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  • Name: Vadim Spiridonov ( Vadim Spiridonov )
  • Date of birth: 14 October 1944.
  • Age: 45 years
  • Date of death: 7 Dec 1989
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: actor, film Director, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Vadim Spiridonov: biography

    Vadim Semyonovich Spiridonov — Soviet actor, honored artist of the RSFSR, known to movie lovers in such movies as «Hot snow», «Pechki-Lavochki», «Eternal call», «Battalions ask for fire» and many others. He also worked very hard on the dubbing of foreign paintings and has already shot the short film «Two people». Spiridonov is one of the biggest talents of the last Soviet decades. His images of negative characters still often called the unsurpassed.

    Vadim Spiridonov in his youth
    Young Vadim Spiridonov

    Contrary to popular myth, the biography of Vadim Spiridonov originates not from a Siberian village. The actor comes from a Moscow family. His mother was a chief accountant and his father worked as a leading engineer of the plant. Also fiction community has a criminal past and Vadim: the boy grew up in an atmosphere of love and respect, but of course, he knew how to stand up for themselves. The main part of the childhood Spiridonov held in the Sokolniki and even in the middle classes began to attend the drama club, which was organized by the management of the capital of the plant «salute». But apart from the drama club Vadim was very fond of sports and even attended a Boxing.

    Vadim Spiridonov in his youth
    Young Vadim Spiridonov

    After eighth grade boy goes to evening classes. As all students of the school for working youth were required to work, he got a plant of his father as a fitter. But Vadim knew that in this position it is only temporary, because by the end of the school was 100% confident in the choice of profession: Spiridonov in dreams saw himself on the screen. The guy from the first attempt arrives in School-Studio of MKHAT, the studies he likes, but due to an unpleasant incident involving a fight, a student expelled. Vadim thought this unfair, so when after a while the guide asked him to recover, the young man refuses.

    Vadim Spiridonov
    Photo by Vadim Spiridonov | nostalgia for the Soviet

    Instead, he successfully passed exams in other Moscow theatre schools. Having a solid selection, Spiridonov stops at the VGIK, as there were recruited a group of famous teachers of Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova. These teachers have established the claim that almost all their graduates become stars. Indeed, in the same thread with Vadim studied Natalia Gvozdikova, Nikolai Yeremenko Jr., Natalia Belokhvostikova, and other very popular artists. After graduating from high school in 1971, Spiridonov became an actor Studio theater Actor and began to appear regularly in films of domestic studios.


    The first role in the filmography of Vadim Spiridonov was a hard worker innocent Konovalov of the social melodramas of Director Sergei Gerasimov’s «the lake». It should be noted that the actor was only in his second year, but has been able to equal to make a duet with Vasily Shukshin. The famous actor praised the work of Spiridonov and invited him to take part in the shooting lyrical Comedy «Pechki-Lavochki». In the same year the young actor successfully appeared in the war drama «Hot snow», this tale of «Peter Ryabinkin» and social drama «Siberian».

    Vadim Spiridonov in the film
    As Colonel Deeva in the film «Hot snow» | Movie-theater

    For the first time about the movies Vadim Spiridonov began to talk with the mention of his name after the release of the band’s «earthly Love» and «Fate», where he played a former fist of Fedor Makashina, became during the great Patriotic war a traitor-a policeman. The artist is so realistically depicted the negative character that many viewers began to perceive his identity through the prism of an impartial character. Later, the actor was told that he was stopped on the streets, with no reference as to Fyodor, he erupted in a torrent of hatred and even several times wanted to beat. Another great fame brought other negative role of the middle brother Fedor Saveliev, epopee «Eternal call».

    Vadim Spiridonov in the film
    In the role of Fedor Saveliev in the film «Eternal call» | full Movie

    But there are a lot of movies Vadim Spiridonov, in which he appears before the public and heroic images. For example, loved his audience, Colonel Vladimir Oversea in the military drama «the Battalions are asked to fire» and the group commander Volokh in the Patriotic film «to Live till sunrise», captain of the frontier of marine Valeria Smith films «Men in the ocean,» and the officer Flerov with drama about the Soviet cosmonauts «the taming of the fire». A special place among the roles of Vadim Spiridonov is commander Semyon Budyonny, which he portrayed on the screen twice, in «First horse» and «the catechumens not be,» who became legends of Russian cinema.

    Vadim Spiridonov in the film
    In the role of Semyon Budyonny in the movie «Disclosure is not subject» | Movie-theater

    Next to Vadim always starred very talented artists. Even in the late 80-ies, when a decline in the movie, the cast of the movies Vadim Spiridonov is impressive. Only in the Thriller «Criminal Quartet», where he came in mafia Lobanov, shoulder to shoulder with starred Nikolay Karachentsov, Vladimir Steklov, Boris Shcherbakov and many other stars. And in a detective «the Souvenir for the Prosecutor», which was the last project in the life of Vadim, in the foreground involved Yuri and Galina Belyaeva.

    Vadim Spiridonov in the film
    As Colonel Iverzev in the film «the Battalions ask for fire» | Movie-theater

    Not to mention the fact that Vadim Semenovich dabbled in film directing. He created the short film «Two people» and was preparing to create a full-length film. He had a few ideas, from the old belt to the large-scale project, which would be the Soviet equivalent of the popular «Star wars». Although already planned the place started to pick up the cast, but all of these plans are not destined to come true.

    Personal life

    The actor was very handsome and, as noted by all his classmates and classmate, was considered the most eligible guy. But the personal life of Vadim Spiridonov, who was monogamous, was always associated with only one woman, his wife Valentina. Interestingly, they met in early childhood, as we lived on the same street in Sokolniki. In Currencies, the boy noticed immediately, but was so terribly shy the first feeling, the more the girl was two years older. As a result, it not once had to deal with pulling hair, flying snowballs and knocked out of his briefcase.

    Vadim Spiridonov with his wife
    With his wife Valentina Spiridonova | Movie-theater

    When Vadim moved from Sokolniki, the way the children dispersed, but later they again saw each other in the Palace of culture. Young people began to meet, and at the age of 18 Spiridonov married his sweetheart, and secret from parents. Since the personal life of Vadim Spiridonov was inextricably linked to Valentina. They lived together for more than a quarter century, until his death, though, as the woman said, because violent characters could a hundred times to scatter in different directions. Children Vadim was not. He and his wife were thinking of adopting a child from the orphanage, but the idea remained unrealized.

    The Wife Of Vadim Spiridonov
    The widow of actor | Movie-theater

    In private life the actor was an unassuming man. He did not aspire to material wealth, lived in an ordinary apartment on the outskirts of Moscow and was very pleased. Main hobby Vadim was books. He read a lot, mostly historical literature. Also Spiridonov collected handbooks in medicine and psychology, his Handbook was the Big medical encyclopedia, which he regularly studied.

    With the actor’s name is associated with many myths. They say he was born in Siberia, tell about the criminal past or the complexity of roles, although all the Directors loved him very much and happy shooting. But the main gossip is not baseless, it is a fictional addiction to alcohol. Actually Spiridonov drank much less frequently than the average Russian, due to his congenital kidney disease. He could afford to sit in the company of friends, but this happened not more than once or twice a year.


    In the late 80-ies the actor was excited about the new — fangled teachings, astrology and numerology. He was personally acquainted with Djuna Davitashvili, Pavel Globa, his wife Tamara Globa and other astrologers. With their help, he figured out that is considered to be a positive number «7» is evil. In conversation with his wife, Spiridonov said several times that he would die on the seventh day, and once even expressed the desire to die on December 7, the day before my wife’s birthday.

    Vadim Spiridonov monument
    The grave of the actor on the Vagankovsky cemetery | Nekropole

    Is this a coincidence, or an actor so strongly convinced, whether really according to his calculations was the fate, but 7 Dec 1989 husband died. In the morning he felt well, had good mood and was getting ready tonight to fly to Minsk to the shooting. Deciding to get some sleep, Spiridonov went to bed and never woke up. As established later, doctors, Vadim Semenovich, who recently turned 45 years old, died in his sleep due to a bout of congestive heart failure. Three days later he was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.


    • 1972 — Pechki-Lavochki
    • 1973-1983 Eternal call
    • 1979 — Farewell tour «Artist»
    • 1980 People in the ocean
    • 1981 — Return move
    • 1982 — Personal
    • 1984 — First cavalry
    • 1985 — the Battalions are asked to fire
    • 1987 — the Days and years Nikolaya batygina
    • 1989 Criminal Quartet


    Vadim Spiridonov

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