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  • Name: Waina Giocante ( Vahina Giocante )
  • Date of birth: 30 June 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Pithiviers, France
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Vaina Giocante: biography

    French actress Vaina Giocante was born in the small town of Pithiviers, which is located near Orleans. Her parents were natives of Corsica and Andalusia. The father of Wainy worked as a gardener, and his mother was a housewife. Interestingly, the name of the actress with the Malagasy dialects, the national language of Madagascar, means «Welcome».

    The first 10 years of life, Vain Giocante held in Corsica, and then moved to AIX-EN-Provence, where he enrolled in the prestigious Lyceum «Paul Cezanne». In 15 years the girl began to dance in the ballet by Roland Petit in the Marseille Opera and worked there for 2 years.

    Very early started to work as a dancer and actress, Vina Giocante have achieved a lot not only on stage but also as a model. She was the face of the famous French beauty salon «Jacques Dessange», and also starred in advertising English lingerie brand «Agent Provocateur».

    Several times Vain did the break in his career to make the long trip around Latin America and Africa.


    Wayne Giocante was 14, when a representative of a talent Agency saw her on the beach and invited to take part in the auditions. The first film role for the aspiring actress was the main character Marie in the romance of Manuel Pradas «Marie from the Bay of Angels.» She created the image of a young girl from the French Riviera that became entangled in his own life, of love, of violence and hatred.

    But worldwide recognition came to the actress only a few years after the release of the joint Franco-British crime melodrama «Lila says», in which she plays a duet with French actor Mohammed Chrisom. The film tells the story of a teenager from an Arab ghetto in Marseilles and raises not only moral, but also racial issues. Critics enthusiastically responded to the work of Wainy Giocante, wondered how she was able to combine girlish innocence with a woman’s seductiveness, and even compared her style of play with Brigitte Bardot. For this role, the actress received a prize at the 8th festival of béziers.

    In 2007 Garanti starred in the film adaptation of the popular satirical novel «99 francs», which ridiculed the principles of the modern advertising business. Her character Sophie, beloved of the hero, the role of which performs a well-known comedian Jean Dujardin, who lives in a world of consumerism, but it is believed that advertising is not an honest business. In this picture Vaina Giocante collaborated not only with the already well-familiar for the Western «Blueberry» directed by Jan Kunena, but with Frederick Begbeder, the author of the novel, which formed the basis for the film, which also appears multiple times on the screen.

    In 2013, the actress got into a star-studded cast of melodrama «(Not)Zhdanov Prince», the author of the script of which was the famous writer and Director Luc Besson. In addition to Veiny in the picture took part such stars of the French cinema, as Vincent Perez and Jacques Weber. Garanti says that working with such professionals not only interesting but also useful, as this cooperation develops professional skills.

    Personal life

    When Wayne Giocante was 20 years old, she gave birth out of wedlock son Nino, whose father is bassist Martin GAMET. Vaina and Martin have been together for a while, but then they parted ways. Later, the actress met with designer ito Morabito, the founder of the brand, «Ora-Ïto».

    The actress actively participates in public life. She is an Ambassador of the Association «Sister Emmanuelle», which was created to help the poor people in North Africa. Also in 2012, Waina Garanti officially supported fighter for the preservation of tropical forests Chief Raoni in his quest to stop the construction of a hydropower plant on a tributary of the Amazon.


    • 1997 Marie from the Bay of Angels
    • 1998 — Thief of life
    • 2004 — Blueberry
    • 2005 — Lila says
    • 2007 — 99 francs
    • 2008 — Secrets of the state
    • 2009 — Bellamy
    • 2012 — 30 beats
    • 2013 — (Not)Zhdanov Prince
    • 2015 — Mata Hari


    Vaina Giocante

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