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  • Name: Tree ( Elizaveta Ivantsiv )
  • Date of birth: 2 July 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Uzhgorod, Ukraine
  • Activity: singer, TV presenter, music producer
  • Marital status: Married to Sergei Astakhov

    Tree: biography

    Elizaveta Ivantsiv (singer fame), a future star of the Ukrainian and Russian pop scene, was born 2 July 1982 in the West of Ukraine, in Uzhgorod. The tree grew in a family where music was somehow associated every dad is a music lover, collecting jazz records, she played several musical instruments, and the older generation — grandparents sang in a choir. And Lisa herself, like many gifted children, also a child was recorded in the choir, and then began to walk to the vocal club at the local Palace of Pioneers. In addition, the teenage girl was fascinated by music in the style of soul and rap, and the proximity to Eastern Europe allowed her to visit various music festivals, continental and world level, and Lisa is continuously improving knowledge in the field of music.

    The first stage skills young Elizabeth gained during the participation in the WHC back in high school. Then it began to know in my hometown team, where Lisa was, was quite popular.

    After school, the Tree decided to continue vocal training and enrolled in music school, but stayed there only six months. The singer admitted that he could not get along with teachers, and therefore chose to leave educational institutions earlier than trying to drive. Perhaps this was due to the very informal for a provincial town appearance: since the school years she experimented a lot with appearance and clothes, adorn ourselves with piercings and tattoos, shaved bald, in General, stood out against the background of more moderate peers.

    Tree: music

    About the middle of the nineties of the Tree joined rap R’n’b band «B&B» where she sang backing vocals. The group has not gained much popularity, but was famous among connoisseurs of Russian rap. In 2001, the team went to Moscow at festival RAP MUSIC, where she won one of the prizes. Then talented guys and noticed the famous rapper and producer

  • shEFF, Vladislav Shafts. It is unknown why the acquaintance turns into a creative Union back then. Vlad Valov contacted the Tree only three years later, when she had already parted with the group and left the dream to go on the professional stage.

    «At first, I decided that it was a joke, a hoax» — admitted then the singer. Confidence in the seriousness of appeared when gross from the company in the name of Elizabeth Ivantsiv came a ticket to Moscow. Tree arrived in the capital of Russia, and at the concert dedicated to the memory of Micah, performed his song «Bitch-love». After that she performed at the rock festival «Megahaus». Contrary to the fears of the singer, the audience received her very warmly.

    In the same year sheFF signed with the Tree contract, seeing in her a future star of the CIS. In addition, Shafts offered the singer to change the alias or even to go on stage under the passport name, but I got the girl’s resolute refusal.

    «I was eleven years all is called a Tree, not even mom. I’m on the passport name and does not respond nearly» — she said in an interview.

    In November 2005, released his first solo album Trees «

  • The city of Deceit» — the name of the flagship of the composition, which was presented to the public back in the summer of 2004 and quickly became a hit (for the composition of radio «Maximum» called the Tree discovery of the year). The text of most of the songs was composed by Vlad Valov, he studied music and arrangements. «City of Deception» was released a very diverse album with references to variety of musical genres, from hip-hop to reggae and soul. Critics appreciated such an experiment is positive, the Tree is even called the «hope of pop» and was nominated for the award «Best rap». Following successful single was the song of the Trees «Girl-student», which was broadcasted on radio «Europe-plus» and at several other stations. Popularity grew with each passing day, and in the same year the Tree was secured the success by releasing the album «Shadows». He supported the theme of the previous album and not won such overwhelming success, however, has expanded the repertoire of quality content. As in the «City of Deception», most of the songs belonged to Vlad the brush shafts.

    In the third album, released in 2008, critics noted the change in musical style of the singer, and the Tree itself admitted that tried to make a «This magnificent world» the lighter and more positive than previous work. Although not without ironic social themes: the song «

  • The boy is handsome» and remember liking the audience including caustic, sharp text. This was the last album songwriter which was Vlad Valov. Tree decided to change the style and did not renew the contract with the producer. The singer said that she was glad of the opportunity to expand my horizons and work with many other authors and composers. In particular, she had to cooperate with the brothers Meladze.

    In an interview with the Tree said that on the dramatic changes it pushed including conversation with Pugacheva, which took place on radio «Alla». In her characteristic straightforward style, a Diva advised a young colleague to think about the style of frames and output on the big stage.

    Tree opted for the company «Velvet Music» and began to collaborate with Liana Meladze and Alena Mikhailova. The same label released the next album «Points are placed», which was a more gentle, close to the pop music sound. It came out in 2011. The song «Provence» and «About you» were hits for which the Tree has received several awards, including its second «Golden gramophone». In this album, the singer sang a duet with the famous Russian artist, Pavel Will. Just to work on the album drew more than a dozen authors, experimenting with various styles, until of Bossa Nova.

    The changes affected not only music, but also the performing style of the singer: on the show «X Factor» viewers first saw the Tree in an elegant dress, and journalists immediately noted how much more graceful and feminine she became. Change the image of the Tree is explained by internal factors: «I’m on stage is a concentrate of me in real life». In addition to musical popularity, the singer gained fame as a style pattern.

    The following album is a collection of «Fake love» Tree introduced in 2014. It included tracks recorded under Vlad shafts, but not issued in previous albums and also some songs from previous albums. In parallel, the singer released a few songs, recorded at Velvet Music, for which he received prestigious awards.

    The last album «#NEBY» Tree was presented in February 2015. An unusual name, as told by the singer, it’s a hashtag that she likes to use on social networks, when posting photos of the sky. Critics noted characteristic of the singer variety of styles and spoke of him as a strong, high-quality work.

    Tree: personal life

    Nedolyublivaya the tabloids, the Tree tries not to reveal details of his personal life. «I live with a cat» jokes the singer.

    It is known that she already married a few years Sergey Astakhov that do not belong to the creative crowd. This is a strong and happy marriage.

    Tree discography

    • Good
    • Shadows
    • This wonderful world
    • The points are placed
    • Fake love
    • #NEBY

    Tree: photo


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