, enjoys cooking and painting. The most influential woman in Russia despite its age is in excellent physical condition, visiting the pool and gym.

    Valentina Matvienko: photo

    Valentina Matvienko and Mikhail Boyarsky

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