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  • Name: Tutta Larsen ( Tatiana Romanenko )
  • Date of birth: 5 July 1974.
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Makeyevka
  • Height: 160
  • Activity: TV presenter, radio presenter, singer, journalist
  • Marital status: married Valerie Koloskovy

    Tutta Larsen: a biography

    Tutta Larsen last but not least famous for its unusual and original alias. In fact, the name of a popular leading — Tatyana Romanenko, and her stage name was formed from a combination of two favorite fairy tale characters — chickens hit home and Fox Larsen. For Tatiana, her nickname is not just a hero, able to interest the audience, but some magical combination of sounds that descended upon her from heaven.

    Tutta was born on a summer day in 1974 in the small village of Khanzhenkova-North, which is subordinate to the city of Makeyevka. Their talents Tatiana inherited from his mother Elena Zhukova Romanenko, works as a journalist and wrote scripts, being a philologist by education. Larsen’s childhood passed in prosperity and joy, which was overshadowed by one event: when she was seven years old, father Anatoly, Lukovich left the family. Tanya was stung by the loss of his father, but when her mother remarried, easily accepted new stepfather and almost immediately began to think of his own father.

    Tutta was once visited by a lot of different circles. In early childhood she was sent to ballet school, where she was soon kicked out. The reason was the temper: a girl once got in a fight, for which the dance teachers decided to exclude future leadership. Realizing the importance and the prospects that gives the knowledge of foreign languages, Elena gave the daughter to take English courses, so now tutta communicate freely with foreigners.

    At the age of 14 she started working at her mother, who at the time was the editor of a small local newspaper. Tutta already to twelve years have decided with your future profession and education, so had the pleasure of writing two or three articles a day.

    Larsen finished school with a gold medal, which guaranteed her undoubted admission to the Institute. The girl was not afraid to leave his hometown to recover at the huge Moscow, where he submitted documents to the Moscow state University named after Lomonosov, faculty of journalism. Excellent knowledge of languages and extensive experience helped the girl to pass the exams and in September to go on the first course. Since 1994 tutta already worked in television, and in 1996 he received a diploma in «Economic journalism and advertising.»

    Close cooperation with the world of music, and children’s Hobbies Larsen soon pushed her to participate in multiple groups. So she became a soloist of groups «jazzlobster thaivox» and «Thaivox», having recorded the last album in 1998.

    Tutta Larsen: career

    In the third year of MGU all students passed internships in enterprises, and the girl was lucky to get in the advertising Department of the TV company «BIZ-Enterprises». The student made a huge impression on the leadership of the channel, and after the internship they decided to take a prospective girlfriend to the position of the leading one of the programs. Then tutta first thought about the ability to separate his real life from life on TV. Thus was born her stage name, which was heard for the first time in 1994, when Larsen began to lead the musical program «Black Friday». Later she was also given the responsibility of music news.

    Promising leadership was noticed not only by viewers, but also the leadership of other channels, in particular, she became interested in a popular TV channel «MTV Russia». First, tutta refused the offer to change jobs, but «MTV Russia» offered career growth, and more serious prospects for the future, and in 1998, Larsen agreed to sign the contract.

    A bright image with a short haircut, an earring in his nose and a couple of tattoos, instantly drew attention to her person. She interviewed well-known figures of musical show business, was the moderator of a talk show, talking with the audience and greatly influenced the image and perception of the channel «MTV Russia», making it a truly youth. For the same Larsen work on the music channel had become a high podium, which brought her fame and popularity in the country.

    When she became a mother, hooligan image on «MTV» became unacceptable for her. In 2008, Larsen made the decision to leave the channel and move on to more serious and «adult» project, which for her was the channel «Star». Basically, there were a historic, scientific and documentary TV programs, which at the moment more combined with domestic famous leading. She was interested in projects related to the great Patriotic war, where she acted as not only the leading but also the author of the script.

    In 2010, Tutta Larsen was invited to an entertainment talk show «Girls». The program was popular because of its format: the presenters were only girls, discussed discussed current topics of the week under air. The latest edition was released in the summer of 2014.

    Since 2007, actively participated in the recording of radio broadcasts, in particular, was the leading author of the program «the Show with Tutta Larsen and Konstantin Mikhailov» on the radio «Mayak».

    Tutta Larsen: personal life

    Personal life hit home with Larsen in many ways intertwined with her professional activities. With her first husband, musician

  • Maxim Galstyana, she met through a common hobby. The young people were married in 1992. Their marriage lasted for eight years, but in 2000 the couple broke up. At that time the leading was pregnant, and the breakup affected her health, which she lost the baby a week after the divorce. Soon Larsen began to live in a civil marriage with journalist and writer
  • Zakhar Artemiev, in Alliance with whom she had a son Luke in 2005. His son arranged for the leading in a Christian school at the monastery. However, the child is not helped to strengthen the Alliance hit home and the male, which sold in 2006. In 2009, Larsen met with the musician
  • Valery Koloskovy. The lovers were married and were married. Valery was adopted by Luke, and after a year the couple was born a daughter Martha. Five years later, joined the family and the third child Ivan, who was born on July 1, 2015.

    Tutta Larsen: TV shows

    • News BIZ-TV
    • Black Friday
    • Day whim
    • Kiss kiss Bang Bang
    • Adrenaline
    • Well done
    • Girls
    • The test of loyalty
    • The roof

    Tutta Larsen:photos

    Tutta Larsen

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