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  • Name: Valentina Ananyina ( Valentina Ananina )
  • Date of birth: 18 may 1933
  • Age: 83 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 162
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: widow

    Valentina Ananyina : biography

    This actress is called the master of the episode. Her face is kind and simple, familiar to millions of viewers, though Valentina Georgiyevna Ananyina not starred in any major roles.

    Valentina Ananyina was born in a simple family in Moscow, where it grew three more children. Mom was a housewife and his father worked in forestry. When the Great Patriotic war, the children with mother were evacuated to the distant Tomsk. Here 8-year-old Valentina Ananyina, along with other children helped to care for wounded soldiers. At this time, she first tried herself as an actress: the boys had organized a small Amateur performances, which were in hospitals.

    After the war Anagnina returned to the capital. Their house was next to the Novodevichy monastery and the monastery cemetery. It was known that here rested the ashes of Nadezhda Alliluyeva and a great Konstantin Stanislavski. The last caused the young Valentina Ananyina a real thrill. Because even then, she began to dream about the stage. Later, the actress shared that often sat on a bench near the grave of the famous Creator of the unique system of acting and reading found in the library of books about theater and great actors.

    At school, Valentina Ananyina took an active part in all events and Amateur productions. The girl attended a theater and dance clubs. And when I was in high school, it was learned at all stages and in most Moscow schools, where she, along with children from his theatre group staged plays.

    Despite the experience, Valentina Ananyina doubted their abilities. Acting seemed like something unattainable, intended for the elite. So the girl, after school, did in College theater, which he dreamed since childhood, and economic. But after a year, realizing that is not the way, she decided and left the Institute.

    VGIK Valentina Georgievna received on the first attempt. Took it to the course Yuri Raizman, where she studied until 1957.


    After receiving a University diploma, Valentina Ananyina entered the Theater-Studio movie actor. This theatre was actually a branch of the film Studio «Mosfilm». The show almost was not raised, and the members of the troupe was mostly shot in a movie.

    Today the assets of this wonderful actress more than 200 roles in movies. Among them the main. Valentina Georgievna believes that she was never fortunate enough to play a noticeable starring role. Her career always went very smoothly, without sharp jumps and steep drops. She had a resounding fame, but she has always been among the most sought after Actresses. And what its role can be attributed to episodic or roles of the second plan, the actress never bothered.

    Valentina Ananyina in its artistic heritage has paintings that have been included in the Golden Fund of Russian cinema. «I step through Moscow», «the cranes are Flying», «Belarusian station», «Shadows disappear at midnight», «Big change», «Carnival», «Sweet woman» is only a small part of blockbusters that looked and forever loved by many millions of viewers.

    But to accept the fact that she never got any star roles, Valentina Georgiyevna managed only in adulthood. In her youth she suffered greatly for this reason and once even thought about changing profession. But time changed his mind.

    After a short break occurred in the 1990s, the cinematic biography of Valentina Ananyina continued. This surge in demand occurred after the introduction of Valentina Georgievna in two commercials. Directors remembered her and began quite often to invite to your project. Thus, in the new century, the actress is actively removed. Since the early 2000s and today she appeared in 40 projects. The most famous of them, «always say «Always» in», «still I love», «Turkish March», «Hunter» and «Junior».

    In 2014-2015, the audience saw their favorite actress, whose face for a long time seems dear, in the series «a Year in Tuscany», «Embracing the sky», «Spring love blossoms» and «Spider».

    Personal life

    Extremely difficult to find the name of the husband of the actress. It is only known that he was the cameraman. The actress met him on the set of one of his first paintings. Personal life Valentina Ananyina was quite happy: the couple lived in complete mutual understanding and love. Their existence was marred by only one thing: no children.

    When Valentina Georgievna was a little over 40, she had a stroke. After a long and difficult period of recovery she was able to return to the set. But soon her distress: in 1979, died of a loved one. To get through this difficult period helped faith. Valentina Ananyina, lived for many years next to the Novodevichy monastery, now here is one of our most loyal parishioners.

    She works in Sunday school and gives the children a part of their soul. It helps the youngest parishioners to have faith. And together with the children preparing a variety of festivals and performances.


    • «Soldier Ivan Brovkin»
    • «Outlaws»
    • «The Belarusian railway station»
    • «I step through Moscow»
    • «The stationmaster»
    • «Carnival»
    • «The old walls»
    • The team
    • «Vangelia»
    • «A year in Tuscany»


    Valentina Ananyina

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