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  • Name: Vadim Demchog ( Vadim Smaller )
  • Date of birth: 13 March 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Narva, Estonia
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor, Creator of original projects for radio, television, the Internet and theatre
  • Marital status: married to Veronica Raskovoi

    Vadim Demchog: biography

    Vadim Demchog was born 13 March 1963 in the Estonian city of Narva. When Vadim was three months old, a mother, a cook by profession, left his father. All she had six marriages. Says the actor, mother was very theatrical, violent and sensual temperament. And Vadim says that in his childhood he was one hundred percent my own.

    In the local House of pioneers, he enjoyed and participated in a puppet show, but at school very badly. Demchog believes that the profession he chose because there’s practically never been a mother. For a boy’s biggest fear school years was not grow and remain small in stature. This fear he has when years realized that not increase happiness.

    Until the age of sixteen Vadim bore the name Little, which he hated. And when it came time to get a passport, the guy decided to change the boring «ugly» to her name – Demchog. According to the artist, this unusual surname is a Polish-Ukrainian roots. Himself Vadim Viktorovich considers native Russian.

    After youth classes in Narva puppet theatre of Vadim Demchog began to attend the people’s theatre, which was led by Yuri Mikhalev. Even then, the guy realized that the rest of his life he connects with the fascinating world of theatre and cinema. More Demchog at that time were not interested in anything. He studied bad, home was brought mainly «two». For this reason, unpleasant Vadim received a certificate of your secondary education. But in LGITMiK Demchog still acted independently. Studied future artist in the class of renowned Professor Korogodskii. Still Vadim recalls his mentor with great admiration and respect, considering him a teacher from God.

    Vadim Demchog: radio and TV

    Vadim Demchog he graduated from LGITMiK in 1984 year, and the first time worked at the Moscow youth Theatre.

    The nineties for a young actor like all others, became a daunting test of strength. To survive, it was necessary to try any class, sometimes foreign and unfamiliar. Demchog is also looking for himself. During this period he traveled a lot and communicate with different people, studied Buddhism (even managed to make a film about this Eastern religion), thinking and experimenting.

    In 1992 Vadim Demchog worked for popular radio «Europe Plus» leader. Since 2001 he is actively teaching. At this time, Demchog wrote and published a popular book «Samosobirayuschayasya game» with its vision of the acting profession, where he systematized his own theory. As readers who are interested in this topic, there was a lot of questions, especially for them Demchog has created a website where he regularly answered by the readers. It was a kind of master class.

    Vadim Demchog did not forget about radio. He devised an interesting game-the hoax called the «Frankie show», which since 2003 has out on the radio «Silver rain» every day.

    And in 2010 on the TV channel «Culture» Vadim Demchog released their own project, calling it «the Greatest show on Earth.» As was intended by the author show that every viewer could become an actor and on the other side of the screen, playing a role. Led project Vadim, however, under the name of «Mr. Nobody».

    It is necessary to say about the popular online website, developed by Demahom. It’s called This resource is a project called «Stream out». The website created for communication with people who died, and the mediator of these mystical conversations acts Crazy Frankie, who died in live. Frankie speaks the voice Demchog.

    Vadim Demchog: movies

    Finest hour for Demchog was the time when the screens out millions of your favorite super-series «

  • Interns», where a pair with Ivan Okhlobystin Demchog is perfect for playing the doctor-venereologist Capitman. Many viewers have begun to identify Vadim Viktorovich with his hero, respectively, and attributing all its shortcomings. But the Demchog with some resentment denying the similarity, saying that in life he was a completely different person, and conduct Association with the popular venereal diseases is not necessary. But to work with Okhlobystin and crew of the series Vadim loved that, and be seen by the game artist. The love of mysticism prompted Vadim Demchog directorial debut. In «Bulgakov’s house» he presented his amazing performance of «Arlekiniada».

    Today Demchog appears in different guises. He and the Director and the actor, and screenwriter, and radio presenter. He has written five books and created their projects on television, radio and on the Internet. And yet Vadim Viktorovich — candidate of psychological Sciences. He manages to realize themselves everywhere.

    Vadim Demchog: personal life

    Personal life of Vadim Demchog’s not just a happily ever after. The artist has a daughter from a failed first marriage. Nastya was born in 1987. Now Demchog married second time, wife’s name

  • Veronica. She is also an actress. In 2005, in the family of Veronica and Vadim had a son, William. The father dreams that the boy became a citizen of the world, hence the chosen name. William has twice appeared on the screen: the film «friend or foe» in the series «Interns».

    Vadim Demchog claims that family is his greatest wealth, and he happy to have interesting work and loved his wife and son.

    Vadim Demchog: filmography

    • Remember, don’t remember
    • Nightingale the robber
    • The worm
    • Baby
    • The mystery of Faith
    • Interns
    • Realtor

    Vadim Demchog: photo

    Vadim Demchog (Vadim Smaller)

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