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  • Name: Ulyana Tseytlina ( Uliyana Tseytlina )
  • Date of birth: 17 November 1968.
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: model, TV host, socialite
  • Marital status: married

    Uliana Zeitlin biography

    Ulyana Tseytlina, a woman whose name became known in 2000. She shone in the secular parties, close friends with Sobchak, and today is one of exemplary wives who live on Rublevsky highway.

    Age socialite — the big secret that allowed for beautiful women. But the media believe that the Juliana was born in 1968 November 17.

    Uliana Tseytlina
    Uliana Tseytlina | fashion and beauty

    Juliana was born in an intellectual family Shostakovich in Saint-Petersburg. The girl’s father worked as a painter and the mother held the position of editor-in-chief of the Academy of Sciences. In his youth, Juliana received an excellent education, graduating from a specialized school at the Academy of arts, and afterwards entered the school of the Academy of Serov to get a profession, majoring in interior design.

    Modeling career and leading

    Height and weight girl allowed her to master not too respected and popular in those years, the profession of the model. She worked at the Leningrad house of models, sometimes appearing on the covers of the nicely-known journal «Fashion».

    As she says Uliana, during the first casting was forced to lock the chest with a bandage to reduce the size from 3 to 1, as at that time it was fashionable.

    Uliana Tseytlina in childhood
    Uliana Tseytlina in childhood | TOPNews

    In 1989, Juliana was married for 10 years in Australia, disappearing from sight at this time. According to Ulyana, she returned to Peter spontaneously to become godmother for the newborn daughter of a friend. But, having arrived to Russia, I realized that not to leave the country and life at home has changed for the better.

    After the arrival of the woman moved to Moscow to conquer the capital’s high society. Even at that time it was not clear how the girl from a simple family so much high standards and a desire for publicity, because the first husband of Uliana was not very rich, and before marriage she led the life of a simple student from the Northern capital.

    Uliana Tseytlina in the journal
    Uliana Tseytlina in Playboy | Playboy

    During the visit parties Ulyana took part in a candid shoot for men’s magazine «Playboy», by the way, after the first birth. The photographer said that photos of socialite didn’t even have much to process in photoshop, but this time she was about 39 years old.

    Zeitlin also led the transfer of «Road to Paris», one of the programs on Muz-TV but the ratings of these programs was low, so they suffered the fate of many projects of the time – termination shots. Yet Zeitlin participated in the show Sobchak «Blonde in chocolate».

    Around 2010 Juliana gradually stopped attending social events, dedicating their time to raising my son. The father of the child, they say, was part of the Forbes list, so it was decided on a gradual withdrawal of Uliana with the secular arena.

    Social life and friendship with Sobchak

    Friendship Ksenia Sobchak and Ulyana had a mutually beneficial, after all, she was already known through the name of his father, Anatoly Sobchak, and Juliana had a reputation as a woman who has long lived abroad. It was the perfect tandem to conquer a secular tops, that girls implemented at 100%.

    Uliana Zeitlin and Ksenia Sobchak
    Uliana Zeitlin and Ksenia Sobchak | Woman

    In early 2000, Zeitlin and Sobchak were just inseparable. Outrageous ladies appeared at social events always together, represent something dreamed women from CIS countries. Photo of fashionable ladies of that time and now are striking: chic clothing, jewelry and admiring glances of men.

    And if Xenia did not seek to be married and more interested in social life, Juliana, do not hesitate, said in an interview that he didn’t mind to marry a respectable man with a decent Bank account.

    Uliana Zeitlin and Ksenia Sobchak
    Uliana Zeitlin and Ksenia Sobchak | Woman

    Note that Juliana stood out among the Moscow beauties restraint. She did not become a party to the scandals, blatantly not hunting husbands. How to remember the journalists, Genevieve at that time was distinguished by a special flavor and a good education, which attracted men.

    Pregnancy Sobchak supported her friend came to her in the hospital, and after childbirth became the godmother of a newborn. But soon Zeitlin and Sobchak had a quarrel, and the cause of the conflict still remained unknown.

    Uliana Tseytlina
    Uliana Tseytlina | Celebrity pics

    Say in advance that women made up only in 2011 at the ball May Fashion, where he accidentally met. Of course, the previous relationship has not recovered, but the ladies already avoid quarrels and ostentatious hostility.

    Moreover, in 2015, the Xenia went to a gorgeous wedding of a friend in St. Moritz, showing Instagram chic red dress.

    Personal life

    In the first marriage Ulyana was admitted in 1989 and moved to Australia. Her husband was a physician. Says socialite, they went to meet the parents of her husband, but the country liked it so much that decided to stay. In Australia, Juliana has lived for about 10 years, but the true facts of her biography for these years, no.

    Uliana Tseytlina
    Uliana Tseytlina | news of show business

    On returning home, Zeitlin began to lead an active social life.

    For many years the personal lives of former socialite remained in the shadows. Juliana lived on the ruble in the house which is more than 2 million, went to the jeep and BMW do not restrict their expenses, were engaged in creative work (writing books with advice for women). It is likely that lady until a certain time had a husband, but his name was kept secret.

    Note that the Juliana is not shy about his position and says in an interview that she has achieved success and prosperity through the efforts, principles, and wonderful appearance.

    Uliana Zeitlin with his son Sava
    Uliana Zeitlin with his son Sava | CHILDREN.Gee

    In 2006, Juliana gave birth to first child, which received the name of Sava and the mother’s surname. According to socialite, the boy’s father long and well married, that the marriage has children, therefore he didn’t want to admit the baby.

    In an interview Juliana said that the father communicates with the son, but to reveal the personality of the man did not. On the Internet people include the name of businessman Andrei, but the information on the level of rumors.

    Boris Belotserkovsky
    Boris Belotserkovsky | Gossip

    At the same time in Moscow there were rumors that boyfriend Uliana is married to businessman Boris Belotserkovsky, who is credited with the paternity. But in an interview with Elle, 17 Feb 2015 his wife Nika Belotserkovskaya, which for a long time is friends with Ulyana, denied this information.

    Uliana Zeitlin and Alexey Fedorychev
    Uliana Zeitlin and Alexey Fedorychev | Woman

    In 2015, in personal life, Zeitlin has seen a dramatic change for the better: the news that former socialite married. In 2015, immediately after the lavish wedding of Tatiana Navka stars of Russian show business went straight to St. Moritz in the engagement Ulyana and Alexei Fedorychev.

    New husband Alexei Fedorychev is one of the richest Russian oligarchs, in 2016 he was 61 years old. At the time of marriage Ulyana was 47 years, husband 60, did not become an obstacle to a happy Union.

    Wedding Ulyana Tseytlina
    Wedding Ulyana Tseytlina | Wedding Agency

    The wedding was gorgeous with the sea a fine selection of drinks and dishes, it was made by Russian pop stars, which after the ceremony had posted a selfie with the celebration in social networks. It is worth noting that Juliana still achieved his goal, becoming the wife of a man from the Forbes list.


    Uliana Tseytlina

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