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  • Name: Tommy Lee Jones ( Tommy Lee Jones )
  • Date of birth: 15 September 1946.
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: San Saba, TX, USA
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: American actor and film Director
  • Marital status: married

    Tommy Lee Jones: biography

    Tommy Lee Jones is not just a Hollywood star. Today it is a symbol of the dream factory, a beacon for many aspiring actors. His filmography is so bright and long that to list all his best roles difficult. Artist 4 times nominated for the main award of the film industry. And although getting the Oscar he managed only once, it does not diminish the importance of this legendary figure to world cinema.

    Tommy Lee Jones was born in Texas. In the town of San Saba spent his childhood. Actors in the family of the future star was not. His father worked in the oil field, mother education teacher, but after a few years of work, the school opened its beauty salon.

    Blood Tommy Lee Jones is an Indian – grandmother on mother’s side. Guy in school didn’t cause parents problems and a good time. This allowed him to go to Harvard.

    In childhood and adolescence, Tommy Lee was lucky to meet future celebrities. At school studied with him the future first lady Laura Bush. And in Harvard Jones close friends with the future politician Alan Gore. They played together in the American football.

    With the degree of bachelor of arts, star of Hollywood went to new York. Here we started bright creative biography of Tommy Lee Jones.


    The debut took place in the Broadway theater. He played in the play «a Patriot for me.» But soon the audience saw Jones on the screen. He had a supporting role in the melodrama «love Story». Although the debut was quite successful, Tommy Lee made a 5-year break, concentrating on work in the theatre and improving their acting skills.

    Returned the young actor on the screens in 1975. He played the main character in the film «Eliza’s Horoscope». But the theater Tommy Lee not quitting. His film work interspersed with theatre.

    The long-awaited glory descended on artist in 1977. The audience with great pleasure watched the drama «thunder», where Tommy Lee Jones appeared in the image of the Vietnam veteran. This role brought him his first award. Proved successful and the following two project – painting «Betsy», where Jones played in brilliant tandem with Laurence Olivier, and the biopic «coal miner’s Daughter». The last brought the first actor nominated for the prestigious «Golden globe».

    Many fans love him for the role of a brave and calm police officers. In this role Tommy Lee Jones first appeared in the film «Eyes of Laura Mars». Later, the filmmakers repeatedly used the gift of acting Jones in this role. He played dozens of brave sheriffs and even agents of the intergalactic services. This work brought international fame Tommy Lee.

    There are in the filmography of the actor and many other jobs in other roles, which also brought him success. Star seamlessly plays comedic characters and heroes of past eras.

    One of the most well-known projects Tommy Lee Jones drama «the executioner’s Song». Here, the artist went to the complex image of a murderer who is sentenced to death and awaits sentencing. For this role the actor was awarded the first prize «Emmy».

    But the first nomination for «Oscar» came to Tommy Lee in 1992 when he starred in the film «John F. Kennedy. Shots in Dallas». But that time cherished the figure went to another artist. But after the release the action-project «the Fugitive», where Jones appeared in his best role – the police – won him the coveted main prize.

    Nomination for «Oscar» more than once happened in a brilliant biography of Tommy Lee Jones. He was brought into the lists for this prize, for the painting «In the valley of Elah» in 2008 and the historical film by Steven Spielberg «Lincoln» in 2012.

    Fans of Hollywood stars among his best films is called «Batman forever», «Good old boys», «the First avenger», «Men in black» and «to Old men here not a place». One of the last most striking projects – «Malavit». In this tape Tommy Lee Jones appeared on the screen along with other stars of American film industry such as Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer.

    Personal life

    Star very reluctantly talks about personal, in every way trying to avoid the unpleasant subject. Personal life Tommy Lee Jones is a three marriages. The first two ended in divorce. In second marriage with actress Kimberly Lahli he has a son Austin and a daughter Victoria. Children Tommy Lee maintains a close relationship.

    Now the star’s third marriage. His wife was a famous photographer dawn Laurel. Her Jones lives since 2001.


    • «Coal miner’s daughter»
    • «Thunder»
    • «John F. Kennedy. Shots in Dallas»
    • «The executioner’s song»
    • «The fugitive»
    • «Men in black»
    • «Space cowboys»
    • «To old men here not a place»
    • «In the valley of Elah»
    • Lincoln
    • «Malavit»


    Tommy Lee Jones

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