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  • Name: Valentin Gaft ( Valentin Gaft )
  • Date of birth: 2 September 1935
  • Age: 81 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 187
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married to Olga Ostroumova

    Valentin Gaft biography

    Valentin Gaft was born in Moscow in September 1935. His parents Joseph Ruvimovich and Gita Davydovna the GAFTA were immigrants from Ukraine. His father worked as a lawyer, mother was a housewife. In 1941, Iosif Gaft went to war. 6-year-old son is forever etched in the memory of seeing his father on the front. Luckily, dad returned from the war alive.

    Housing a family of GAFTA was located on the famous city street Matrosskaya Tishina. Next peacefully coexisted market, prison and student dormitory. Valentin I. later joked: «the Whole world in miniature.» However, these streets were surprisingly happy childhood of the future artist.

    Gaft became fascinated with theatre very early. The first time he got to play in the 4th grade. It was the production of «Special assignment». 10-year-old Valentin Gaft was shocked by what he saw. He at first did not understand that playing on the stage. Only later, participating in the school performances, he realized what the craft of acting. The theater and its special world so captivated young Gaft that in high school he was already clearly aware of who will be in adult life.

    Valentin I. very carefully prepared for entrance examinations in theatrical Institute. But highly doubted his acting abilities. Helped the guy to overcome indecision famous actor Sergei Stolyarov. Gaft met the artist walks in the Park «Sokolniki». Levies shyness, Valentin Gaft went to your favorite artists and asked to listen to him. Stolyarov was surprised by the request, but refused. It was his advice helped the young man prepare for exams and deal with the first attempt. However, in Schukinskaya Gaft has not got: has not passed the second round. But in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre accepted it immediately. Parents learned about the arrival of his son only when he was enrolled in drama school.

    In 1957 Valentin Gaft graduated from the Studio school, getting the basics of acting on the course Toporkova. Studied Igor Kvasha, Oleg Tabakov, Mikhail Kozakov and other future masters of the national cinema.


    After graduation, Valentin Gaft immediately got to work in the theatre. Helped him Dmitry Zhuravlev, the famous Soviet actor and winner of the Stalin prize. Aspiring Artist took to the Theatre of Lensovet. But here Gaft lasted only a year. The proposed roles were so minor that Valentin Iosifovich realized that it was necessary to look for a place where he can develop acting skills and not to languish behind the scenes.

    And again the young actor helped. This time the actor Erast Garin invited Gaft to try your hand at the satire Theatre. But here the artist did not stay long. Only a few years Valentin I. will be back on the scene to disrupt the applause of the audience with her stellar role of count Almaviva in the play «Crazy day or the Marriage of Figaro». Search for «their» theater continued.

    A few years Valentin Gaft played at the theater on Malaya Bronnaya. Some time the actor worked in the theatre Andrei Goncharov at Spartak.

    The first success and real happiness from the work of Valentin Gaft felt in 1964 when he was admitted to the theatre named after Lenin Komsomol (now-Lenkom), which was directed by Anatoly Efros. It was here that he felt that such creativity and inspiration. For the first time the young actor learned the excitement and the joy of the artist, when his game is followed with applause. At this stage, but acted 5 years.

    In 1969, Valentin I. moved to the «Contemporary», where he was invited by Oleg Yefremov. Here Gaft finally felt like I was back home. At this stage they are going to play the best role of the artist. Here he played in productions of «From the notes Lopatin», «Balalajkin K» , «Hasten to do good» and «Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?». Collaboration with the theater Director Galina Volchek has been very fruitful and long. Valentin Iosifovich Gaft and today is a leading actor of the Sovremennik.


    A cinematic biography of Valentina Gaft developed gradually. Success did not come immediately. By the end of the 1960s, the actor was offered a minor role and expressionless, episodes. The debut took place in 1956 in the film «Murder on Dante street». Here Gaft flashed in a tiny episode. Apparently, the appearance of the actor did not fit the image of a Soviet character. For a long time his name was on the role of all kinds of villains and negative characters.

    That all changed in the 1970s. Valentin Iosifovich began to offer the first bright role. In the film «the Night of April 14», he played Stuart, and in 1975 Lopatin in the television play «From Lopatin’s notes».

    Success, a huge and unconditional, came to Valentin Gaft after working with legendary film Director Eldar Ryazanov. Moreover, GAFTA called one of favorite artists Ryazanov, whom he regularly invited to play in his films. The films included in the Golden Fund of Russian cinema. Accordingly, all the actors that played in these films, became stars of the first magnitude.

    In 1979, the screens out Comedy Ryazanov’s «Garage». In this movie Valentin Gaft played the Chairman garazhno-building cooperative Sidorkin, whose phrase soon become aphorisms. Next year comes riasanovsky vaudeville «About the poor hussar say a word», where Valentin I. plays Colonel Pokrovsky. In 1987 a remarkable melodrama-a Comedy «the Forgotten melody for flute» where Gaft brilliantly portrayed the official Odincova. In the early 1990s, viewers saw Valentina I. President of the homeless intellectuals in the film-parable «the promised Heaven». And at the end of the 1990s, the actor played General in tragicomedy Ryazanov’s «Old broads».

    But not only the creations of the great Eldar Ryazanov glorified Valentin Gaft. It has other remembered by the audience the perfect role. He played the lackey Brassica Titov in the Comedy «Hello, I your aunt!». Many generations of Russian viewers today enjoy watching wonderful Christmas movie «Magicians» where Gaft appeared in the form of Apollon Mitrofanovich Salanueva. Another Christmas tale – «the Orphan Kazan» Vladimir Mashkov, where Valentin Iosifovich is one of the most touching «dad» Nasty, honored magician. Tragic role went to actor in the film by Peter Todorovsky «Encore, more encore!», where he played Colonel Vinogradov.

    And Valentin Gaft known for its talented and sharp epigrams. So, one day he devoted to row Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Much less on the ground of Armenians Than the film, where he played Dzhigarkhanyan». And Leah Akhedzhakova: «Always playing the same Actress Leah Akhedzhakova.»

    Personal life

    Valentin Gaft was married three times. His first wife was a model and actress Elena Izergina. This marriage ended quickly. Second wife – ballerina Inna Eliseeva gave Valentin I. his only daughter Olga. She died tragically, committed suicide in 2002. Gaft experienced this tragedy very long and hard. To emerge from a prolonged depression helped the artist his third wife, actress Olga Ostroumova.

    For the first time Gaft met Ostroumova on the set rjazanovskoe Comedy «Garage». But the novel began much later in 1996. Under the influence of Olga Ostroumova Gaft accepted Orthodox baptism. Son Ostroumova Mike Valentin I. was raised to the age of 10, becoming a boy nearly his own father.


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    • «About the poor hussar say a word»
    • «Magicians»
    • «Visit to the Minotaur»
    • «Forgotten melody for flute»
    • «Encore, another Encore!»
    • «Promised heaven»
    • «These old broads»
    • «Beyond the wolves»
    • «Carnival night 2»
    • «The orphan Kazan»


    Valentin Gaft

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