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  • Name: Vadim Galygin ( Vadim Galugin )
  • Date of birth: 8 may 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Borisov, Belarus
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: Belarusian actor, TV presenter, stand up comedian
  • Marital status: married

    Vadim Galygin : biography

    Vadim «Rambo» Galygin. This stage name took this wonderful Belarusian artist and comedian who became known to a wider audience after his appearance in the popular TV show «Comedy Club».

    Vadim Galygin was born in may 1976 in the Belarusian town of Borisov. Here he spent his childhood and youth. The artistry manifested itself in the boy quite early. In the kindergarten and the school he was happy to be in the spotlight, speaking at the celebrations and various festivities.

    After graduation Galygin decided not to enter the theater Institute, having decided that you need to get a serious profession. In 1993, he successfully passed the exams to higher military command school of Minsk. After 4 years in the rank of Lieutenant, he began serving in the 120th division, but soon transferred to the Military Academy. A year later Vadim Galygin left the service and retired to the reserve.

    Probably, the decision to leave military service came to galygina when he studied in a military school. Because it was then that Vadim first felt the pleasure of the game in KVN. His team, which was called «Minprice», participated in various festivals of KVN. There actor first felt the taste of success.


    The creative career of Vadim galygina successfully started the team «Inpolite». Then the team not once, changed the name. The team was called «treasure Island», «I’ve had worse», but in the end just «Minsk-Brest». It was in the «Minsk-Brest» Galygin appeared in the Sochi festival of KVN. 2001. The team became champion of the Euroleague, and her captain Vadim galygina recognized as the most prominent member.

    After playing with the team «Minsk-Brest» galygina made the team «BSU». It was a significant step up the career ladder.

    But the real breakthrough came in 2005, when Vadim Galygin became a permanent member of the «Comedy club». In the resident status he presented the audience with many wonderful rooms made along with Timur by Batrutdinov and Dmitry Sorokin Lyscom that brought the actor immense popularity. But all of a sudden Galygin went with the TV show, starting your own business.

    In 2006 there was a project of Vadim galygina, which he called «Very Russian TV». He, too, was successful. In addition, the artist often appeared in commercials and movies.

    In 2008, viewers saw galygina in the title role of the musical «the phantom of the soap Opera». In the same year he became a member of the TV show «Two stars», which was broadcast on «the First channel».

    2009 was no less rich in pleasant events for galygina. In the spring, he as a judge appeared on the popular «Thank God you came!». After a few months became the lead entertainment TV show «People, horses, rabbits and homemade videos», which aired on the Ukrainian TV channel ICTV. And in 2010 started a new own show Vadim called «Galygin.RU», which successfully obtained and now.

    To the great delight of the fans of «Comedy club», in 2011, the actor returned to the project. His numbers, as before, one of the most beloved and funny.

    However, he has not abandoned all its previous projects and has time to star in different movies. In 2014, the audience saw of Vadim galygina in the film fantasy «the Secret Princess» where he starred with Christina Orbakaite, Sergey Zhigunov and Yuri Galtsev. In the same year he released a Comedy Cyril’s Cousin «Zaletchiki», where the Belarusian artist went to one of the main roles.

    Personal life

    Interest in those girls who were near the famous showman, began to emerge along with the growth of its popularity in the «Comedy club».

    Personal life of Vadim galygina – two formal marriage. Both his lady – compatriot Vadim. The first wife is Belarusian model Daria Ovechkina. The couple after marriage was great. Dasha left a modeling career and moved with her beloved in Moscow. But then the relationship started to crumble. In the tabloids rumors about the infidelities of a showman. There were pictures galygina with different beauties.

    Maybe it was just rumors and gossip, of which there are many around famous people. But Daria never wanted to endure such a life and put an end to the relationship after 7 years of marriage. In this Union a daughter was born Vadim – Taisa.

    According to some information from social networks, an affair with current wife – Belarusian singer Olga Voinilovich, began in the period when the artist was in a previous marriage. A new relationship has destroyed the old fragile. Now the pair is happy and raises the son of Vadim.


    • «Very Russian detective»
    • «Galygin.RU»
    • «The secret Princess»
    • «Zaletchiki»


    Vadim Galygin

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