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  • Name: Malyavina, Valentina ( Valentina Malyavina )
  • Date of birth: 18 June 1941
  • Age: 75 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: theater and film actress, honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Valentina Malyavina: biography

    Valentina Malyavina, Soviet theater and film actress, received the title of Honored artist of Russia in 1993. A woman with a very difficult destiny – all-Union fame after the film «Ivan’s childhood», the sea of fans, a lot of the main roles, and a few years later the court, prison and oblivion. Moreover, in the beginning of the XXI century Valentina Alexandrovna after accidental injuries completely blind and now lives in a special orphanage where almost no flow of visitors.

    Valentina Malyavina in his youth
    Valentina Malyavina in his youth

    Valentina was born in Moscow just four days before the start of the great Patriotic war. Her father was a soldier, which is the command sent to defend the homeland to the far East. Together with Malawinet went and the whole family: wife, Anastasia A. and two daughters, the eldest Tatiana and the baby Valentine. In the capital Malyavina will return at the end of 40-ies, and Val will go to study in secondary school №71.

    Valentina Malyavina in his youth
    Valentina Malyavina in his youth

    On the career of the actress Valentina literally raved about since childhood. She always had a striking appearance, deep eyes, behind which was hiding the fate of many of the future characters. So after school, the girl entered the Higher theatre school of Boris Shchukin, in the workshop of people’s artist of the USSR Boris Zahava, who viewers may remember for his role of Mikhail Kutuzov in epic of legendary Soviet Director Sergey Bondarchuk Sr. «War and peace».

    Valentina Malyavina in his youth
    Valentina Malyavina in his youth

    Diploma Actresses of theatre and cinema Malyavina received in 1962 and was immediately accepted into the troupe of one of the capital’s most prestigious theatres of a name of Lenin Komsomol. Three years later, Valentina became the Vakhtangov Theatre, where he served for 14 years. Later in her life for a while there were scenes of the theatre-Studio of film actor and commercial Moscow theatre «the Artist.» But by the mid 90-ies of the career Malvinas actually went to «no».


    The on-screen debut of a young actress began a romantic melodrama «First date». And the next job, the role of the paramedic in the military Mary the painting «Ivan’s childhood», made with Malvinas real star of the Soviet screen. Also a great success with the audience enjoyed the production drama «Morning train,» the film about the second world war «Tunnel,» a light Comedy «literature class» and the musical humorous tale «the King stag».

    Valentina Malyavina in the film
    Valentina Malyavina in the film «Ivan’s childhood» | Movie-theater

    The last of these films is notable for two facts: first, for Mrs. music takes the singer Alla Pugacheva, and secondly, the script of the film was assumed in a very different ending. But during the creation of tales between Malvinas and her husband Pavel Arsenova a huge scandal erupted, and continue shooting was not possible, so the final story has been left open.

    Valentina Malyavina in the film
    Valentina Malyavina in the movie «the King stag» | Movie-theater

    Participated in Valentine and a large military-Patriotic project of Vasily Ordynsky «Red square». Also worth noting are the movies Malvinas sports film «the Price of fast seconds», the biopic about the great Russian playwright Alexander Ostrovsky’s «My home theater» production drama «will Gain in battle» and women’s history «When the next man».

    Valentina Malyavina in the film
    Valentina Malyavina in the film «Autumn temptations» | Movie-theater

    Then due to personal tragedy Valentina almost 10 years, dropped out of the film. Only in 1988, on the screens her new work with her — melodrama «the Husband and the daughter Tamara Aleksandrovny», followed by life tape «Woman for all», which also sparkle with the talent of stars such as Larisa Udovichenko, Nikolay Karachentsov and unusual Comedy «Autumn temptations». But then again, there comes an almost ten-year break. In 2000, the actress appears in one episode of «the Editors», and this role that finally puts an end to the career Malvinas.

    Personal life

    A schoolgirl young Malyavina met with one of the most popular boys of his district — Alexander zbrueva. Future famous actor, and then the usual Arbat guy was an older girl for three years. They began Dating and Valentine was not yet 18 years old when she realized that she was pregnant. The young people decided to get married, and to inform his relatives about the incident after the fact. Held on the first marriage found out the family of Malvinas, then put in fame and Bruevich.

    Valentina Malyavina and Alexander Zbruev
    Valentina Malyavina and Alexander Zbruev | tvnz

    Information about what their children are now husband and wife, parents took relatively calm, but the news of the pregnancy of the bride was received with scandal. Valentina, who is seven months and took him to the doctor who called artificial birth. Later Valentina will assure that to the last had no idea why and where it led. Anyway, but then between her and her husband began to emerge scandals. Zbruev, who really wanted this child, could not accept the loss of his daughter.

    Valentina Malyavina and Andrei Tarkovsky
    Valentina Malyavina and Andrei Tarkovsky | news

    Coldness in the family influenced the novels Malvinas on the side. During the filming of the picture «Ivanovo the childhood» Valentine fell in love with Director Andrei Tarkovsky, for whom this film is actually a debut. The man replied to the young woman reciprocated, though it was obvious that nothing serious can come out of their Union could not: neither of the lovers was not going to leave the official partners. It is known that Tarkovsky asked Malyavin acting solely in his works, and she was not against it, but in the end, «Ivan’s childhood» remained their only collaboration.

    Valentina Malyavina and Pavel Arsenov
    Second husband Paul Arsenov | AV Production

    Still married to Alexander zbrueva, Valentina on the set of the film «the Youth» met with the Director and actor Pavel Arsenova. And if the same husband she didn’t tell the new novel I decided not to hide. Moreover, Malyavina filed for divorce, and after the decision of the court immediately released for a new lover. However, this marriage did not bring the woman happiness. Their child died in childbirth. And then in the play «hamlet» Valentina saw was popular actor Alexander Kaidanovsky. After the performance they met, and amorous woman immediately fascinated fatal handsome.

    Valentina Malyavina and Alexander Kaidanovsky
    Valentina Malyavina and Alexander Kaidanovsky

    After a joint tour Malyavina and Kaidanovsky became lovers. This relationship was known and the husband of actress, Pavel Arsenov, but he was sure that the fascination with the couple soon. Moreover, even struck up a friendship, they often met and went to each other’s homes. In fact, Paul Oganezovich was right. Passion Valentina was indeed passed, but only after six years. Her civil marriage with Alexander Kaidanovsky looked more like a landfill: they are all the time quarreling and cursing. After one of the next conflicts, the actress returned to legal husband, but only for a few days. The result was waiting for her and breakup with the actual husband, and the divorce official.

    Alexander Kaidanovsky in the film
    Alexander Kaidanovsky in the film «Children Vanyushina» | Movie-theater

    Incidentally, it Kaidanovsky introduced to Valentina Alexandrovna with a young actor Stanislav Zhdanko, which will change the entire life of the actress upside the head. For the first time she saw the young man, who was younger than her 12 years on the stage of student theater at the Shchukin school. Further communication revealed that Zhdanko long ago and utterly in love with Malyavin and even put her picture in his room over the bed. Their romance was short, tumultuous and incredibly tragic. The young man would quickly ascend to stardom, and suddenly he took the role on which he relied. Stanislav started the depression that Valentine’s husband did not want to see, so stoked surrounding problems in wine.

    Stanislav Zhdanko
    Stanislav Zhdanko | Day Online

    Eventually, another evening spent drinking alcohol, ended in tragedy. In 1978, Stanislav Zhdanko was discovered with a knife in the heart. At first, the police thought the incident a suicide. But five years later, after repeated petitions to the mother of the deceased, the matter is again raised, the investigator was fired for incompetence, and Valentina Malyavin was accused of murder. The court sentenced him to nine years in prison. But in the course of the investigation, either in the courtroom or subsequently after the Amnesty in connection with the seventieth anniversary of Soviet power, the actress did not admit his guilt and insisted on the version of suicide.


    Freed from prison, Valentina returned to work in theater and film and find love again. Following her husband was a famous blacksmith and master metal Maksim Krasnov, who created the art fence around the Tretyakov gallery. And the last husband of actress became a house painter, wood Carver Vladimir Krasnitsky. This Union was short-lived, as the man died from a knife in the back while he was walking down the street.

    Valentina Malyavina now
    Valentina Malyavina | tvnz

    The next mountain has reinforced the passion for strong drink. Valentina was frequently changed, the company often had a drink with random people we saw for the first time. One of these «friends» almost deprived her living space, trying to rewrite the property in your name. And another in 2001, during a quarrel, being in alcoholic intoxication, pushed the woman, she fell, hit her head on the floor and as a result of injuries lost his eyesight.

    Today, the once famous actress Malyavina living in house-boarding house for veterans of science, where she was able to put wealthy friends. This is no ordinary nursing home, and high comfort with excellent health and social care, but with an incredibly strict regime. There can’t get visitors without a special permit, residents have no connection with the outside world – they are not even allowed to use the phone while on a walk, they go out accompanied by staff. Moreover, like Valentina, who after the unfortunate injury and has not recovered vision, though has gone through several operations.


    • 1962 — Ivan’s childhood
    • 1963 — the Morning train
    • 1967 — where a long winter
    • 1969 — the King stag
    • 1970 — Red square
    • 1971 — the Price of fast seconds
    • 1974 — the Longitude of the day
    • 1977 — When the next man
    • 1988 — the Husband and the daughter Tamara Aleksandrovny
    • 1993 — Autumn temptations


    Valentina Malyavina

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