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  • Name: Vadim Lyubushkin ( Vadim Lyubushkin )
  • Date of birth: 16 October 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Omsk
  • Activities: professional dancer, participant of the show «dancing with the stars»
  • Marital status: Married Valeria Gai Germanika

    Vadim Lyubushkin: biography

    Vadim Lyubushkin is a professional dancer of international class, winner of many tournaments in the U.S. and Europe.

    Born and raised in Omsk. In his hometown he graduated from Sibgufk majoring in «sports dance». Talented then the guy moved to Moscow, where he worked as a lecturer in «Russian dance club» and the center of modern choreography «partner».

    Since 2008 Vadim Lyubushkin lives and works in Los Angeles (USA). In 2014, he came to Russia to participate in the famous show «Dancing with the stars.»

    Vadim Lyubushkin dancing

    Vadim Lyubushkin became interested in ballroom dancing only at the age of 14 – at this age many of his peers already had gold medals and was preparing to move into the adult category. But as you know, a passion stronger than time: a dancer came in Champions in short time.

    Among the partners Lyubushkina was a lot of beautiful women. He danced with Elizabeth Nosochenko, Victoria and Fadini, Tatiana, Doreen, Lyudmila Kazakovskaya. In 2013, his partner was the finalist of the British Open Championship Amy Bennett.

    Also Vadim Lyubushkin danced with Lilit Avagyan, what is the United States in international competitions. She appeared in the American version of «Dancing with the stars» («Dancing with the Stars»). Together they took first place in the Professional Rising Star Latin and is not just out demonstration performances on stage.

    In 2014, Vadim was invited to take part in the 10th season of the Russian version of «Dancing with the stars», and as we know, he admitted, thanks to his project on the ohmic learned the whole country. Partner dancer became a popular actress Love Tolkalina. Of all their appearances in the show especially memorable waltz to the music of Piazzolla from the film «Anna Karenina».

    He received standing ovations and delighted the members of the jury appreciated the dance in 49 out of 50 points. A few praised Director Nikita Mikhalkov:

    «This is the highest grade, besides that I danced well«.

    Vadim Lyubushkin: personal life

    In the 8th grade, Vadim Lyubushkin started Dating a cute and smart girl named

  • Victoria. Career Vicki has been successful: she was invited to the USA as a model. Even after moving the pair had a relationship up until the life of a dancer did not appear extraordinary actress, film Director and screenwriter
  • Valeria Gai Germanika. In the spring, the pair appeared at the festival «Movement», which generated a lot of rumors, and soon the lovers no longer hide their relationship.

    Vadim Lyubushkin and Valeria Gai Germanicus met during the filming of the show «dancing with the stars», where they acted as participants. Constant concentration on the result of performance and incredible training did not prevent a professional dancer to give favors to the girl. After personal experience and effort, he managed to charm your date. Soon she reciprocated his feelings.

    12 Jul 2015 Lyubushkin and Germanicus were married. Well-known figure of the Russian cinema to the altar led her daughter Octavia.

    A few days after the wedding, the talented dancer and the flamboyant Director surfaced the scandalous details. Dance partner and ex-girlfriend of Vadim Fadeev Victoria accused him of bigamy. According to her, he was married with

  • Anna Mazurenko in the United States. Vadim Lyubushkin did not remain silent and admitted that did not expect such a turn of events. His relationship with his American wife ended a year ago because of numerous infidelities, but he decided not to wait until the end of the divorce process, which was launched on 24 June and concluded a new marriage in Russia.

    Valeria Gai Germanicus took the news calmly. She supports her husband and helps him to understand the legal intricacies of family law.

    Vadim Lyubushkin: photo

    Vadim Lyubushkin and Valeria Gai Germanika

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