Vadim Mahorov

(biography, photos, videos) Vadim Makhorov

photo by Vadim Mahorov

  • Name: Vadim Mahorov ( Vadim Makhorov )
  • Date of birth: 28 June 1989.
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Activities: photographer-climber, rufer
  • Marital status: not married

    Vadim mahorov : biography

    Vadim mahorov was born 28 June 1989 in Novosibirsk. He says briefly: «In my childhood was the same punks as everyone else.»

    Apparently, Vadim a little flirting because he was not quite like everyone else. After obtaining a diploma of higher education in Academy of state service guy did not want to become an officer and wear from office to office boring documents folder. Vadim mahorov decided to make in your life romance, and extreme creativity to old age was something to remember and something to brag to my grandchildren.


    By the way, the name of Vadim mahorov, most likely, fictitious. The reason is simple. An activity that he enjoys, called roofing (derived from the English word roof – «roof»). Roofers illegally cross into the roof of tall buildings or other objects without using insurance. So people, this way to spend their leisure time, the risk of being punished. Because they often sneak into the prohibited area, restricted area. And then publish photos and videos of their achievements. For example, Vadim mahorov has been at the top of the building of Moscow state University, Minsk metro and many other places.

    For Vadim Majorova roofing has long been not fun, and the most that neither is a job. 4 years ago the Novosibirsk photographer met a soul mate Vitaly Rascalov. Their meeting took place in Saint-Petersburg. Together with the St. Petersburg boys they did a joint on one of the screw pylons of the bridge across the river.

    Since then, Vadim and Vitaly together. Guys have created rooftop-team called «On The Roofs» and now travel the world.

    For the first time about Vadim Majorova and rooftop team began in 2014. In that year, the children posted online a shocking video about the conquest of the extremely-high construction crane in Shanghai. It has reached the height of 650 meters. The movie has collected an incredible number of hits – 44 million. Viewers, watch this video, get a solid adrenaline rush. It looks like an exciting attraction, or a dangerous circus trick.

    It is noteworthy that Vadim mahorov and his colleague do not use the insurance. They believe that it only «spoils the fun» and exciting experience turns into a kind of industrial mountaineering. Besides the bulky safety equipment, it is very hard to climb to unimaginable heights. And to slip unnoticed into sensitive sites becomes more difficult. Therefore, roofers rely solely on your arms and legs.

    Vadim mahorov considers themselves and their fellow artists and creative persons. After all, their pictures – it’s kind of unique paintings. The people who are watching these pictures, you get some emotions and impressions. That is, the product of labor of the roofers affects people the same way as written by the artists paintings. Same story with video: it’s a kind of cinema.

    In rooftop team, which includes Vadim mahorov, a lot of achievements and conquered the heights. In addition to the skyscraper of Moscow state University, the photographers visited the Shanghai tower, the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Cologne Cathedral and the Pyramid of Cheops. To get to the last vertex, Majorova with the company had to hide from a guard at the tomb. Waiting for the end of the laser show that starts when to the earth night falls, the boys climbed to the top of the pyramid. This journey rufer Vadim mahorov considered one of the most exciting among the first foreign voyages.

    Of the most beautiful buildings, which had amazing views, rooftop Mahorov calls two cathedrals: the above mentioned Cologne and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.

    There are unconquered heights, where Vadim mahorov with friends again and got in. This 600-meter skyscraper in Saudi Arabia, which is called «Abraj al-Bayt». Since the building is located in Mecca, the sacred place of the Muslims, then to get there is almost impossible. And Mahorov has yet to get to the Tower of Freedom in the USA and hotel rügen in North Korea.

    Biography of Vadim Majorova in his 27 years while closely connected only with roofing and photography. Traveling, moreover, foreign demand considerable resources. Guys don’t like to talk about it, but their passion turned into profession and income. Advertisers, who saw the number of views of videos of roofers, I decided to use them for promotional purposes.

    The guys appeared in ads for several clothing. They use photo and video equipment brands. Thus, all their trips lately are for the sponsorship.

    In addition, Vadim mahorov and his colleagues sell their videos well-known TV channels such as CNN, Fox News, NBC and the BBC. On the website the leading manufacturer of photographic equipment Canon hosted page Majorova and Rascalov called «Urban climbers».

    Personal life

    About a married 27-year-old thrill-seeker, nothing is known. Personal life of Vadim Majorova covered with the same impenetrable haze, as the landscape opened from the top of a construction crane in Shanghai. Girls in his pictures sometimes appear, but who they are is not known.

    Plans about starting a family Mahorov is not divided. But willingly tells that in the near future plans to do commercial projects. Perhaps Vadim together with Vitaly Rascalov will launch its own production Studio.


    Vadim Mahorov

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