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  • Name: Tyra Banks ( Tyra Lynne Banks )
  • Date of birth: 4 December 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Inglewood, United States
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: American supermodel, actress, singer, producer and TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Tyra banks: biography

    Tyra Lynn banks was born in December 1973 in Inglewood, California, in a respectable family Caroline banks, who worked as a fashion Manager and NASA photographer, and computer scientist Donald banks. Tyra was the second child at the time of her birth the family grew to 5-year-old son Devin.

    When Tyra banks was 6 years old, his parents divorced. But it was able to maintain friendly relations and not to injure children.

    At the age of 6 years old tyra went to school. She studied quite well, but the relationship with peers was difficult. The girl was very skinny and gangly, that often became a cause of ridicule and bullying. Growing up, tyra banks thoroughly engaged in improving themselves. Soon she turned from a lanky teenager to a girl of model appearance.

    At the end of high school, banks becomes a student at the University of California. But very soon realizes that most attracts her modeling career. At age 17, she signed a profitable contract with the prestigious modeling Agency and begins climbing the career ladder.

    Modeling career

    Under the terms of the contract signed 17-year-old model tyra banks went to Paris, where it produces a sensation after the first release on the podium. First week in the fashion capital brought Tyra offers from 25 designers. Such success early in his career did not reach a single world model. She becomes the first African-American woman appeared on the cover of «Victoria’s secret catalog», «GQ» and other fashion publications. Chanel and Ralph Lauren to offer her a job. Tyra banks moved to Paris.

    Young black model works with such popular brands as «Oscar de la Renta», «Donna Karan», «Christian Dior», «Dolce & Gabbana» and many others. Her image appears on the glossy covers of «Harper’s Bazar», «Vogue», «Elle», «Cosmopolitan».

    In 1997, tyra banks becomes the winner of the prize «singer of the year» by TV music channel VH1. 13 years girl pays business model, but in 2005, announces the decision to focus on the work in the cinema.


    A cinematic biography of tyra banks began in 1990-ies. She starred in minor roles in the films «Black» or «white» and «undercover officers». In the same period, she participated in a TV show in Britain «Fresh Prince of Bel-Air». But the road to Hollywood, the young actress is hard. Only in 1995, tyra banks got the part, after which the Directors have paid the girl more attention. She played in the film «Higher education» together with her on set appeared Omar Epps, Lawrence Fishburne, Jennifer Connelly and Kristy Swanson. Tyra did a brilliant job. In the same year she was invited to the show «Crazy TV».

    The finale of the 1990’s has been very generous to Tyra banks on a significant role. She appeared in the films «fashion Magazine», «July», «the haunted house» and «To hell with love.» All the tapes have received high praise from critics and the film community had finally accepted her in their ranks.

    To surprise fans of her acting talent tyra banks has managed in 2000, when the screens out the picture «Love and basketball» in which she seamlessly did their part and earned the love of spectators and good grades critics. Following the ribbon – the «American dream» and «Halloween: Resurrection» – has added to the popularity.

    In 2003, when Tyra banks was offered the role in the TV series «Next top model of America,» the actress was in the top 5 sexual and 10-ke the most highly paid colleagues on the podium. But the real star was the role of banks in the melodramatic film «Mr. Sucker». The film was released in 2007 and immediately became a hit. Cooperative play Tyra with famous actors Sean William and Billy Bob Thornton brought a black actress incredible fame.

    No less successful has got tyra banks from the release in 2008 of the painting «Soldiers of failure». Writer and Director of Comedy Ben Stiller made fun of in his project the many Hollywood films about the war. The main role went to Tom cruise and Jack black. Here tyra played, though minor, but very bright image.

    In 2009, after the appearance of the film Peter Chelsom «Hannah Montana: the Movie», the viewers and critics say that acting talent Tyra banks is already quite on par with her modeling success. In this picture of the partners of African-American stars were Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment.

    Impossible not to remember the television works of tyra banks as a presenter. In 2005 dark-skinned model and actress presented to the audience his own talk show. It was called «the Show of tyra banks.» The transmission format in many moments intersect with «the Oprah Winfrey Show». Work leading was awarded the prize «Daytime Emmy Award».

    In 2009, out of the reality show «Beauty inside out». It was an unusual project that the beautiful people don’t always behave nicely. In the project 10 most beautiful people in the USA fought for the right to become the most beautiful man in America». Leading the show was tyra banks and Ashton Kutcher.

    But the greatest success came to Tyra after the show «Top model American». Here banks combined the roles of producer, judge and host.

    Personal life

    African-American never adhered to a strict diet. Its form she supported sports. Tyra loves basketball and tennis. And doing these sports not only for the figure, but also because it gets great pleasure from training.

    Tyra banks – very many-sided person. Not only is she a model, actress and presenter. Black beauty in 2004, showed his fans a good vocal. She released her single «Shake Ya Body». Previously, the model did not sing, but only appeared in videos of many famous artists such as Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, George Michael and others.

    A few years ago he published a book banks, called «tyra: internal and external beauty», where everyone could see that tyra still good writing.

    Personal life of tyra banks extremely rich. From beauty, which took place in the top five most beautiful models in the world, there was always a lot of fans. But they were changing with such speed that the names of most of them, no one remembers. Extremely popular with the stronger sex, and employment in film and television are not allowed Tyra to start a family and have a child.

    In September 2015, tyra banks gave a candid interview to People magazine in which he admitted that the last years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive. To do this, even went through several IVF procedures. The star said that he lost the time by yourself have children, what very sorry. Not exclude that will use the services of a surrogate mother. From 2013 tyra banks is Dating entrepreneur Eric Aslay. About the wedding have not yet heard, but tyra claims that Erik, too, dreams of a child.


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    • Higher education
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    Tyra Banks

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