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  • Name: Vagit Alekperov ( Vagit Alekperov )
  • Date of birth: 1 September 1950
  • Age: 66 years
  • Place of birth: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: the Russian billionaire businessman, the President of NK «LUKOIL»
  • Marital status: Married

    Vagit Alekperov: a biography

    Vagit Alekperov is one of the richest men in modern Russia, whose status for 2016 is estimated at 8.9 billion dollars. To the heights of financial well-being a billionaire has gone from the bottom of the oil sector and the position of an ordinary drilling was promoted to President of the second largest Russian oil company «LUKOIL».

    Born Alekperov Vagit Yusufovich 1 September 1950 in the village of Stepan Razin, located near the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, in a large family where he was the fifth and youngest child. His father, Azeri Yusuf Alekperov Karbalevich worked as a mechanic in the oil fields and was a veteran of world war II, and mother – Russian Cossack Tatiana Bocharova was a homemaker and involved in the upbringing of children.

    When the future oil magnate was 3 years old his family was a great grief, my father died, the cause of which become received and incompletely healed wounds during the war. As a result, the mother was left alone with five children and no means of livelihood. The woman desperately began to fight for their children and each worked several jobs to feed them. She flatly rejected a proposal to give children in the orphanage that they praised and tried to help his mother get the family out of poverty.

    To help mom to feed the family small Vahid also has not remained aloof from the common cause – he was engaged in fishing «fishing», set seines far in the Caspian sea till evening every day collecting them with a good catch. Trying to be helpful to families, Alakbarov did not forget about education. He was doing very well in school, was quiet and diligent boy.

    The main authority for him throughout his life was his mother, which he didn’t want to upset his behavior. So pickup games with peers was not acceptable for the future oilman, who from early childhood wanted to link their fate with the «black gold». For this, he graduated from Azerbaijan Institute of oil and chemistry and a diploma of mining engineer went on a long journey for his dream.


    Before becoming a successful businessman Vagit Alekperov had to go the hard and thorny path to success, starting from the bottom. In his student years he got a job as a driller in the company «Caspian sea oil», which became the starting point in the professional biography of the oligarch.

    Within five years after graduation Alekperov managed with simple production operator of oil and gas to rise to the rank of Deputy head of the Department that became the first career achievement of the future oil tycoon. In the early 80-ies of Mr Alekperov at the party the order was sent to Western Siberia where he worked as a Manager in large oil companies, such as «Surgutneft ‘» and «Fedorovskneft».

    In the early 90’s Alekperov was appointed to the position of General Director of «Kogalymneftegaz». In this position, he held several important meetings with major oil companies of the Siberian branches, one of which later founded the business all his life. Yuri Shafranik, who later became a partner Alekperov at the base in 1991, the company «LUKOIL».

    In 1995, the oil tycoon Vagit of Alekperov has expanded its assets by the shares of the largest Russian Bank «Imperial», which burst in 1998 during the global crisis. The oligarch also has a large private chain of petrol stations, private trader and a company for the production of engine additives.

    Today, the President of NK «LUKOIL» Vagit Alekperov expanded its oil business in many countries around the world. The company is represented not only in Russia but also in Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, USA and Bulgaria. For its successful work in the field of mining billionaire repeatedly awarded prizes and presented to the government awards.

    In 2007, he established the charitable Fund «Our future», which deals with the development of social entrepreneurship in Russia. This Fund is an oil magnate bequeathed all his shares to LUKOIL, which will allow this organization to exist even after his death. In 2010, Alekperov is also a member of the Foundation Council SKOLKOVO.

    Personal life

    Personal life Vagit Alekperov stable and successful as his business career. He married at the very beginning of his professional career at Larisa Viktorovna, which for nearly 40 years has been a constant and loyal companion of the oligarch. In 1990, the oil magnate was born an only son, whom he named in honor of his father Yusuf. The boy went to his father’s footsteps and tries to realize itself in the oil sector, getting a proper education in Russian state University of oil and gas.

    Free time from the oil business billionaire Vagit Alekperov dedicates to his family. They love to travel the world, but the most favorite place for leisure of Crimea. Also among his interests from the oligarch in priority are the large and small tennis.


    State Vagit Alekperov in 2016, the Russian «Forbes» estimated at 8.9 billion dollars. This allows him to be the 9th in the rating of the richest businessmen of Russia. In addition to the billion-dollar status in the assets of oil magnate has a numismatic Museum, which he opened in Moscow in 2015. Its exposition includes about 700 ancient coins, the most expensive was bought in 2013 for $ 410 million.


    Vagit Alekperov biography

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