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  • Name: Tora Berger ( Tora Berger )
  • Date of birth: 18 March 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: RINGERIKE, Buskerud, Norway
  • Height: 164
  • Activity: athlete, 2-time Olympic champion
  • Marital status: married

    Tora Berger: biography

    The future of the world famous Norwegian biathlete born on 18 March 1981 the year in the municipality of RINGERIKE, which is part of Buskerud County. Increased athlete in the city of Alex. Since the natural conditions of Norway, in principle, have to winter sports, the Tour discovered them in early childhood. Already at the age of seven future Olympic champion started to participate in ski racing.

    Tora Berger
    Tora Berger Group | VK

    However, quite quickly she was disappointed in the sport, and decided to do more fun and exciting biathlon. This Tour is different from his older brother Lars Berger, who still acts as in ski racing and biathlon.

    All childhood and adolescence she continued to practice. As she recalled Berger during an interview in 18 years every day was a copy of the previous one: the rise of 07:30, modest Breakfast, playing with a rifle, a workout in the gym or on the piste. Then the house, taking a shower, a small snack, rest within the hour, and dinner. 16:00 – another three-hour workout. Then shower, dinner and bedtime at 21:30.


    For his stoicism, perseverance and Tora Berger were adequately rewarded. In the 1999-2000 season, she became the champion of the tournament in biathlon among juniors, in 2006-m year, won his first world Championship medal.

    Tora Berger
    Tora Berger | ERR

    Then followed a number of good performances at the world Championships of different years and a major breakthrough in the sports career of the athletes – gold medal in the 15-kilometer individual race at the Olympic games in Vancouver.

    This medal meant a lot. She not only became the first Olympic gold in the Bank now famous Norwegians, but the hundredth gold medal to Norway for the Winter Olympics. Moreover, with this victory, Norway became the first country in the world, which managed to collect 100 gold medals at the Winter Games.

    Tora Berger at the Olympics in Vancouver
    Tora Berger at the Olympics in Vancouver | Eurosport

    In subsequent years, hardworking Tora Berger continued to win world biathlon. In 2012 earned her first individual gold at the world Championships, held in Ruhpolding. And in the 2012-2013 season the Norwegian has managed to perform very well in östersund, and in the sprint, and psychologically complex pursuit, and exhausting the individual race.

    Due to this, Berger became the first biathlete, who managed for one season to take prize-winning places at competitions in the Championship of the world. All of the crystal globes of the world Cup this season, also went Round.

    Tora Berger
    Tora Berger | Funlib

    In the 2013-2014 season, the Norwegian is a little passed the position, and was second in the overall standings of the world Cup, and then announced his retirement from sports. She currently continues to work for the Norwegian biathlon Federation, engaged in the recruitment of future athletes and their preparation for competitions.


    In 2009-m to year of life of Tora Berger knocked a very unwelcome guest – cancer. Skin cancer was diagnosed in athletes in the spring, and the doctors did not rule out the possibility that she just will not live up to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

    Tora Berger
    Tora Berger | Sports XL

    Fortunately, the disease was detected early, and delayed operation allowed Round, not just to live up to the Games in Vancouver, but really to blow up their «gold» performance.

    Personal life of Tora Berger

    In 2010-m to year took place the wedding of Tora Berger and her longtime friend Trond Tisdale. With her future husband she met in ski school Merokee: Round and Trond were trained in the gymnasium at one time. Only Berger, the then young and unknown athlete, chose the biathlon, and her future husband showed no ambition great skier and oxen educational profile.

    Tora Berger with her husband Trond Audlem
    Tora Berger with her husband Trond Audlem | Biathlon family

    In April of 2015 Tour gave birth to a child: charming boy named Alexander. In the photo where she is walking with a child, it is difficult to know the incredible athlete with a strong character that we’re used to seeing from the TV screen.

    Tora Berger with son
    Tora Berger with son | Integrim

    However, now Tora Berger, as her husband and child in this great sport not discouraged. She enjoys time spent with Trond and son, creates a cozy family nest, and periodically takes off and has been recruiting women in the Norwegian team.


    Tora Berger

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