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  • Name: Tuppence Middleton ( Tuppence Middleton )
  • Date of birth: 21 February 1987.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Bristol, England
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Tuppence Middleton: a biography

    Tuppence Middleton is an English actress, most known for its participation in such films as «Jaded», «the Eighth sense» and «War and peace». She was born in the British city of Bristol, and grew up in Somerset, a town called Clevedon. Her parents Nigel and Tina Middleton had two more children – the eldest daughter angel and youngest son Josh. I wonder what his name Tuppence was named after the childhood nickname of her mother.

    Girl in school tried a lot of classes. She learned to sing and dance, visited a children’s karate. But one day she saw a documentary about how little girls are casting for a role, and felt a burning desire to be among them.

    Tuppence began to go to drama school and to participate in all the school plays. In high school Middleton studied at the Bristol school of performing arts «stagecoach,» and then went to London and graduated from the art school «Chiswick». During her studies, she first appeared on screen in advertising chewing gum.

    In March 2013, Tuppence Middleton first came on the scene in the production of «Living». Before that, she was already known as a good actress.


    In the movie, Tuppence Middleton first appeared in 2008. She starred in the short film «dancing Lessons», and also was involved in two series of detective and medical multiseries television movie «Bones».

    The following year, Tuppence was invited to the youth horror film «Tormented», which earned her some popularity. After the young actress starred in the psychological Thriller «Chat», the biographical drama «First world» and the detective series «New tricks», Middleton was nominated for «Most promising actor». Then, in the filmography of the actress there is a criminal picture of the «Clean skin», Thriller, «Trance», the historical drama «the imitation Game» and the Comedy «How to steal a diamond». Very colorful was and the role of Cougars in the action adventure «Sinbad».

    But much more interesting work at Tuppence Middleton began to appear in the last couple of years. Fantasy Thriller «Jupiter ascending» and mystical series «the Eighth sense» brought to the actress the attention of the audience and made them to expect some new girls on the screen.

    And then was released from two large-scale projects. In 2015 was an unusual literary Cintura by the works of British of the Charles Dickens classic «Dickensian», and in the spring of 2016, the world conquered, the dramatic adaptation of the epic Leo Tolstoy’s «War and peace». Here Tuppence Middleton created a negative image of the treacherous aristocrat Helen Kuragina, wife of the main character Pierre Bezukhov, played by Paul dano.

    Personal life

    Tuppence Middleton describes itself as an incredibly shy man, almost a complete introvert. The biggest pleasure for her in childhood was to lock himself in his room and be alone. Now the actress is surprised that her temperament was accepted into drama school.

    One of the most frequent questions that Tuppence Middleton hears from journalists and fans – does she have any kinship with Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. But the actress insists that the coincidence of the names she and wife of Prince William is purely coincidental.


    • 2008 — Bones
    • 2009 — Mutilated
    • 2010 Chat
    • 2010 — New tricks
    • 2012 — Clean skin
    • 2012 — Sinbad
    • 2013 — Long fall
    • 2015 — Jupiter Ascending
    • 2015 — the Eighth sense
    • 2015 — Dickensian
    • 2016 — War and peace


    Tuppence Middleton

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