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  • Name: Travis Fimmel ( Travis Fimmel )
  • Date of birth: 15 July 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Echuca, Australia
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: the Australian film and television actor, former model
  • Marital status: not married

    Travis Fimmel : biography

    Today Travis Fimmel is a well – recognized Hollywood star. But the actor to fame did not come immediately. The path he travelled many years.

    Travis was born in 1979 in a small provincial town of Echuca, which is located somewhere in the middle between Sydney and Melbourne. In the family of the future stars of «Vikings» there were no actors or representatives of other art form. My mother worked as a nurse and my dad was a farmer and raised cows. In addition to Travis younger in the family of Timelow grew up two sons, in whose veins flowed the English and German blood.

    A boy’s life on a dairy farm a special variety did not differ. From morning to night sons together with his father worked in animals.

    But school the football club pulled the guy from the province. At age 17 Travis Fimmel was in the youth team of the Australian football League and moved to Melbourne. The young athlete demonstrated a brilliant success, but an unfortunate leg injury canceling the football future.

    Travis became a student of the University, selecting architecture. But to get an education he couldn’t because he started his successful modeling career. Soon the biography of Travis Fimmel got such a bright page, like the collaboration with the brand Calvin Klein, whose ads he starred. And shooting video clips, Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson. Calvin Klein Fimmel signed a lucrative contract.

    As for the graphics, then Travis was the first to demonstrate his acting potential that hasn’t gone unnoticed by well-known screenwriter David Seltzer. He advised the young man to go to America and break into Hollywood.


    Travis Fimmel took my advice and went to the United States. He became a student of Hollywood school of acting, where he learned the basics of the profession.

    The young Aussie made his debut in the film «Tarzan» in 2003. He was immediately approved for the main character. But I think the Director hastened to give the novice actor such a responsible role. The picture flopped at the box office, and Travis heard a number of criticisms in his address. But he has learned the right lessons and not off track.

    Equally useful in building the acting was shooting in the psychological drama the Experiment. Here, a young Australian was filmed in a brilliant company with Hollywood stars Adrien Brody and Forrest Whitaker. Another celebrity Eva Longoria appeared on the screen paired with a young colleague in the action movie «the BAYTOWN outlaws». Travis got the image of a rural guy from the American heartland. Here the actor was not difficult, because he just remembered his farming past.

    We can say that even then the name of the charismatic artist from Australia was familiar to millions. Travis was regularly invited to various talk shows. And in the modeling business he succeeded: his fees reached 7-digit numbers.

    But all of the above pictures was just a warm-up to this resounding success, which hit Fimmel after the 2012 world screens the TV series «Vikings». The role of a brave Viking Ragnar Lothbrok Travis turned his icy blue eyes into a star.

    Glory in «Vikings» the Aussie has consolidated in 2015, when the audience saw the romantic Comedy «Maggie’s Plan». Travis Fimmel starred in the tape with Ethan hawke and Julianne Moore.

    And in the spring of 2016, fans of the talent Hollywood star has received another gift: a picture of the fantasy «Warcraft» with Duncan Jones. And again the main role, which Fimmel coped brilliantly.

    But that’s not all. Late autumn of 2016, viewers will see a new adaptation of the novel by Erich Maria Remarque «On the Western front without changes», which Travis Fimmel and Daniel Radcliffe will play the main characters.

    Personal life

    37-year-old Hollywood star is still lonely. Personal life Travis Fimmel is constantly in the spotlight. Blue-eyed beauty isn’t seen in the company of beautiful girls, but all the novels attributed to him were only rumors. Some time even talking about accessories actor to sexual orientation. But no evidence of this.

    Most likely, Fimmel very demanding of his future beloved. Not once had he voiced a solid list of qualities that should be possessed by his soul mate. After reading this list, it becomes clear why Travis still has not found her soul mate.

    The famous Australian’s are very attached to their home and family. At every opportunity he is at home, on the home farm, where his parents live.


    • «Tarzan»
    • «Restraint»
    • «The surfer»
    • «The experiment»
    • «The BAYTOWN outlaws»
    • «Haredim»
    • «Vikings»
    • «Maggie’s Plan»
    • Warcraft


    Travis Fimmel

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