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  • Name: Ulyana Vaskovich ( Uliyana Vaskovich )
  • Date of birth: 18 July 1998
  • Age: 18 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Ulyana vaskovich: biography

    The young actress Ulyana vaskovich – Muscovite whose parents work in the film medium. Young talent makes the first, but confident steps in the movie.

    Date of birth girls – 18 July 1998, according to the sign it is cancer. In the biography of the actress, because of the young age, in addition to the release of the only films greatest achievements yet. But her creativity, natural talent and hard work, taken together, promise a bright future in film career.

    Ulyana Vaskovich
    Ulyana Vaskovich | Oops

    Since first grade my parents gave Uliana a drama school. The girl, despite her young age, worked hard, knew the value of time and on their own experience felt that the work from morning till evening. At a young age Juliana starred in the feature films directed by Andrei Zaitsev. The film was awarded at several festivals, received awards and prizes.

    Further vaskovich plans to enter the theater Institute, dreams of the School-Studio MXAT.


    Ulyana vaskovich — aspiring actress, the popularity of which came after the recent debut in the film «14+,» where she played a major role. This was done so well that critics unanimously noted his talent.

    Release date film – October 2015. In her filmography is so far the only work. In the movie she got on the recommendation of a friend of his father, who advised her to Andrey Zaitsev.

    Ulyana vaskovich in the film
    Ulyana vaskovich in the movie «14+» | KinoGo

    The first acquaintance with the young talent came through the popular social network «Vkontakte». Andrew looked up photos of the girl and invited her to audition. In front of the camera, she was asked various questions including those about love. Such experience the young girl was not, so she talked about love, but about mom, and not his.

    Before the debut in feature films the actress starred in only one film training, so the «14+» was her first major work. Before filming, she met with the film team. Everything to her was new. The first day of shooting was surprised that the film was shot out of order. For example, the first scene was removed from the middle of the picture.

    Ulyana Vaskovich
    Ulyana vaskovich | VK

    The plot is romantic and dramatic films in which she starred, is based on the story of two teenagers who fall in love from a large, modern city that resonates with Shakespeare’s «Romeo and Juliet». The first feeling that you experience each other the main characters Alex and Vic, aggravate the problem – complexes of teenagers, scandals between parents, social networks, and even the district of the gang.

    Relationship with the Director as a partner on the film Gleb Kalyuzhny, in the process of filming was wonderful.

    Ulyana vaskovich and Gleb Kalyuzhny
    Ulyana vaskovich and Gleb Kalyuzhny | Anews

    The picture in which he played a young actress and her talented partner, was:

    • the winner of the «Kinotavr»;
    • nominated for Crystal bear at the Berlinale;
    • the winner in the category of feature films at the festival «Stalker»;
    • at the international film festival «Olympia» in Greece, Gleb Kalyuzhny was awarded the prize for best actor.

    Personal life

    Information about the personal life of Actresses is very small. However, the relationship still was, but not deep, and something like listening to Pink Floyd, lying nearby on the floor. Before filming Juliana broke up with a guy.

    After the release of «14+» there were rumors about the affair of the actress with a partner on the film Gleb Kalyuzhny. But they both claim that their friendly relations. Meet and spend time together, according to young people, for the love of art. Juliana loves going to concerts Gleb.

    Ulyana vaskovich and Gleb Kalyuzhny
    Ulyana vaskovich and Gleb Kalyuzhny | VK

    Fans interested in not only her talent and success in the movie, but how old is the young artist. The age of the actress it is easy to calculate, knowing the birth date (18 July 1998), growth – 174 see In the photo in social networks, including in a swimsuit, you can see that Ulyana is in great shape, like to be active, passionate about work and creativity, the girl her age and profession.


    Ulyana Vaskovich

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