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  • Name: Valentin Yudashkin ( Valentin Yudashkin )
  • Date of birth: 14 October 1963.
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Bakovka
  • Activity: artist, fashion designer
  • Marital status: married to Marina Yudashkina

    Valentin Yudashkin: a biography

    Valentin Yudashkin – the honored worker of arts of the USSR, and then Russia, artist, designer, author of many fashion collections and projects.

    Close friends Valentin Yudashkin note that although it is present on almost all social events, still remains a humble person, an introvert for whom home comfort above all the pleasures of modern life.

    The future designer was born away from the bustle of the capital, his small home became a small village Bakovka, outside Moscow. Date of birth Yudashkin – 14 Oct 1963. The love of cutting, sewing and modeling clothes made itself felt in early childhood. At first, the boy spent days and nights drawing, then his passion for fine art has acquired a certain direction: Valentin began to draw the first sketches, samples of clothing. From hesitant driving with pencil and paper before the first intelligible sketches of young talent has come a long way, however, his efforts were not sufficiently appreciated by parents: they prefer that their son possessed a more «masculine» profession. But parental wisdom and respect for the choice the son made them not to interfere with the creative development of the boy.

    When the school years are left behind, Valentin Yudashkin successfully enrolled in the Moscow Industrial College, the faculty of the modeling, despite the fact that he was the only man on his specialty. A year Yudashkin was drafted into the army, but that did not stop the man, truly devoted to his calling: in the army, he was thinking about ideas and plans to create clothes that were implemented immediately after the return of the future fashion designer in the Institute. There he very successfully defended two theses — «History of costume» and «Makeup and decorative cosmetics».

    Valentin Yudashkin: fashion

    First post Valentin Yudashkin is a senior artist at the Ministry of consumer services. Labor division in the stylist, makeup artist or fashion designer didn’t exist yet, so Valentine’s duties were distributed on all three positions. Very often the young man had to work around the clock. From the very first steps in the profession of fashion designer Yudashkin became the representative of the Russian fashion industry abroad. His responsibilities included creating sketches of equipment of the Soviet Union national team in hairdressing, took part in various international competitions. The first authentic collection of designer suits for teams that participated in the contest make-up and hairdressing in Poznan (Poland).

    Display of the first own collections of Valentin Yudashkin took place in 1987. The setting for this debut became the hotel «Eaglet». It is thanks to this show, the designer is famous in the whole country, and dress which was the Central object of his work, found its place in the fashion world. 1988 was marked by Yudashkin for the opening of his own company called

  • «Vali-Moda», located not far from Soustitre. Due to this strategic location the couturier was seen by the leading figures of Parisian fashion. Twenty-five young designer received an invitation to Paris. He was amazed by the variety of textures and colors that met in the French capital. The designer was returning from this trip, being fully assured that his country may take (and will take) their place in the fashion industry of the world. In 1991, at fashion Week in Paris, Valentin Yudashkin showed his triumphant collection
  • «Faberge». The audience was delighted with dresses made in style of the world famous eggs of the goldsmith Faberge, one of the shows then outfits is now in the Louvre. Valentin Yudashkin’s first and only for all time of existence of the Russian fashion entered the Paris Syndicate of high fashion as a corresponding member, and managed to open his own fashion house. Deciding not to dwell on the issue of clothing, Yudashkin subsequently widened the range of its Moscow boutique, sunglasses, jewelry and other accessories.

    People’s artist of Russia Yudashkin was recognized in 2005. And in 2008, the designer was awarded the Medal of Honor for his great contribution to the development of the Russian fashion and Russian culture.

    Valentin Yudashkin: personal life

    To achieve success and recognition perfect Valentin Yudashkin was greatly helped by his wife

  • Marina. Even in the most difficult times she believed in the talent and creativity of her husband. Except that the girl had sacrificed for him my career hairstylist, she’s in 1990 gave him a wonderful daughter Galina. Inherited from parents creative flair, Galina became a talented photographer. Today Valentin Yudashkin has its own brand of clothing
  • Valentin Yudashkin, which produces clothing grade prêt-a-porte and haute couture, but the clothes, his work is not limited. Brand also produces jewelry and accessories. Yudashkin fashion Empire is growing rapidly, remains unchanged only the quality, which for many years distinguished by this name among others.

    Valentin Yudashkin: photo

    Valentin Yudashkin, Alessandro Dellaqua and Victoria Davydova

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