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  • Name: Toto Cutugno ( Salvatore Cutugno )
  • Date of birth: 7 July 1943.
  • Age: 73 years
  • Born in Fosdinovo, Tuscany, Italy
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: composer, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Toto Cutugno: biography

    Italian composer, singer, presenter T. Cutugno was born in 1943 7 Jul Fosdinovo in the Tuscany and was given the name Salvatore. The future composer’s father was a sailor and knew how to play the tuba, therefore, was passed to his son a love of music and the sea.

    At the age of five the family Cutugno arrived in La Spezia, where the boy was taken to the school of music in the trumpet class. But all-round musical development of the child has led to the fact that he decided to learn how to play on drums, accordion, guitar. This was facilitated by the example of his father, who assembled a band and took her seven year old son as the drummer.

    Toto Cutugno young
    Toto Cutugno in youth | Antenna-Telesem

    At the age of five the boy suffered from severe stress, which influenced his whole life. By accident his sister died, choked during lunch. A tragedy so impressed the child, that of a cheerful and carefree boy Toto has turned into a serious and brooding. He laughed a little, and this is clearly seen on the photo of any age, because most of them Toto always pensive and sad.

    The idea to write songs came boy in La Spezia, where it’s almost all free time swimming in the sea and dreamed of unknown lands. Such a romantic state of mind led him to the decision to Express their emotions, feelings through music.

    Toto Cutugno young
    Toto Cutugno in youth | Anews

    Also the passion for music resulted in record collecting, which collect the boy began in the 50s of the last century, and now his collection of about 3.5 thousand copies.

    Early career

    T. Cutugno always liked girls with musicality and romanticism, but first fell in love with 14 years. With this period of life coincided with the writing of the first song «La strada Dell’amore», which he dedicated to his beloved.

    Career of the singer began at 13 when he took part in the competition of accordion players, taking 3rd place. Given that the majority of participants were older than Toto for several years, for young talents it was a success.

    Gradually improving skills, Toto begins to realize that his drum set and accordion attract far less than a piano. He enjoys jazz and the orchestra jazz G Manusardi «G-Unit» goes on a tour of Scandinavia. Toto was 19. The concerts were impressed by the young musician, and he makes sure that he wants to connect his life with music.

    Toto Cutugno young
    Toto Cutugno in youth | Concert City

    After returning from a tour, Toto gathers his group «Toto and Tati», which invites brother and three friends. On the repertoire the boys didn’t wonder, so I was singing well-known hits. This repertoire was popular in pubs, discos, restaurants, so for a couple of years «Toto and Tati» traveled almost the whole of Italy. In concerts they also included original songs written by Cutugno.


    The rapid growth of T. Cutugno as a composer began in 1974, when he met with the poet of St. Pallavicini. The result of their collaboration is one of the most famous hits in the 20th century – «Africa», sung by Frenchman Joe Dassin.

    The success was so stunning that Dassin asked Toto write another hit, and «Et si tu ‘existais pas», which was a success no less.

    Toto Cutugno young
    Toto Cutugno young | Italy for me

    After that Toto had plenty of offers from French singers Mireille Mathieu, C., françois, D. Hallyday, Dalida, M. Sardou. Ringtones Cutugno began to get into the set lists of bands P. Mauriat, F. Purcell, D. Lasta, and the Italian «star» Estrada wondered why they don’t know anything about the talented composer.

    Career of the musician

    Success as a composer Toto was not enough, and he makes an attempt to try yourself as a performer. The group «Toto and Tati», which still exists, is renamed to the more sonorous — «Albatross». Toto sends a request to the festival «San Remo- 1976». The boys took 3 place, and the song «Volo AZ 504» only came out in France with a circulation of 8 million records.

    In 1977, in San Remo «Albatross» with the song «Gran premio» is only at the 5th place. Despite the fact that Cutugno didn’t expect to win, it this result was a blow, but a series of mishaps has just begun. The band broke up, Toto had a fight with Pallavicini, as the latter began to assert that the success Cutugno is only to his credit and that he can make «candy» from anyone. Strike one was so strong that Toto couldn’t bring himself to sit down again at the piano.


    In the late 70’s confidence began to return to the composer. He continued to write songs for French and Italian musicians. Among his clients were O. Vanoni, Marcella, D. Nazzaro, «‘Ricchi e Poveri» , the first in the career of the soundtrack to the blockbuster films «the taming of the shrew».

    In 1980 Cutugno travels to San Remo and wins 1st place with the song «Solo noi». After that, he continues to regularly participate in the competition, taking places first through fifth, singing songs himself or giving them to other performers. At the international level also appreciated his talent. In 1980 he takes the Grand Prix of the Tokyo festival.

    Toto Cutugno on stage
    Toto Cutugno on stage | Vladnews

    In 1981, the singer released the album «La mia musica», and immediately in Spanish, English, French, because in addition to Europe, the composer began to learn in Argentina, Japan, Australia, Canada, USA. «My music» was included in best albums in his entire career.

    In 1983 T. Cutugno wrote one of the most well-known song «l’italiano» (better known to us as «Lasate mi cantar»), which stands for «San Remo-83», and the album it becomes «gold». 1st place song at the festival did not take, but the vote of the Italians unconditionally bypassed all.

    In 1984, comes another hit song «Serenata» («Serenade»), after which a General love for Italian singer starts in the USSR. The song start to sound in every home, and the plates have to stand in queues.

    In 1985, the composer’s first visit to the USSR, where is best songs. For 20 days tour in Leningrad and Moscow held 28 concerts which were attended by 400 thousand people. the Success is so resounding that Toto invited to give a private concert and to appear in «the Blue spark».

    Toto Cutugno
    Toto Cutugno | The Huffington Post

    In 1990 Cutugno song «Gli amori» at the festival in San Remo sing a special guest ray Charles, then Cutugno, inspired by the moment, howled, it was his last festival.

    Also in 1990, Toto became the first in the Eurovision song contest, performing «Insieme», and the following year performed the duties of co-host of the contest in Rome.

    But in 1995, Toto returns to San Remo, where will present the new song «Voglio andare a vivere in campagna». In 1998, the singer was invited on the TV-leading the program «I vostri fetti».

    In 2016 Godot. Cutugno started again the collaboration with Adriano Celentano. Today the singer is healthy, energetic, gives concerts and goes on tour.


    In 2007 Cutugno was diagnosed with cancer, underwent major surgery, after which he spent several years undergoing intensive chemotherapy and further rehabilitation.

    The disease has receded, and now he’s even more attention was paid to health, especially swimming and daily walking.

    Personal life

    Singer in his youth was a great success with the opposite sex, but life with him is a woman. Cutugno is married to 27 years for Carly, whom he met at the club «Dragon» in Lignano Sabbiadoro, which hosted the concert.

    The family would like to have at least four children, but he didn’t. The first pregnancy of Carla promised twins, but the doctors dissuaded from birth, because there was a great risk of death. After that, she could no longer have children. But the children, the family of the singer has always been very important.

    Toto Cutugno wife Carla
    Toto Cutugno wife Carla

    In Toto is the son Nico who was born in 1989 from a girl singer got carried away, met during one of flight. Carl’s wife was aware of what was happening, because Toto told her everything. As a wise woman, she did not deprive him of the happiness of fatherhood, and later Nico was going to happen in their house. Father around helps her.


    • 1979 — Voglio l’anima
    • 1980 — Innamorata, innamorato, innamorati
    • 1981 — La mia musica
    • 1983 — l’italiano
    • 1985 — Per amore o per gioco
    • 1986 — Azzurra malinconia — Italia
    • 1991 — Non e` facile to be uomini
    • 1995 — Voglio andare a vivere in campagna
    • 1997 — Canzoni nascoste
    • 2005 — Come noi nessuno al mondo
    • 2008 — Un falco chiuso in gabbia
    • 2010 — I miei Sanremo


    Toto Cutugno

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