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  • Name: Valdis Pelsh ( Valdis Pelsh )
  • Date of birth: 5 June 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Riga
  • Growth: 183
  • Activity: the Russian musician, entertainer, actor, television presenter, and Director of the children’s entertainment First channel
  • Marital status: Married

    Valdis Pelsh: biography

    Valdis Aganovich (E.) Pelsh – Riga. He was born in June 1967 in the family of the journalist, a presenter on Latvian state radio Eugenia PEL’she and engineer Ella Pelsh. In their family were talking in two languages – Latvian and Russian.

    After his parents divorced, the mother of Valdis PEL’she married a second time. To this marriage were born a son, Alexander and daughter Sabina. Alexander currently works as a cameraman and cooperates with Valdis, and Sabina moved to the US and has American citizenship.

    From a young age, Valdis Pelsh has demonstrated good language skills. In Riga, he graduated from the school, where studied French. In the same 1983 Pelsh became a student of Moscow state University, where he chose the faculty of philosophy.


    Enrolling in the University, Valdis Pelsh immediately actively involved in the life of the University. He visited student theater MSU, where he met Alexei kortneva. However, young people have created a musical group «Accident».

    As for the theatre, for the stage Pelsh and Kourtney were all College years. Valdis played in performances even after graduation.

    In addition to theatre Valdis Pelsh in student’s years was fond of game of KVN. It took varsity. The players have got to the Highest League of KVN, and their performances have been broadcast on TV.


    But the main occupation of Valdis at the University is getting involved in the team «Accident». Here Pelsh not only sings and plays, but is also responsible for the lyrics. Active participation of the Baltic musician in the orchestra’s life continues until 1997. Then Valdis takes a sabbatical and is involved only in the most important concerts.

    In 2003 Pelsh came back to work in the group for the period of record of the jubilee album, released in the same year called «Last days in Paradise.» After 3 years a new album «Prime numbers», and Valdis again appeared with the ensemble in a concert where the band presented out disk.

    In 2008 an «Accident» gave several concerts to his 25-year anniversary. Last time in a group of musician came in 2010, when the band presented the album «the Tunnel in end of the world».


    After graduating from University, Valdis got a job in the research Institute of the Academy of Sciences. After working there for a year, he realized that it was not his way. Since 1987 biography’she connected with the TV.

    He first appeared on screens as the player of KVN. He soon becomes the Director of the project «wow!». But after two episodes of the project was closed with the formulation «for the distortion of the image of the First channel». The next few projects’she was not allowed to live, considering them a failure.

    It was just tough luck and his producer beginnings until 1995, while the path of Valdis met Vladislav Leaves. He suggested to try’she’s leading new music project «guess the melody». With this transfer the artist has come, and the glory, and recognition. The project was remarkably successful and obtained an audience of millions of viewers. What’s more, «name that tune» made it into the Guinness book of records for the two indicators. She has collected an incredible number of viewers which reached 132 million. And he is leading together with the staff managed to make 143 program without a break for the weekend.

    Periodically Valdis Pelsh appeared in other popular programs of the Central channels. In January 2013, Valdis Pelsh again after a break resumed the release of «name that tune-3».

    In October of 2015 on the First channel started a new project «with the dolphins», where the stars of show business tamed and trained dolphins. Leading new steel transmission Valdis Pelsh and Maria Kiseleva.

    Personal life

    The first artist’s wife was a lawyer Olga. Together, the couple lived for 17 years. To this marriage was born the daughter of the Arena. The official divorce took place in 2005. But the second family Valdis appeared much earlier.

    In 2002, the leading daughter, Ylva. Her mother was Svetlana Akimova, to meet which began Pelsh is still married to Olga. After the divorce, he immediately legitimized the relationship with Svetlana. In 2009 was born the son of Einer, and in December of 2014 from Valdis and Svetlana had a second son Ivar.

    In addition to television Valdis Pelsh many Hobbies. He was seriously involved in diving and parachuting. Pelsh – dive master NAUI and has a category «C» from the international Association of parachutists.

    In the Guinness book of world records and got the eldest daughter Valdis Arena. She is the youngest diver on the planet who managed to dive in Antarctica.


    Valdis Pelsh

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