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  • Name: Callate Vadim ( Vadim Tsallati )
  • Date of birth: 17 June 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Digora, North Ossetia
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of North Ossetia-Alania
  • Marital status: not married

    Vadim Tsallati: biography

    Role Vadim Tsallati movie – anti-hero, but in real life he is a brutal Highlander with an open smile, easy Ossetian accent and a pleasant tone of voice. Friends and colleagues know him as a sincere person.

    Vadim Tsallati was born 17 June 1976 in North Ossetia. He spent his childhood in the small town of Digora. The actor is a descendant of the ancient Ossetian kind. His great-grandfather Babat Callate only survived the plague and continued their race. He was saved from the disease in the ancestral castle, which the ancestors Callaci was erected in the 14th century. The «Frigate» is perched on a high cliff, 2000 feet above the ground. Now it belongs to Vadim Tsallati.

    In childhood Vadim loved to sing, although music professionally has never worked. In high school he organized a musical group rehearsing what they wrote and sang.

    Second hobby of the actor – the poetry, the love of which was instilled in him father. Vadim Tsallati says that in school he never thought about the acting profession, but his father Ramazan was very fond of poetry and son forced to teach them. When the boy memorized a new verse, the father put him in the chair and listened as the boy recites it. Vadim said that his father was a highly spiritual man: his present prosperity he owes it Ramazan Callate.

    After school, Vadim entered the faculty of veterinary medicine, but never finished it. After two years of studying the guy decided to enter the theater Institute. This decision prompted his friend, actor Anton Togoev. In 1998 Vadim Tsallati entered the Shchukin school (course Yuri Avsharov), which he successfully graduated in 2002. Vladimir Etush, presenting diplomas to the graduates, said that if the entire course will be at least one talented and charismatic actor, so no wonder the teachers had worked for four years. Callate considers your course talented, because many graduates found themselves in the profession.

    Immediately after school, Vadim got a job in the theater on Taganka, where he worked for a year. From 2010 to 2013 Callaci was an actor of the theatre «Ibrus».

    He is a regular jury member and one of the founders of the festival «Airship», which is annually held in Vladikavkaz.


    Acting career Vadim Tsallati in film began while still a student of the episodes he played gangsters and terrorists. After a few years, Directors began to invite him to more serious roles, but the role remains the same – the anti-hero.

    Callate starred in «Code of honor», «Antikiller-2», «Breakthrough», «the Paras» and other films and television series. His characters are criminals, warlords and leaders of the Caucasian gangs. The audience is the actor remembered as the most charismatic anti-hero. Vadim believes that to create an image of anti-hero on the screen and to transmit his character is difficult, but interesting, because each character is a person. One of these roles – Thriller Hasan Umarov in the picture «Shooting mountain», the story which tells of the border guards, guarding the southern borders of Russia.

    Biography Vadim Tsallati there are other interesting roles. In 2006, he played Beria in the film «Rocks. Song of a lifetime». Two years later starred in the role of the emergency physician of the Pasha in the movie «Shultes».

    The popularity of the actor brought the series «Interns», in which he played an anesthesiologist David Tapuskovic. Magic doctor won the audience Vadim began to learn in streets, take autographs.

    A small but brilliant role he had in the series «Until fern blossoms». He played the leader of the pathfinders Tamaz who went over to the dark side.

    There was one more unusual and unexpected the role of the priest in the TV series «Brothers.» Before filming Vadim Tsallati asked for a blessing from father George, who is familiar with for many years. To work on the image of the actor was difficult, but this way the actor believes the turning point in his career.

    Latest work Callaci – «Mafia. Survival game», in which he played the Wrangler Cyril. His character he described as a sole participant of «Mafia» who has no fear. He gets this fear in the game.

    Personal life

    Vadim Tsallati not married and has no children. The actor admits that working in the direction of the device personal life.

    He loves to travel — have visited America and many European countries, but these visits are more connected with work. Also Collate loves sitting in a circle of close friends, singing and playing guitar and shashlik.

    Actor it’s nice that people recognize him and ask for autographs, but he refers to awareness calmly, for it is part of the job.


    • «Shultes»
    • «Mafia. Survival game»
    • «Interns»
    • «Cliffs. Song of a lifetime»
    • «Brothers»
    • «House of exemplary content»
    • «Breakthrough»
    • «Dead field»
    • «Mixed feelings»
    • «Sharpie»


    Vadim Tsallati

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