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  • Name: Urszula Malka ( Urszula Magdalena Malka )
  • Date of birth: 31 may 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Plock, Poland
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Urszula Malka biography

    Actress Urszula Malka is now widely known among theater audience in St. Petersburg. In the movie, this bright Polish actress started acting, so a wide range of audience, if they do, then only because of his short marriage with Danila Kozlovsky.

    Her full name sounds very romantic — Urszula Magdalena Malka. She was born in the Polish town of Plock in may 1979. According to other sources, Urszula was born in the small town of ostrołęka of the Mazovian Voivodeship.

    About childhood and youth artist of very little information. We only know that the thirst for art woke up in this girl quite late – at the age of 23. Urszula Malka at this time has a chance to work in different industries, but fun for the soul. The desire to play has been sleeping in it for a long time, but at 23 Malka realized that there’s nowhere to go. She went to one of Polish theater schools, but not received. The girl refused, one after another, all well-known theatrical institutions in the country, and in some the cause of failure called her age.

    But becoming on this path and try his hand in one of the Amateur theatres of Poland, Urszula Malka decided not to retreat. One day she came across an interesting article about the theatrical life of St. Petersburg. Malka immediately Packed up and went to the city on the Neva.

    Peter Urszula passed intensive courses of Russian language and successfully passed the audition to the Academy of theatrical art (Spbgati). She was accepted into the University and enrolled on the course of Lev Dodin. He gave talented Polish woman start in the world of art.


    As if making up for lost time, Urszula Malka was in a hurry to go on stage and win over your audience. And she did it fast enough. While still a student, she played the role of Helena in a remarkable performance «the Warsaw melody». And immediately in tandem with the already known Danila Kozlovsky won an army theater fans. The play has long been at the Maly drama theater and enjoyed great success. For the role of Gels, like discharged for Ursula Malki, she received her first prestigious award. It was the prize «Golden soffit» (nominated for «Best female role»).

    In 2007, a theatrical biography Ursula Malki is developing rapidly. She received her diploma and was accepted into the troupe of the Maly drama theatre. Her every scene becomes a small sensation. Amelia in a production of «the House of Bernarda Alba», a French Queen in «Fruitless efforts of love», the imposing miss a Glitch in «Beautiful Sunday for a broken heart» — all of these diverse images were given to talented Polish actress very easily.

    It is no secret that Malka was missing my homeland. Not once she tried to return to Poland, but there she knew no one and was not expecting. And the girl again returned to St. Petersburg, where she formed an army of admirers, who appreciated her skill, the art of transformation, refinement and a special magnetism.

    As for cinema, here are Urszula Malka just starting their journey. In 2013 she made her debut in the scoring. The first experience in this field – American painting «Effect Hummingbird». And in 2014, viewers saw Polish artist in the project «Gregory R.». The following year she played Angelique von Goering in the film «Under electric clouds».

    Personal life

    Marriage Ursula with a colleague at the theatre Danila Kozlovsky was swift and surprising to many. Colleagues at the theater were muttering about the fact that Kozlowski decided to «annoy» his beloved Elizaveta Boyarskaya, which supposedly forbidden to marry a little-known Daniel’s famous father. True or just gossip jealous artists theater, had their own «types» to a handsome man.

    Personal life Urshula Malka and Danila Kozlovsky flowed in one direction for long. Perhaps affected by 5-year age difference (Urszula’s older than Daniel), and maybe the couple broke up due to constant lack Kozlowski, whose work schedule is full to bursting. But after 3 years of family life really ended.

    It is noteworthy that the actors went quietly and peacefully. Moreover, they remained friends and, as you say, even native people. Sometimes they eat dinner together. When Daniel broke novel with Yulia Snigir, he introduced two close women. Urszula Malka said of the new sweetheart of the girl ex-husband very warm. The actress believes that it is the great merit of two people who, having experienced the love, managed each other not to hate and to stay close to the people.

    Malka and Kozlowski quite often found on the stage of the St. Petersburg Maly drama theater.

    Theater roles

    • «Warsaw melody»
    • «Life and fate»
    • «The House Of Bernarda Alba»
    • «Fruitless efforts of love»
    • «Beautiful Sunday for a broken heart»
    • «The little mermaid»
    • «Lorenzaccio»


    Urszula Malka

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