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  • Name: Usain Bolt ( Usain St Leo Bolt )
  • Date of birth: 21 August 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Sherwood Content, Jamaica
  • Height: 195
  • Activities: track and field athlete, runner, 7-time Olympic champion, 11-time world champion, world record holder in the sprint
  • Marital status: not married

    Usain Bolt: biography

    Usain Bolt — Jamaican athlete, athletics. He specializiruetsya in the sprint is considered the fastest man in the world. Usain 7 times rose on the higher step of the Olympic podium and 11-time champion of the world, which is the highest achievement in the history of the competition. Moreover, Bolt set world records at all distances, in which participated, and the races at 100 and 200 meters continues to be undefeated. Among the fans of Usain Bolt is known by the nickname «Lightning».

    He was born and raised in Jamaica, in the village of Sherwood Content. His father Wellesley Bolt had its own grocery store and his mother Jennifer were engaged in farming and raising three children: in addition to Usain in the family grew up the eldest daughter shereen and her youngest son Kindergarten.

    In his childhood Bolt was not thinking about anything except sports. However, 10 years before he was totally focused on football and cricket, and instead of a ball the guys in the yard used the orange. And only having gone to middle school in school William Nibbe, Usain went to the track and field coach. He drew attention to the starting speed and the boy was persuaded to leave almost hopeless cricket and Jogging. At the age of 12 the boy was already champion of its district, and the competition among all students of Jamaica took 2nd place in the women’s 200 meters.


    Your high potential Usain Bolt began to show in the children’s, youth and Junior competitions. Until reaching the age of majority athlete already had a number of outstanding achievements at the international level, but several world records for athletes his age.

    At the world Championships, he won the first medal in 2007. This happened in Osaka Japanese: the Bolt in the 200m and in the relay team has achieved the silver award. And it should be noted that this was the last competition which Usain was driving, not becoming better. Subsequently, it 11 times won the World championship 6 times and became Olympic champion.

    Usain Bolt is constantly improving their own results and beat the world and Olympic records, continuing to be the fastest athlete in the world. Experts have long studied the phenomenon of Jamaican runner and came to the conclusion that the main reason for bizarre records – the genetics of the athlete. The fact that about a third of the muscles of the Bolt consists of fast muscle cells. They allow him at least 30 years ahead of the standard indicators of the athlete.

    It is also worth noting that the average stride length of Usain Bolt during the race is about 2.6 meters, and the peak speed is in the area of 43.9 kilometer per hour. Pretty hard to imagine that anyone of his contemporaries Jamaican can make it a really serious competition, despite the fact that the reaction at the start of the Bolt does not exceed the average.

    Usain announced that the 2016 Olympic games, which took place in the Brazilian Rio de Janeiro will be the last in his career. Runner is very calculated in the interval of 200 meters to set a new world record, but it didn’t. Winning Olympic gold in Rio, beat your record Jamaican sporting legend could not.

    Personal life

    Usain Bolt was never married, but managed to build a romantic relationship with a large number of women. At various times he met with economist Mishkan Evans, TV presenter Canes Simpson, British model Rebecca Paisley, Slovak couturier Lubica Kucerova, English athlete Megan Edwards. The last publicly known novel in the Jamaican runner was his compatriot, April Jackson, who at home is known as a very popular fashion model.

    In late 2009, Usain Bolt traveled to Kenya and during the voyage assumed the responsibility for the life of the three-month Cheetah, whose parents were killed by poachers. The Jamaican athlete bought this «kitten», which was named in honor of his nicknames by Lightning and completely pays for its content in the animal shelter in Nairobi.

    Now Usain Bolt is domiciled in the capital of Jamaica, Kingston. And exercise an athlete holds on to the student of the University of the West Indies. Runner is the highest paid athlete in the world. And the bulk of its annual income does not constitute the prize for winning, and payments for advertising and sponsorship contracts. Another source of income of the runner’s his own restaurant called «Tracks & Records» in Kingston.

    Bolt loves cricket and football, and prefers the English Premier League in which cares for the club «Manchester United». He even said that he could play for this team, because speed would allow him to neutralize the difference in technique with professional football players.


    Usain Bolt

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