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  • Name: Uwe Boll ( Uwe Boll )
  • Date of birth: 22 June 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Wermelskirchen, Germany
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Director, producer, screenwriter, actor
  • Marital status: married

    Uwe Boll biography

    Uwe Boll is a German filmmaker, who became famous primarily thanks to the film adaptation of the popular computer games. His authorship belong to such blockbusters as «Rage», «Attack on wall street», «House of the dead» and «Alone in the dark». Many critics call the ball «the worst Director of our time», but, nevertheless, he has a lot of fans, one of which had the impression of the genius of the films of Uwe Boll.

    Uwe Boll
    Photo Director | Horror Blog

    He was born in the small town of Wermelskirchen is located in the province of North Rhine-Westphalia. As a viewer, Uwe became interested in cinema at an early age. And in 13 years, when someone from the family gave him an Amateur movie camera, began making his own short films. He showed their grandmothers and aunts, as well as school buddies.

    Uwe Boll
    Photo by Uwe Boll | Russian fan club

    After school, ball became a student of the directing faculty, but from the first day disappointed: the Institute was taught the basics of the classical cinema and between their perception of art and understanding Uwe about what should be modern cinema lay the universal abyss. After enduring five months, the young man throws the directing Institute and sent to study literature at the University of Cologne. This University, the future Director graduated from, moreover, in the biography of Uwe Boll is such an item as a doctoral thesis in German literature.

    Uwe Boll
    Photo Director Boll | Kinofresh

    And it was during his studies at the University begins to develop the filmography of Uwe Boll. With buddy Frank Lustig he tries to shoot his debut film, which, by his own admission, tried to do the game on the British troupe Monty Python.


    So, the first film by Uwe Boll «German kinoalliance», «Obsession» and «Barrel – Murder in Geneva?», shot in the early 90-ies, was purely Amateur in nature. In them the Director borrowed from the classics of cinema, not only stories, but even the entourage and environment. However, the ball and did not hide it. More seriously, he began to relate to his creation in the XXI century. Came out a horror movie about a serial killer «is a Prude», Thriller, «the twilight of the mind» and the psychological drama about a schoolboy murderer «Heart of America». All these pictures had quite a low rating and masterpieces of cinema did not.

    Uwe Boll in FLM
    The role of concentration camp guard in the film «Auschwitz» | Real movie

    In 2003, the Director decided to make a screen version of computer games, where you spent your leisure time. The horror film «the house of the dead» is based on the shooter for the console. Uwe wanted to make a masterpiece in the style of the works of George Romero changed the public’s perception of the horror film as second-rate genre. But critics in one voice stated that the film Uwe Boll is just a standard horror story, and even shot in such a way which usually create video clips. The failure of the «House of the dead» from a financial point of view, was deafening. But the idea to turn computer games into movies, the Director refused.

    Uwe Boll in FLM
    In the role of Director of Nazi Park in the movie «postal» | Russian fan club

    He released the horror movie «Alone in the dark» adventure, «BloodRayne», the Comedy «postal», fantasy Thriller «In the name of the king: the Story of the siege of the dungeons», the Thriller «Edge Lights», the names of which refer gamers to their favorite games. But the problem Bolla, according to most fans of computer games lies in the fact that the scripts of his paintings too far away from the scenes of toys. The writers took as a basis the characters, but created prequels, sequels, or alternate history. In the end, the target audience repeatedly dissatisfied. Gradually increased the bias to Uwe. For example, his film «BloodRayne» was written in a «hopeless» even before the release.

    Uwe Boll on the set
    In the film «In the name of the king: the Story of the siege of a vault» | film Critic

    Many movies Uwe Boll got in the Top 100 worst films of the year according to the esteemed kinoportal IMDB, and several works even appeared in a similar list of paintings of all times. Gradually, the Director begins to shoot a film on the original script, without the use of references to shooters and strategy. It creates military drama «Tunnel rats 1968, and prison Thriller «the Stoic», sports drama «Max Schmeling», the historical picture «Auschwitz» and even a parody of his own work, «Blyubarella: of Superwoman». It’s funny that to reduce budget, the Boll instead of a few Actresses of the second plan has hired Romanian prostitutes that were shot for only 150 euros.

    Uwe Boll
    While working on the script | Russian fan club

    The highest quality and at the same time the most popular film by Uwe Boll is considered the Thriller «Fury». Attracted to the picture the fact that the film crew made two alternate endings, which allow for different ways to look at the final event. Because of the success of this blockbuster recent years, the company produced many Boll its sequels. I should add that several times Uwe appeared on screen as an actor, and in «Auschwitz», «Max Berlin» and «Postal» had even a relatively large role.

    Personal life

    Personal life Uwe Boll connected with his wife, canadian actress Natalia Tug. However, recently a woman who is younger than her husband by 21 years, is not removed, and is engaged in producing paintings of a spouse. The family educates the child alternately lives in the canadian town of Richmond hill, a suburb of Ontario, in German Mainz.

    Uwe Boll and Natalia Tug
    With his wife Natalia Tug

    The Director has written two books: «How to make movies in Germany» and «Kinds of styles and genres. He is also the owner of the canadian restaurant «Bauhaus», where specially brought from Germany the famous chef Stefan Hartmann and achieved recognition of reviewers.

    Uwe Boll
    Boxing match against a critic | GMbox

    Need to add that in 2006, tired of the endless criticism, Boll has declared the action «show up or shut up!», with the help of which he invited anyone unhappy with his work to a Boxing match. Volunteered to confront the Director five people, each of which was defeated in the ring, as it turned out that in childhood, Uwe was involved in Boxing section.


    • 2003 — the house of the dead
    • 2004 — Alone in the dark
    • 2006 — BloodRayne
    • 2007 — In the name of the king: the Story of the siege of the dungeons
    • 2009 — Stoik: to Survive at any cost
    • 2009 — Darfur: the Chronicle of a death foretold
    • 2010 — Auschwitz
    • 2010 — Blyubarella: Superwoman
    • 2013 — the Era of greed (Assault on wall street)
    • 2016 — Rage 3


    Uwe Boll

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