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  • Name: Tornike Quotation ( Tornike Kvitatiani )
  • Date of birth: 15 August 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Georgia
  • Activity: wrestler, master of sports, singer, participant of show «the Voice»
  • Marital status: not married

    Tornike Quotation: biography

    «A talented person is talented in everything». This ancient truth is confirmed by the Russian athlete of Georgian origin Tornike Quotation that not only what is included in the Olympic team in freestyle wrestling, and demonstrates outstanding vocal skills, making the young man was in the reality show «the Voice.»

    Tornike was born on 15 Aug 1992 in Georgia and from an early age he loved sports. In the yard the boy was constantly kicking a football, and in the section gave their all favorite wrestling. Over time, Quitation moved to the Russian capital and became an advocate for the Moscow club of CSKA. At the competition the young athlete goes to the Mat in categories to 97 and up to 125 pounds.

    Tornike Quotation with my mom
    Tornike Quotation with your mom | Instagram

    In 2011, Tornike Quotation became the bronze prize-winner of Junior superiority of Russia, and later won medals at the adult level, and also became part of the Olympic team in freestyle wrestling. However, for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the guy did not go, because in January 2016, was seriously injured and training was able to return only in September. Now the main dream and goal of Tornike, who has already managed to pass the standards for the title of master of sports, is a trip to the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

    TV show

    Although wrestling is in life Tornike Quitation prominent place, also have a young man’s favorite Hobbies outlet is music. As if not tired of the guy at training sessions or competitions, in the evening he always takes a guitar and sings a little for himself. Like many people from the Caucasus, he has an innate sense of rhythm and ear for music. Tornike taught himself to play the guitar, also mastered several other instruments, including national.

    And in 2016, Quitation decided to show the audience their vocal talent. For this he chose the fifth season of the popular TV show «the Voice.» In the blind auditions Tornike own accompaniment sang the legendary song «Wicked Game» from the repertoire of Chris Isaak.

    Judges listened to a ballad performed by Georgian singer, and only at the very end of the song came back to him. To my team to see Tornike Quotation wanted immediately, two mentors of Polina Gagarina and Dima Bilan. But the party chose to work with Bilan and joined his group.

    Personal life

    24-year-old Tornike Quotation not yet married and not planning to change marital status in the near future. Though the wrestler loves children and enjoy Babysitting kids of my friends, but yet to create my own family considers it premature. After all, sports achievements require enormous effort, energy and time and attention their loved ones just won’t stay.

    All the familiar Tornike Quitation argue that it is not only pleasant, but also a very humble man and a great friend.


    Tornike Quotation

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