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  • Name: Valentin Rasputin ( Valentin Rasputin )
  • Date of birth: 15 March 1937
  • Age: 77 years
  • Date of death: March 14, 2015.
  • Place of birth: the village of Ust-UDA in East-Siberian region
  • Activity: outstanding Russian writer, publicist, public figure
  • Marital status: was a widower

    Valentin Rasputin: biography

    Valentin Rasputin is one of the few Russian writers, for whom Russia is not just a geographical place where he was born, and the birthplace of in high and full sense of the word. Also called the «singer of the village», the cradle and soul of Russia.

    Photo Of Valentin Rasputin | Tapuai.Gee

    The future writer was born in the depths of Siberia – the village of Ust-UDA. Here on the banks of the mighty Angara taiga, Valentin Rasputin grew up and matured. When the son was 2 years old, his parents moved to the village of Atalanta. Here, in the picturesque Angara is located the ancestral home of the father. The beauty of Siberian nature, seen through the Valentine in the first years of life, so impressed him that he became an integral part of each piece of Rasputin.

    The boy grew very clever and inquisitive. He read everything that fell into his hands: scraps of Newspapers, magazines, books that you can get at the library or in the homes of the villagers.

    Valentin Rasputin
    Photos of the writer | Tapuai.Gee

    After returning from the front of the father in family life, as it seemed, everything was good. My mother worked in a Bank, the father, the hero-soldier, became head of the post office. The trouble came from where nobody expected it. On the boat from Grigory Rasputin stole a bag with public money. Head was tried and sent to serve time in Kolyma. Three children remained in the care of the mother. For the family began a harsh, half-starved.

    Learn to Valentin Rasputin had in the village of Ust-UDA, the fifty kilometers from the village where he lived. The Atalanta was only an elementary school. In the future, the writer reflected his life this complex period in the remarkable and amazing true story «French Lessons».

    Valentin Rasputin
    At work | Tapuai.Gee

    Despite the difficulties, the guy was a good student. He received the certificate with distinction and without difficulty entered the Irkutsk University, selecting the faculty of Philology. There Rasputin was fascinated by Remarque, Hemingway and Proust. College years was a surprisingly rich and heavy. The guy tried brilliantly to not only learn, but also to help the family, mom. He worked odd jobs wherever he could. It was then that Rasputin began to write. First it was notes in the youth newspaper.


    The staff of the Irkutsk newspaper «the Soviet youth» young journalist took before graduation. Here began the creative biography of Valentin Rasputin. And let the genre of journalism is not very consistent with the classical literature, but helped to acquire the necessary life experiences and «fill the hand» in writing.

    Valentin Rasputin
    In the beginning |

    And in 1962, Valentin moved to Krasnoyarsk. His credibility and journalistic skills have grown so much that now he trusted to write on such large-scale events as the construction of the Krasnoyarsk and Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, a strategically important railway Abakan-Taishet.

    But newspaper articles are too narrow to describe experiences and events obtained in numerous trips to Siberia. So there was the story «I forgot to ask lyoshka». It was the literary debut of a young writer, though somewhat imperfectly, but surprisingly sincere and poignant in nature.

    Valentin Rasputin with colleagues
    With colleagues Vladimir Krupin and Vasily Belov |

    Soon in the anthology «Angara» began to publish the first literary essays young writer. Later, they went into the first book Rasputin «near the Edge of the sky».

    Among the first stories of the writer – «Vasily and Vasilisa», «Rudolph» and «Meeting». With these works he went to Chita for a meeting of young writers. Among the leaders there were such talented writers as Viktor Astafiev, Antonina Kopteva and Mr Chivilikhin. It was he, Vladimir Alexeyevich Civilian, and became the «godfather» of the young writer. With his light hand the story of Valentin Rasputin appeared in «Ogonyok» and «Komsomolskaya Pravda». These first works of the then little-known writer from Siberia read by millions of Soviet readers.

    Valentin Rasputin
    The singer of Russian village |

    The name Rasputin becomes recognizable. He has a lot of admirers who look forward to new creations from the Siberian nugget.

    In 1967, in a popular weekly «Literary Russia» appeared the story of Rasputin «Vasily and Vasilisa». It is an early work of prose can be called a tuning fork further creativity. Here already we see «Rasputin» style, his ability to concisely and at the same time surprisingly deep to reveal the character of the heroes. Here comes the most important part and the constant «hero» all the works of Valentin Grigorievich – nature. But the main thing in all his works, both the early and late is the strength of the Russian spirit, the Slavic character.

    Valentin Rasputin
    Photo journalist |

    In the same watershed 1967 he published the first novel of Rasputin «Money for Maria», after the publication of which he was admitted to the Union of writers. Fame and popularity came immediately. About the new talented and original author all. Extremely demanding of myself the novelist puts an end to journalism and from that moment devoted himself to writing.

    In 1970, in the popular «thick» journal «Our contemporary» came the second novel of Valentine Rasputina «the Last time», which brought him world fame and was translated into dozens of languages. Many who called this work «the hearth, near which it is possible to warm the soul.» The story of a mother, about humanity, about the nature of many phenomena that seem Central to the life of the modern urban man. About the origins that you want to return, not to lose the human essence.

    Valentin Rasputin
    Talented author |

    6 years later came the fundamental story, which many consider the hallmark of the writer. This piece «Farewell to Matyora». It tells of a village that is soon to be flooded with water due to the construction of a large hydroelectric power station. Rasputin tells of the poignant grief and overwhelming anguish experienced by indigenous people, the elderly, leaving the earth and the old village, where a familiar and painfully familiar, every bump, every beam in the house. There is no charge, laments and angry calls. Just a quiet bitterness of people who wanted to live out their lives there, where they buried the umbilical cord.

    Colleagues of the writer and the readers find in the works of Valentin Rasputin a continuation of the best traditions of the Russian classics. Of all the works of the writer can say in one phrase of the poet: «Here Russian spirit, here Russ smells.» The main phenomena that he denounces with all the power and uncompromising – this is a departure from the roots of «Ivanov, not remembering relationship».

    Valentin Rasputin
    On lake Baikal with foreign writers |

    Landmark appeared to the writer in 1977. For the story «Live and remember» was awarded the State prize of the USSR. This work is about humanity and the tragedy that brought the country the Great Patriotic war. About broken lives and the power of the Russian character, about love and suffering.

    Valentin Rasputin spoke about things that many of his colleagues tried carefully to avoid. For example, the main character of the novel «Live and remember» Anastasia, like all Soviet women spent beloved husband to the front. After the third wound he barely survived. To survive it survived, but broke down and deserted, knowing that the end of the war he is unlikely to survive, if again fall to the front. Turned drama, masterfully described Rasputin, is impressive. The writer makes us think that life is not black and white, it has millions of shades.

    Valentin Rasputin
    The film «Live and remember» |

    The years of perestroika and the hard times Valentin is going through extremely hard. He is alien to the new «liberal values», which lead to the rupture of the roots and the destruction of all that is so dear to his heart. About his story «In the hospital» and «Fire». «Walking in power», like Rasputin, calls his election to Parliament, and Presidential Council under Mikhail Gorbachev, he said, «nothing is over» was useless. After the election to listen to him, no one thought.

    Valentin Rasputin spent a lot of time and effort to protect the lake, fought against the hated liberals. In the summer of 2010 he was elected a member of the Patriarchal Council for culture of the Russian Orthodox Church. And in 2012, Valentin advocated criminal prosecution of feminists Pussy Riot and sharply speaks of colleagues and artists who supported the «dirty ritual crimes».

    Valentin Rasputin and Vladimir Putin
    Writer and President |

    In the spring of 2014 the famous writer put his signature under the appeal of the Union of writers of Russia, addressed to the President and the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, expressing support for Russia’s actions against Crimea and Ukraine.

    Personal life

    For decades next to the Master was true to his Muse – wife Svetlana. She is the daughter of writer Ivan Molchanov-Sibirsky, was the companion and associate of his talented husband. Private life of Valentin Rasputin with this wonderful woman he had a happy.

    Rasputin with his wife and daughter
    The writer with his wife and daughter

    This happiness lasted until the summer of 2006, when the crash of the Airbus in Irkutsk airport killed their daughter Maria, the teacher of the Moscow Conservatory, musicologist and a talented organist. The couple had gone through this grief, which could not affect their health.

    Svetlana Rasputin died in 2012. From this moment, the writer maintained in the light of the son and granddaughter of Antonina.


    Valentin survived the wife of only 3 years. A few days before his death, he was in a coma. Did not writer March 14, 2015. Moscow time, he did not live to 78th birthday 4 hours. But at the time, the place where he was born, death came on the day of his birth, in Siberia and consider this a day of the death of the great countryman.

    The Funeral Valentin Rasputin
    Farewell to the great countryman |

    Buried writer on the territory of Irkutsk Znamensky monastery. To say goodbye to him came more than 15 thousand countrymen. On the eve of the funeral Valentin Rasputin in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was made by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.


    Valentin Rasputin

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