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  • Name: Vadim Samoilov ( Vadim Samoylov )
  • Date of birth: 3 October 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: singer, musician, composer, poet, arranger, sound engineer, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Vadim Samoilov: biography

    Famous musician Vadim Samoilov, the leader of group «Agatha Christie» (1988-2010), and the elder of the two famous brothers, was born on 3 Oct 1964 in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg). The father of the future star worked as an engineer and her mother is a doctor. The difference with his brother Gleb (b. 1970) is 6 years. Later the parents moved to the town of Asbest (Sverdlovsk region).

    Vadim Samoilov in childhood
    Vadim Samoilov with his parents and brother | Songs Range

    In an interview Vadim calls himself a «musician by birth», not representing their life without music. As a result, it becomes important for him. About his childhood to remember Samoilov does not like. It is known that leadership skills, along with the music, appeared to him in kindergarten, where he always acted as the organizer of the games.

    As for the music, she loved Vadim in early childhood. He loved to sing and listen to tunes. His first song he picked up to 5 years on a piano while visiting. It was a song from the film «property of Republic».

    Vadim Samoilov with his brother Gleb
    Vadim Samoilov with his brother Gleb | outside the city

    In 7 years at the insistence of his mother he enrolled in music school. There he was given the best and solfeggio classics, like «musicianary» he disliked the focus lately.

    Own music Vadim began to create, while in the third grade, something meaningful came in fifth and sixth. In this period the first introduction to Alexander Kozlov, playing in an ensemble and rehearsal in the Komsomol Committee. The memory of the period is one of the most famous songs, «Hurricane.» Recorded and foreign hits in English, for example, «Beatles», «Deep Purple», «Pink Floyd», etc. the Future musician was never a supporter of the English rock-n-roll. Of favorite bands it should be noted «Urfin juice and Nautilus Pompilius».

    Vadim Samoilov in his youth
    Vadim Samoilov in youth | Ruspekh

    Vadim Samoilov graduated from the Ural Polytechnic Institute with a specialty «Design and manufacture of radio». The acquired knowledge is not just useful in the future for recording studios. Since 1983, acts as a fighter MTR «Impulse».

    In 1983-1986 became a laureate of the festivals of an Amateur song. In 1986-1987 performs songs under the WHC.

    «Agatha Christie»

    Vadim Samoilov is known primarily as one of the creators, producers and musicians of the famous group «Agatha Christie». Its beginning was the creation of the group VIA «RTF-UPI» in 1985 for student performances. The team was founded by Vadim Samoilov, Alexander Kozlov and Peter May. After completing its original purpose, he is not broke. This was the first step to creation of modern «Agatha Christie».

    In 1987 Vadim invites you to group «Agatha Christie» his younger brother Gleb. He becomes a constant member of the famous team, performing various functions: a vocalist, engineer, arranger, sound producer, composer. The development and popularity of the group — much to his credit.

    Vadim Samoilov I. group
    Vadim Samoilov and «Agatha Christie» | Komsomolskaya Pravda

    The main purpose of Vadim Samoilov and the legendary band has always been «play your music». To restore and continue the activities of the group helped the audience’s enthusiasm: «come on, come on!». «Agatha Christie» was very afraid to become the next fashion group for one season. The recording of the album «Hurricane» (1996) was thrown, it was necessary to «turn inside out».

    The team, which lasted more than 20 years, has released 10 albums, 5 compilations and 18 clips. The first wave of popularity caused fear. Many have accused members of the group in the use of narcotic allusions (allusions). And the line was interpreted by different viewers in different ways. But this particular world was like Vadim.

    Vadim Samoilov on stage
    Vadim Samoilov on stage | REGNUM

    Peak of popularity came the «Agatha Christie» in the 1990-ies Gold group «Agatha Christie» «Agatha» with the participation of br. Samoilov, Alexander Kozlov and Andrei Kotov (1990-2001). Over time, writing lyrics became more involved Gleb Samoilov.

    Despite the cessation of active work group «Agatha Christie», the number of fans is not reduced. Listeners of radio station «Nashe radio» not so long ago included 5 songs of the TOP 100 best songs of Russian rock.

    Social activities

    In 2006, Vadim Samoilov, a project is «a Hero of our time» charity orientation to help new musicians. Since 2007 he is a member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation and actively fighting with the problem of plagiarism and piracy. Acts as a member of the authors ‘Council, Russian authors’ society.

    In 2012, officially registered as a Trustee of St. St. Putin, who applied for the post of President.

    Vadim Samoilov
    Vadim Samoilov | Luhansk website

    Revealing the scandalous claim Samoilova in the amount of 1 million rubles to the well-known music critic Artemy Troitsky about compensation of moral harm. The occasion was the last statement in the movie REN TV «Note of protest» that a musician is nothing more than a «trained poodle with Surkov,» the politics and author of «sovereign democracy», just put poetry official music. The claim was rejected, and then restored.

    Solo projects

    Along with a group of «Agatha Christie» Samoilov actively involved in other projects. In 1994, acts as the arranger of the album «Titanic» gr. «Nautilus Pompilius» Vyacheslav Butusov. Samoylov is a senior producer of a popular rock band, for example, «Semantic hallucinations», and solo performers, among them Julia Chicherin.

    In 2004 saw the light album together and Vadim Samoilov of the band «picnic». He has written the soundtrack to the film by Alexei Balabanov «I’m not hurt» with Renata Litvinova in the title role.

    Solo album after the elder came out in 2003 and had the name «Peninsula». Since 2006, fans had the opportunity to listen to the «Peninsula-2».

    Personal life

    At the moment, Vadim Samoilov married for a second time and happy in this Union. His wife Julia is much younger than him, whom he met during a concert in 2003. His musician, she has completely changed his Outlook.

    On the wedding photo, the couple look quite extravagant and the bride and all gave preference to white dress casual outfit in jeans in the style of «casual».

    Vadim Samoilov and his wife
    Vadim Samoilov and his wife | the Komsomol truth in Belarus

    Daughter of Jan, born in the first marriage, lives with his mother in Yekaterinburg.

    As for Hobbies, earlier Vadim Samoilov was fond of reading science fiction authored by Stanislaw LEM, the Strugatsky brothers, by Mikhail Bulgakov. Impression on the musician produced the film «Poisoned blood» (France).


    In November 2016, Vadim Samoilov presented in the social network VKontakte version of the old unreleased songs «drafts for Agatha» other arrangements with lyrics that were changed. Can often be seen selling tickets for its performances in the largest cities.

    In General, musical activities Vadim Samoilov and other musicians of the group «Agatha Christie» continues as music, in their words, «opium». They are written, of different styles and directions of music, in other words, everyone found your optimum career.


    • 1988 — the Second front
    • 1989 — Intrigue and love
    • 1990 — Decadence
    • 1993 — the Infamous star
    • 1995 — Opium
    • 1997 — Hurricane
    • 1998 — Miracles
    • 2000 — Mein Kaif?
    • 2004 — Thriller
    • 2004 — shadow of the vampire
    • 2010 — epilogue


    Vadim Samoilov

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