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  • Name: Uliana Kaisheva ( Ulyana Kaisheva )
  • Date of birth: 8 March 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Mozhga, Udmurtiya
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: Russian biathlete
  • Marital status: not married

    Uliana Kaisheva: biography

    Ulyana Kaisheva called Princess biathlon. This fragile, but at the same time with a steel rod inside the girl really deserved such a flattering definition. In the years she was able to achieve such victories, which her older colleagues only dream of.

    Uliana Kaisheva
    UHL in childhood | Www.sports.ru

    Born in ula women’s day on March 8 in the cozy town of Udmurtia Mozhga, famous for its plant for the manufacture of wooden rulers. This is Papa Uli. He and mom is an excellent skiers. In the past they took part in the championship of the Republic and has achieved considerable success in this sport. However, Udmurtia is not called «ski Republic». Here almost every resident is a great skier.

    Uliana Kaisheva
    Skiing daughter put parents | Sports.ru

    Parents put on skis and his two daughters Elsie and her younger sister as they learned to walk. And it has paid off: both girls reached considerable heights. However, not skiing, and the biathlon.

    Kaisheva changed skis for the biathlon in 10 years. For the preparation of future champion took the Deserved trainer of the Republic of Udmurtia Alexei Korotayev. Uliana Kaisheva under his guidance she studied at the Department of local biathlon sports school (RSDYUSSHOR).

    Uliana Kaisheva
    Princess biathlon | Great sport

    After graduating from secondary school athlete, on whose account at the time had a lot of victories, was admitted to the University. Chose the specialty «Manager of tourism».


    In 2008 the training of young women engaged Honored coach of the Republic of Udmurtia A. L. Bogdanov. The training took place in Izhevsk. But next year, when the girl got into the youth team of Russia on improving her skill worked trainers N. P. Savinov and V. A. Suslov.

    Uliana Kaisheva
    The absolute world champion among girls in 2013 | Sports.ru

    2012 became for women a breakthrough year. Sports biography of Uliana Causeway has stepped into a new stage. The girl has managed to win 3 individual races that became a wonderful gift to the 18th birthday that I was celebrated in that memorable year. She took part in the winter youth Olympics in 2012 were held in Innsbruck, Austria. The sportswoman from Mozhga became the champion in the pursuit race at the 7.5 km sprint And she managed to win bronze.

    2013 was no less successful for athletes. She became the absolute world champion among girls in the age group of 19 years and two-time European champion in biathlon among juniors up to 21 years.

    Uliana Kaisheva and Dmitry Kiselev
    With a personal trainer Dmitry Kiselev | Rusbiathlon.ru

    But an unfortunate fall on the Princess’s biathlon took place as well. For example, during the mixed relay, the national team was disqualified due to the fact that Kaisheva in the rush messed up the finish corridor and stepped through the markup.

    But this unknown bitter defeats, so it’s hard to fully enjoy the sweetness of victory. 17 December 2016 Uliana Kaisheva won the silver medal at the IBU Cup in the women’s sprint race. The competition took place in the Austrian Obertilliach.

    Uliana Kaisheva
    Sweet moment of victory | viathlonrus.com

    It is noteworthy that Russian biathlete at the games in Austria have achieved the unthinkable: they took the entire podium. Three first places went to them, athletes of Russia.

    Personal life

    The young Russian stars to the considerable army of fans. I was not only a great athlete but also a charming and erudite woman. She loves to read and dedicates this occupation every free minute. And still loves music. Said that before the race listening to classic works that set her on her victory, and then – foreign dance music.

    Uliana Kaisheva
    Loves to read and listen to music | Www.sports.ru

    She tried herself in the role of the artist advertising. Maybe her fans will see their favorite on screen as an actress again and again.

    And personal life Ulyana Causeway on the second plan. Marriage successful athlete has no plans. On the question of who is the idol in the sport, calls the names of his countryman Alexei Kobelev and Norwegian Container Be.


    Uliana Kaisheva

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